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12 Oct, 5 tweets, 1 min read
parents who are worried about their kids going trans (or despairing because already have) should focus MUCH LESS on what intellectual argument will make them desist and much MORE on how to facilitate a more normal human development in this sense

but if she’s spent most of her adolescence or even life sedentary surrounded by technology, this has to stop, the younger the better
a job, volunteering, sports, camps, anything that will encourage embodiment

embodiment meaning the ability to be present in and recognize your own body

these kids can’t do that. they feel so uncomfortable in their bodies bc they’re unfamiliar with them on a visceral level
imagine if you were born in a heavy suit, that changed all the time and smelled and made noises and felt weird and hurt sometimes and looked different from everybody else and was judged based on its looks and ability
but nobody explained to you what it was for or what it did, you never got to experience it’s capabilities so you had no idea it was anything other than an inconvenience and embarrassment. it seemed completely irrelevant to your life except to cause discomfort

you’d resent it

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12 Oct
lots of responses to this made me realize even more deeply how utterly strange the current adolescence is. how much of the current neurosis is caused directly by the lack of not only active play as children, but active work as adolescents?
teenagers now sit around all day with no purpose other than to do good on tests so they can go to college, where they’ll continue to try and do good on tests so they can go to work where they’ll sit around and try to do good on quarterly report

zero embodiment, life long
this condition is utterly unnatural for humans and it’s no surprise more kids are killing and maiming themselves than ever, and more people are completely insane and dysfunctional than ever
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8 Oct
a lot of right wing people understandably think that trans kids are just a crazy progressive california thing, but i’ve known of far far too many examples of families coming from a very christian conservative background choosing to transition their child or even multiple children
i’ve been in touch with a few different religious organizations and churches over the past few years and i hear an alarming amount about how many families in these communities are choosing to trans their kids
sure there are “theybies” and it’s definitely a problem with progressive circles but honestly some of the most fanatical and abusive trans kid parents come from christian conservative communities. don’t shoot me i’m only the messenger.
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6 Oct
those of you who have quit smoking/vaping before, what are your tips for nicotine withdrawal? i’m quitting vaping and it’s really hard, i can’t think straight
smh can’t believe so many stupid zoomers got conned into vaping
feels like instead of a brain i just have a head full of cotton stuffed through both my ears
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5 Oct
i feel like it has to do with the fact that kids are exposed to pop culture hyper sexuality and porn before they even develop their own sexual feelings or have romantic experiences, causing them to have a confused and fraught relationship with these topics very early
they try to make sense of it the only way they know how (discourse on social media which they are addicted to) while constantly drowning in the environment that induced this in them

i really don’t think it’s normal for 14 year olds to be discoursing adult topics
i didn’t know what most sexual terms meant until i started using the internet, where i quickly went from barely knowing what happened during a “french kiss” to knowing about all sorts of crazy porn terms and fetishes
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3 Oct
underrated how much skill and work teenage girls put into stuff they like. have you ever seen the gif sets/edits/themes they make on tumblr, or sims custom content? all for free too
i used to spend literally h o u r s making gifs for tumblr
got Fs in all my classes but this gifset due at peak traffic for my blog today
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2 Oct
detrans activism is a weird one. on one hand we want people to do things like pursue legal action, organize, be in the media, etc, but on the other hand a lot of people have seriously been harmed and the recovery process is extremely difficult and must be respected
there are a lot of well meaning people who want every detransitioner to get involved in every twitter argument and write letters to every clinic and insurance company and do all this other activism stuff (which is necessary) but that might end up harming the individual as well
detransition isn’t just a physical recovery, it’s hard to describe how much of a mental transformation occurs when you realize every thought you’ve had for years on end has been completely backwards, you’ve been taken advantage of, and it all resulted in life altering damage
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