How Invite her over to your place and lead it towards SEX?

Breaking the mental barrier of the girl

This is the part of my program and it will be detected after 24 hours, do what you want to do with it.

"We shouldn't do it, and we shouldn't enjoy so much. And please don't try to convince me, that you'd really want to do it. now. with me, this is the way I see it."

If you are familiar with these words, READ further.
The following strategy is designed to eliminate any possible second thoughts she might have before she ever has them.
For that purpose, you will have to give her what PUA calls "The Mental Escape Hatch".

You might not a PUA but all girls are the same, the shit they gave is also the same, whether it's a pick-up or social game.
When closing with a woman, always, and always, and always provide her Mental Escape Hatch.

More often than not a woman will have an internal conflict about fucking with someone who's not her boyfriend or husband.
This may stem mostly from societal programming and no woman will want to have herself labeled as a slut, either by herself or by society.

In simpler words, give her an EXCUSE to have sex with you.
In effect, she must be able to retain her self-worth even after she's had the tremendous experience of doing it with you.

And you do that by creating a mental escape hatch, an excuse, or a scapegoat upon which she can point blame as to why it happened.
That excuse can range from the lame to the profound, but it doesn't matter too much. Just do it and give her an excuse - give her an excuse to fuck you.
For example,

if you wanna take her to your place, you ain't gonna tell her:

"Hey, let's go to my place and fuck."

In her mind, an alarm goes off saying Yea! I wanna um Slut! Slut! Slut!

The right way to do it is to present something that could be interesting to her.
Hey wanna see my (something she is interested in) (owws?)

I've got a wonderful collection of rare love music in my pad wanna listen to them and maybe we'll go for a nightcap then I'll walk you home (subtitle: in the morning)?
Then of course there's alcohol. A great excuse for many.

You drink a couple of glasses of wine.

She falls for it and you make love on the couch.

In the morning, she can always tell herself Ohhmust have been the wine.
Great huh? A mental escape hatch. An internal excuse.

What's the mechanics of this?
What does it do?

It allows her by shifting responsibility to someone or something else other than herself, to retain her self-esteem.

And if you know what you're doing, don't and I mean DON'T try to break down her excuse.
More often than not, the mere fact that she did it with you one time is already an excuse for her to do it again. By then, the psychological barriers have been broken down.

Mental Escape Hatches can be used in the pre-and post-fuck stages.
As a pre-fuck routine, it disarms resistance by presenting different motives other than sex.

As a post-fuck routine, it ensures that the woman won't feel bad about doing it and you won't get something akin to buyer's remorse.
For example, with one of my partners, I asked her

"Hey I've got Sleepless in Seattle at home. Wanna watch a home movie with me? There'll be popcorn and some wine."

She went. We did it.
Mentally, she would say to herself We never intended to do it we just went there to watch a movie, but I got so swept away by my emotions from the film so when he kissed me it just felt so right.
This is it, the strategy is to give her a mental escape so that what she does provide an excuse to her, her anti slut defense will not get hit.
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