Thread of slides from Tokyo Electron IR day I thought were interesting
Everyone is pushing the same narrative rn

Digital x Green this is same as INFN IR day

Everyone also is putting forward a "new golden age of semis and WFE" - acceleration baby
For those who don't know what Tokyo Electron does - Coating - cleaning - some etch - some deposition - and prober.

Think of them as number 2 in Etch / Deposition behind LRCX / AMAT

Coating (photoresist coating) is their bread and butter and they have a lot of units.
Interesting - I have *never seen this chart* before. I guess they are safe AF - but jives w/ TEL's reputation for being an amazing engineering company + amazing service.
I don't know why but i found this slide funny?

The advantage is that they don't got semis - so you could prob buy one during this outage 🤣🤣
you have your cars, your phones, your internet of things, but did you know... about the internet of ANIMALS?
I like this slide - roadmap for the next 10 years being

AI - crazy system design w/ hybrid devices and massive specialization

Server - try to extend moore's

IOT - Lagging edge and legacy. NICE!
Breaks down Logic / Memory / BEOL (back end of line) / System integration options.

Pretty cool imo - each has a different roadmap than before which used to be just shrink it.
This logic roadmap is awesome. Where we go post GAA NS - all the way to CFET (complimentary FET)
GAA is way more complex. You knew that - I knew that - but this is an example that looks pretty intense.

some modules that enable this - also uhm am i insane but that looks like a lot more etch than the previous generations.
wafer bonding's future importance - talk about advanced packaging lol
note the 5x increase in HBM for GPU and 4-6x in phones - memory bulls be delighted.
anyways - rolling it all up.

Everything else being equal - 100k WSPM has been going up.
TEL talking up their coater - 100% share in EUV resist

I'm really interested in the Metal Oxide Resist portion of this
Seems to be pushing MOR - superior tech to dry resist process (yo watch out LRCX)

this is a bit too technical for me to really call out a winner lol.
This slide is really interesting - compensation by etch technology becomes important as EUV pretty much becomes harder to manage
There are a lot more things that I think are technically interesting - so you should just check out the slides for yourself.…

• • •

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5 Oct
Just a smattering of Infineon CMD notes

no idea what the CAGR on that AI sliver is but if that does not come true would be biggest disappointment in semis market i believe
so a 3.3b TAM in SiC devices in 2025?

isn't that like way higher than our previous estimates
ADAS - 2x

BEV/PHEV is a 2x in content
doesn't show content per increase - assume its a 2x
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5 Oct
After reading the R2 annoucement last week and having a conversation about egress with a friend - I realized I had a decent take on Cloudflare

of course I read @stratechery's piece and was like damnit this is it

BUT! I still think I have some interesting things to add:
1/ Stratechery really nails it.

But i wanted to talk about why exactly this is - instead of just a quick "hey there's infinite marginal bandwidth" and moving on. There is a core infrastructure tradeoff that I would characterize as Compute vs Bandwidth
2/ this is not a new topic to me at all. It's actually pretty much an obsession

But in Cloudflare / AWS's case - one is optimized for bandwidth, the other compute. This is network infra problem.
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3 Oct
I’m reading “On Writing Well” and it’s just a delightful book on nonfiction writing. Going to summarize it by chapter for my sake really. 1/n
1: The Transaction

The product a writer sells at the end is not the subject, but who she or he is. A good writer can get a reader enthusiastic about almost any field. That’s the personal transaction at the heart of all writing, humanity and warmth.
2: simplicity

Clutter is a disease in writing. Strip things to their cleanest components. Clear writing helps a reader not get lost or distracted.

Ask what am I trying to say? Is it clear to the reader?
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1 Oct
3.3% capex % of sales - #capitallite #knowledgeheavy Image
are you fucking kidding me lol what the hell are you doing guys Image
that's undiscounted okay
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1 Oct
CDNs prioritize north south over east west data transfer right? Is that reason maybe why NET can ignore the bottleneck of IO that is such a problem for DC? @hhhypergrowth
We have been trying to solve the east / west datacenter problem for so long, I know bandwidth continues to be just such a limiter

Q: some of the other functions of CDN is insane peak and flexibility in that regard. Is that what gives them extra bandwidth to then eat egress?
For the few watching, egress fees are not a fee that big clouds arbitrarily charge customers. In the DC, the single biggest bottleneck to the whole deal is in and out of DC.

Inside of DC - spine / leaf is so connected that there is no charge. Leaving is where it’s a problem
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20 Feb…

Just posted a new *free* post about why it’s such an exciting time in automotive for semis. Beyond just the near term capacity problems there is a story here
I explain in this post how we got here - mostly a function of JIT going from 60 to 0 to 60 mph again.

Automakers are complaining but it’s a global problem not just related to auto
But if you squint you can see a much bigger trend on the horizon. I think 2021/2022 is the beginning of 2 powerful yet independent S curves for automotive semiconductors

ADAS and EV. ADAS should 2-4x content over 5-10 years while EV should double over traditional cars
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