It's really weird to me that the most enduring trope of cyberpunk stories is the one we have absolutely no evidence for being worth talking about: interfacing with technology compromising your humanity in some fundamental way and that actually mattering to you or anyone.
The march of neoliberal privatization slowly turning every cultural problem to a market solution? Nah, who cares. Not a relevant genre marker.

Man being as interchangeable and replaceable as machines in the eyes of corporations and the State? Nope, irrelevant.
But dudes with sweet robot legs being real sad they can walk again because something something technology bad? Oh yeah we can groove on this, baby.

Weird queers getting gene splicing tech or cool nanoparts or whatever? Ooh, scary. Decadent. Weimar Germany yada yada.
This is why straight people with corporate money can't super be trusted to write important fiction, you guys.
Meanwhile over here in material reality the very structures of our brains have been altered by the use of computer, the internet, and especially smartphones and social media. The younger and more plastic your brain is, the more it's likely been altered.
And yet most of us don't point and shriek at zoomers in existential dread at the horror we have wrought when we decided to play God by sending messages to each other around the world at lightspeed... Most of us.
When new prosthetic tech comes out we're all by and large fascinated by it and excited for it. We don't go "He's more machine than man now. Truly this is a time of demons."
Like, I dunno, maybe we'll get there. But as yet all evidence points more in the direction of us being pretty much okay on that front, spiritually and metaphysically speaking.

Now the dire warnings about corporatocracy on the other hand? Those were pretty on point, and yet...

• • •

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19 Jun
Reminder that science and engineering require resources, and therefore under capitalist hegemony will always be somewhat ideologically captured and corrupted by profit motive.
This tweet brought to you by hearing someone uncritically repeat the idea that Moore's "Law" has been somewhat disproven by unforeseen engineering limitations. As though the slow to incremental growth in consumer technologies wasn't completely intentional.
Slowly grinding out tiny steps in technology rather than making astronomical leaps is a STRATEGY. And as capitalism asserts its hegemony globally, public funds aren't what they used to be as corporate vultures cannibalize our governments for parts.
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19 Jun
I think all the time about how we probably could have completely nipped the pandemic last April if we had ever managed a consistent 75-80% lockdown for even just a month.
No real support for that was ever on the table with the people in power. It wouldn't have been hard, it wouldn't even have interrupted profits all that much. Instead we turned the whole globe to a charnel house so some fucking millionaire could keep making safes or whatever.
But, honestly, I don't think it's all on the people in charge. We were far too complacent to their demands, on balance. The auto plants in Detroit were shut down by wildcat strikes. We should have seen a whole lot more of that energy last year.
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17 Jun
Hokay y'all. Bout to make a serious pivot here. Until now the plan to save money for our move this Fall involved gig delivery. Gig work is hell on my ADHD, autistic brain tho. So, I've changed the plan. I will be returning to an old seasonal job and make the money that way.
However, that means I need to make a little miniature move to get there. It's not a long drive, but it's long enough I will need more gas money than I have in order to get there. I also need some funds for living expenses to make that first payday. So, I am going to ask for help.
Just need a little bit to get thru that first part, and then you better believe I am going to pay that newfound financial stability forward. If you want to lend us the hand we need, as always you can send donations thru

Thanks for all your help, everyone.
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