I’ve been thinking about this so much since I started working in an independent bookstore. It’s a great job that would be terrible with corporate overlords. (1/?)
I look forward to going to work in a way I never really have (and certainly didn’t working food service and retail when young). That’s because the manager and owner respect me, trust me, and acknowledge that I’m a human being who, like, sometimes needs to sit down. Also, books.
And book people. So far, I’ve had zero customer trouble, which is the other thing that can make retail hell. Everyone I interact with treats me as a human being! That is literally all it takes—plus money equal to cost of living—to make a job good!
When we talk about supporting mom and pop retailers, it’s not just about keeping your dollars out of Jeff Bezos’s pockets. It’s about creating workplaces where owners actually know who their employees are, and what their work is like.

• • •

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13 Nov 20
Earlier, when I criticized "our government's" response to the pandemic, someone told me I should say "the Republican government's." Sure, but also WTAF NANCY???
Like, NOT ONLY is this reckless during a pandemic, and NOT ONLY does it set a terrible example for the people you're telling not to gather for holidays, BUT ALSO it provides ammo to conspiracy theorists who think Democrats only played up the virus for the election.
NOT TO MENTION all the people who are going to have to SERVE this room full of politicians talking and laughing with their masks off during a pandemic. Are we the party that cares about workers, or nah?
Read 5 tweets
12 Nov 20
I remember hearing someone say, way back at the beginning of the pandemic, that if it kept going like the 1918 flu, everybody still alive would know somebody who died. It sounded wild to me then.
Now, 350,000 months later, I think I know a dozen people who have lost parents? And two people my age (40s) who have lost siblings. I feel lucky that I haven’t lost anyone I love to it. I am terrified that no amount of luck will be a match for what’s coming.
It also stings every time I hear people talk about it killing “Grandma.” As if 1) Grandma’s expendable and 2) we’re all young and healthy enough that no immediate family could be at risk. We only talk about it with a generation of imaginary distance.
Read 7 tweets
28 Sep 20
Who could have seen it coming, except anyone who's given five minutes' thought to intimate partner violence
It wasn't really "an argument," for the record. The article says she had bruises on her face and arms--which she confirmed to a neighbor came from him, earlier in the week--and fled the house in fear that he would shoot her.
Read 4 tweets
22 Sep 20
This is a good thread. I will add that my awesome, feminist husband, who does at LEAST half of the chores around here, recently asked me to make a doctor's appointment for him. And I did it. I know it makes him anxious, so it seemed a simple favor. But (1/?)
Feeling entitled to ask your partner for such a thing is super gendered! I would never! I ask him for things all the time, don't get me wrong, but the idea that someone else should schedule my appointments would absolutely never occur to me. (2/?)
I was not brought up to believe I would eventually have a wife and/or secretary to handle such things. Most men in this culture were. By the time you actually move in with someone, that socialization runs so deep. (3/3, I guess, because otherwise, I'd go on forever.)
Read 5 tweets
21 Sep 20
Once again... yep. This is the same as a pharmacist who won’t dispense birth control. If you can’t do your job without imposing your religious beliefs on other people, you need a different job. ESPECIALLY when the job in question is interpreting the Constitution.
Respecting someone's right to worship as they see fit does not mean respecting each of their specific beliefs. It does not mean calling a harmful belief religious absolves anyone of consequences for acting on it. Stop being such wimps about calling dangerous bullshit what it is.
It's a shame the organized atheist movement is also full of racist, sexist, authoritarian-minded fucks, because they could provide some useful clarity here. Respecting your right to hold a set of beliefs does not require me to respect the beliefs themselves.
Read 5 tweets
17 Sep 20
Cuties was terrific. Intense and sometimes uncomfortable, but because of what Doucouré got right, not what she got wrong. Eleven is such a brutal age. You're 100% kid, but convinced you're not. Friends can turn on a dime. You think being/seeming older is the key to happiness. 1/2
And you're too young to realize the dangers that come with being/seeming older, much less to process how fucked up it is that your body maturing normally = danger. All of that is in there, and so much more. I had a LOT of feelings.
My feeling on the backlash is that it's half people who only saw the marketing (which was terrible) and half people who can't identify with the protagonist, because she's a girl or Black or both. I would say "Come at me" now ironically, but really, don't. I block early and often.
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