1. While workers are walking out everywhere with the #FreedomFlu, the media is pretending it’s not happening.

Little do they know, it’s just getting started, & it’s gonna hurt.

And we are headed back to vote tonight to extend the debt ceiling.

I’m a solid NO by the way.
2. The absolutely pathetic and unqualified failed elected swamp creatures that have spent decades running the American people into debt and passing policies that sent Americans jobs to foreign countries are every single bit of the problem.

On both sides.
3. None of them cared or suffered while your Dad’s job got shipped to China, India, or Mexico.

They could care less about your town reducing to rubble from loss of American made products in America’s towns.
4. They wouldn’t dare bend down to speak to your cousin or uncle that became addicted to heroine or meth bc of the drugs their doctor prescribed them for PTSD, depression, or pain.

No, those kind of invisibles and are beneath the elites of Washington.
5. These “Leaders” know far more than you lowly taxpayers.

How dare you complain about trillions in unending debt and massive trillion dollar budgets filled with more big government handouts that addict people to those monthly Gov checks just like crack from a street dealer.
6. You’re supposed to “demand” we vote to raise the debt ceiling so the elites running the machine don’t default & can keep paying out the green it just keeps printing.

Meanwhile no one blinked when your business you built through sweat & tears closed or when your job went away.
7. Oh but the government must keep raising its debt ceiling higher & higher so they can spend more & more & then tax you for it.

Again, I’ll be voting NO.

I’m a believer in consequences and accountability.

The swamp needs to learn a lesson & every Republican should vote NO.

• • •

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7 Oct
1. It’s the systemic failures of the Republican establishment who constantly compromise with the Hate America Communist Democrat Party that have led us to where we are now.
2. Mitch McConnell, the “Republican” leader in the Senate, needs to stop holding hands with Schumer who hates Republicans and wants to round us up with the politically weaponized DOJ & FBI.
3. Extending the debt ceiling just gives a comfy little padding and relieves the pressure off of Democrats to continue working their Socialist plans in the Green New Deal budget so they can please the Jihad Squad in the House.
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7 Oct
A poll last week of R voters in my district resulted in 88% wanting to #ImpeachBiden.

It’s polled as high as 60% nationwide.

My mail shows my legislation - 4 different sets of Articles of Impeachment- is perfectly working for my district & the majority of Americans.

You know what tax dollars are NOT working for Americans?

The $85 BILLION of military equipment & weapons that Biden armed the Taliban terrorists with.

And ALL of our tax dollars aren’t helping the countless Americans Biden abandoned in Afghanistan!

Oh and Scott, we could pay all of our income in taxes and not a cent would bring back our 13 beautiful young military soldiers Joe Biden is responsible for killing.

Try whining to their families about my Articles of Impeachment.

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3 Oct
There are hundreds of thousands of people headed to the border.

We must close the border!

The open border is a national security crisis.

We should be tripling the size of CBP and funding all security measures like the wall and technology to keep our country safe.

The Biden admin is failing the American people by refusing to secure the border.

We are on the verge of a critical supply chain crisis & being flooded with illegals.

Hundreds of thousands are coming & aren’t forced to get vaxxed, but our own people are being fired for no vax.
When it comes to national security, we should all be unified in defending our country, our borders, and upholding our laws.

Giving illegal aliens a free pass into our country is a slap in the face to every immigrant who became a citizen by following the immigration process.
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2 Oct
Elected leaders are ignoring the repeated violence, crimes, & riots in cities and billions in damage to private businesses & communities committed by one political group that left cities devastated, hurting the people that live there.

The same elected leaders are aggressively pursuing another group, by politically targeting them with aggressive tactics, for only one riot w/ minimal damage & 1 confirmed death of an unarmed woman that occurred at the Capitol bc it affected these elected leaders.

I’m opposed to all riots but I’m appalled at the selfishness and hypocrisy of the J6 committee and treatment towards J6 defendants.

J6 defendants are suffering true human rights abuse in jail, at the hands of our government, with no end in sight just bc of politics.

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28 Sep
Good morning.

How do you all feel about giving $25,000,000 to Desert Fish?

They need the cash guys.
How about $25,000,000 to endangered plants in Hawaii?

Everybody good with that?

$25,000,000 for butterflies in the United States?

Asking for the butterflies.

At least it goes to butterflies in our country.

I mean half the time we pay for things like border walls in other countries.
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27 Sep
.@SpeakerPelosi wants to pass the MOST EXPENSIVE BILL IN US HISTORY at $4.3 TRILLION DOLLARS.

Oh but the devil is in the details.

Do you want to know how you become Speaker of the House after 34 years of being in Congress?

You carefully craft legislation that enriches all your friends and family, especially your biggest donors, on the backs of the taxpayers.

This years budget awards $200 MILLION to Nancy Pelosi’s pet project.

The Presidio Trust.

What is the Presidio Trust you ask?

Government funded SLUSH FUND filled with YOUR money, taken without YOUR permission!

Nancy Pelosi created the trust fund in 1996, from a law passed called the Omnibus Parks and Public Lands Management Act of 1996.

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