… Biased science of the day.
Let's count how many 'ooops' moments we can spot, friends. You're probably good at this from the last ones we've seen
This, a summary of those naughty genes responsible for Broken People Like Me (paraphrased).
Brace yourselves/
Let's give the opening paragraph a mark out of ten for balance:
Mmm, I'd say about 0. Not a word so far about neurodiversity, strengths, modern research showing autistic communication is valid but different, etc/ Image
On we go. Ready?
This get 10/10 for maximum inappropriateness and negativity.
Do remember it's us lovely autistic people they're describing, and our lovely children. Look at the language. Our brains aren't 'proper', and we are a psychiatric disease.
Well! Image
Are there any openly autistic people involved in the study design?
Are there any involved in the research as collaborators? Nope.
"Ethics approval and consent to participate -Not applicable"
So, this has no potential to damage any of us, is that right?
So, how about the big names of modern autistic autism research? Are they named in the reference list? You see them almost every day in threads on this page, or other autistic academic/specialists' pages. Modern, cutting-edge thinking.
<scans list>
Er, no..none at all...not one.
Y'see, what we get as autistic people in academic stuff is this: "You can't possibly research autism, because you're biased; you're autistic. Only us nonautistic people can be properly unbiased."
It's a worry, isn't it.
This passes for an unbiased, approved piece of research.
...and it will likely be used by genetics gurus looking for 'targets' to alter, to ensure no lovely autistic people exist in future.

Without us.
Without talking with us.
Without including us.
Without knowing a modern thing about us.
Where is the discussion about Human Rights? There are Human Rights around disabled people - and autism counts in law as a disability (whether people consider themselves disabled or not). Not a word about our right to our own autistic identity & life, nor a say in our futures.
I am fed up with reading derogatory and highly biased new papers from teams.
It is lazy, it is dangerous, and it is inappropriate in 2021.
When on earth are we going to see it stop?
Returning to the glib 'no need to worry about ethics' bit in it.
Genetic alteration has the capability to damage not only the individual it's done to, but any future generation of children they have.
Reading stigmatising, horrifically worded things is damaging for MH/
There is potential danger from rogue countries and rogue labs using such data to consider altering not only autistic people against our will (by framing us as a disease that isn't worth asking), but then using that learning to alter other people. Who's next?/
Who else will have their children's genes snipped?
People whose children are at risk of being gay?
People whose children are at risk of being any colour other than white?
People who aren't in the top half of the intelligence tests?
Who will it be?
We're really not a disease.
The National Autistic Society is quite clear on that.
...and it's very, very poor academic work to say, "Hey, I don't have any ethical stuff to talk about here".
It literally can never be true.

I know shareholders want profits, and gene editing is big money.
But we are really not someone's profit margin.
We are fellow human beings.

• • •

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More from @AnnMemmott

13 Oct
Thank you, lovely people.
The poll results are in.
Crunching some numbers to take out the 'just show the results' votes..
1755 autistic people who voted in it said yes, they have big sensory challenges.
25 said no, they don't.
Interesting, eh? Image
Now, there'll be someone who tells us this Isn't Proper Research (sigh, no, and no-one says it is). Oh, and that if someone happens to be in a care home or has high support needs, they're definitely not here, and would give Totally Different Answers, etc.
Any proof of that?… Useful background research paper, "...the impact of sensory abnormalities of
[autistic children] on their daily lives is considerable
and probably underestimated"… is a must-read.
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13 Oct
Looking forward to taking some time out of the holiday today to speak at this conference with @JustinWelby @KtTup & many fine others.… Current autism guidelines for churches.… Current modern research - a selection of useful things to help move us all away from the 1940s myths and misunderstandings, at last.
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12 Oct
Poll for autistic people.
Do you have one or more sensory difficulties that are bad enough to cause you distress when others seem unbothered (e.g. particular sounds, lighting, textures, smells, etc)?
Examples - you're often the only one that is bothered by a particular set of lights/ you're often the only one that is unable to cope with particular sounds in a space, etc.

Feel free to explain more/retweet.
Context: Some scientist claim that sensory stuff isn't a thing for us.
PS - usual disclaimers. This isn't formal research. It's an informal poll on a particular personal page.
You are watching autistic people chatting about this, not feeling so alone, sharing some of their experiences. It is what it is. And it's valid as what it is.
Read 4 tweets
11 Oct
Today, I would like to discuss Learning to Communicate in Spoken Language. A personal reflection.
As people know, I'm autistic. As many also know, I didn't use language for social communication for the first ten years of life. It took a good few years longer to be confident/
What was it like to think in pictures rather than words? It was amazing. It was beautiful. I still do think in pictures, not words. But I was determined to work out what was happening around me, and join in, their way.
...hearing spoken words didn't translate into my brain being able to...
a) Hear them then
b) Understand them in pictures then
c) Think of the answer in pictures and then...
d) Make my body then speak a response. It got stuck on (c)
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10 Oct
Quick thread.
Imagine you lived in this reality, as a woman:
You: "So, women are worth as much as anyone else in society. Here's a list of ways in which women contribute to people's lives."
Others: "How dare you deny the very real suffering of some women."
Others also: "Don't you realise some women are dangerous? I was attacked by a woman, and that proves we need to be cautious about all women."
That's the sort of thing we tend to get any time we say something positive about autistic people.
It's really weird.
Unfortunately, some totally believe that autism = always negative, always a burden, always a bad thing.
And the end results are absolutely terrible for everyone. Including those with higher support needs/
Read 10 tweets
1 Oct
#Spectrum10K So the researchers used the entirely invented £32 billion/yr figure to justify 'improving' our autism by genetic alteration? I've talked about this quite a bit in the last few years. As for comparing us to cancer...again...argh…
TLDR:? People invented that we 'cost' society billions a year, by pretending almost none of us contribute anything at all to society. Not jobs, not volunteering, not art, not music, not parenting, nothing. Allegedly.
It's nasty, nasty stuff.
It has no place in ethical discussion
Every human being is a person of full worth, whether working or not.
The Royal College of Psychiatrists - hardly a radical organisation - say we haven't even found most autistic adults, so we have no idea whatsoever what they're doing. How can we claim they cost a fortune? Mmm?/
Read 25 tweets

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