Did you know there’s a Montevideo, MN? It’s a county seat in the western part of the state.

It’s had a relationship with Montevideo, Uruguay since 1905. There’s a statue of Jose Artigas, one of Uruguay’s founding fathers, in the middle of town.

I’ve never been there. I just learned about this. I’d kinda like to visit now.

I love what Derb called “the old, weird America.”

I guess this is also an example of what Sailer called “diversity before Diversity.”
It’s also an example of something else I was just talking about the other day: people and places that are “our America” without (historically) being “red state America.”

Sometimes we conflate the two as a matter of convenience, but ofc those two things don’t perfectly overlap.
But anyway, note that 20 point swing in 2016 from 2012!

I don’t know if Trump will run again, and I don’t really care. But he really did teach the GOP how to win in 2016.

If 2024 GOP nominee (whoever it is) doesn’t walk through this open door, he doesn’t deserve to win.

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13 Oct
Okay, here it is. This is going to be a long thread. Ultimately I'm going to ask you guys a poll question, but I have to set it up first, and that will take a lot of 'splainin. I'd ask that you refrain from comments until the end, because I think a lot questions will be answered.
Specifically, I'm going to ask you about "national divorce" along the geographic lines indicated in this map.

But what do I mean by national divorce? How would it work? What would be the terms?

In this thread I'll lay out a scenario for how it might work... Image
Again, maybe you have questions/comments about the map, or about the concept. Just hold on, I'll get to all of that.
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12 Oct
Is there anything more 21st Century America than the “hate hoax”?
And this specimen is so perfect. You have a reference to the Klan, which hasn’t existed in any serious form for decades, and Nazism, which became pretty much immediately defunct in 1945 for all intents and purposes.
But as Sailer said, this stuff is the KKKrazy Glue that holds the awkward prog coalition together.

Plus, I think progs have a great psychic need to believe that they’re “fighting The Man.” So they imagine America is run by Judge Smails-es directing Brownshirt goons or something.
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17 Jun
Conservatives long ago allowed property rights and freedom of association to be sacrificed in the name of civil rights.

Barry Goldwater was right about this. This is the result.
If you want unprincipled exceptions to be made to rules made by your enemies, but you have no desire to contest those rules themselves, you just might be Conservatism Inc.
Also that top comment lol.
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21 May
Apparently Kaliningrad is a pretty nice place. Russians seem to think so, at any rate; the population has gone up quite a bit during this century.
It’s a very odd place, historically speaking.

There are lots of examples of small-scale societies being displaced by expanding powers (such as the US, among others).

But there aren’t many examples of a great power being permanently expelled from its own historic territory.
From both a moral and political perspective, it’s hard to imagine such a thing happening in the absence of a great cataclysm like WW2.

But the Germans asked for total war, and I guess they got it.
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16 May
With the summer patriotic holiday season coming up, I want to repeat a recommendation I’ve offered: if you’re going to fly the flag, fly something other than the fifty-star flag...
Libs gonna lib, and leftists gonna left, but I’d say our biggest and most immediate problem is conservative normie Stockholm Syndrome.

The US empire has become incorrigibly hostile to their interests and identity, but they’re still its most reflexive defenders...
Part of the problem is a lack of the rhetorical and symbolic means to differentiate the American nation, as an ethno-historic political community, from the American empire, as a global economic and ideological system...
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3 Apr
I don’t want to be all “year zero,” but if we hypothetically had the chance to revise society from the ground up, I think we’d have to take a very critical look at sports. Pro sports, college sports, whatever. All of it has gotten way out of hand.
It’s an opiate, a racket, a bureaucracy, a vector for the state ideology. It seems to both represent and exacerbate so much of what’s wrong with the US.

It’s no accident that sports journalists and sports “PR spivs” (as @KMGVictoria would say) are often the worst of the bugmen.
You could say it’s been over-scaled bread and circuses for a long time, but now in the BLM era the colossus also evinces the ultimate character of state propaganda, and realizes the ultimate goal of same—humiliation. Abject humiliation.
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