Dr Mike Yeadon on Telegram (long thread)
1/ Robin Monotti + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar Channel, [11.10.21 05:15]
"I often see Dr Anthony Fauci on TV or quoted in newspapers. It seemed a good moment to outline part of the story that I know about.
2/ Fauci is a ghastly inhuman person. Watch Cary Mullis’ last interviews. Scientifically, he drew a bead on Saint Fauci over the AIDS scandal. AZT (Wellcome) was a toxic drug from anti-cancer & immunosuppression research, being an analogue of the bases used in genetics.
3/ I recall being very surprised that it’s clinical safety profile was adequate to permit dosing in HIV/AIDS. I was a young post-doc, coincidently newly hired to research in Wellcome & watched it gain approval. I had lots of trust in institutions then.
4/ Turns out that many American & European gay men were killed by this wretched drug (not so much of a surprise now) and billions were made, and I’m sure relationships were formed between Fauci, certain drug companies & regulators, ...
5/ ...which stood in profitable stead over subsequent decades.
The PCR test for viruses was a huge turning point. Mullis repeatedly stated that it isn’t an appropriate technique for diagnostics. I think it could be, under carefully calibrated conditions.
6/ It certainly is not, used as it is around the world to diagnose covid19.
Fauci slid remdesivir into treatment guidelines almost, it seems, based on his say so.
He hadn’t treated patients for decades if he ever did.
7/ Remdesivir as ‘standard of care’ for covid19 resulted in huge numbers of avoidable deaths. How it is that medics appear not to know the characteristic toxicity (which includes renal function declines) & just put their patients on this stuff I don’t know.
8/ I’ve personally intervened in at least three cases where remdesivir had been started in hospitalised with covid19.
I’m not a medic so my approach has been to recommend the anxious relative demand an immediate second opinion. They’re all alive.
9/ One is the husband of a friend of my sister’s.
Note also that respiratory viral illness isn’t obstructive. Patients can become distressed if their gas exchange is poor & they’re desaturating. But they don’t need mechanical ventilation coupled with sedation.
10/ Instead, an oxygen mask or nasal cannula will often help a lot, and if it doesn’t, your patient may be unsalvageable.
In U.K. the early default was sedation with excessive doses of midazolam & ventilation. Few people came back from that.
11/ U.K. health ministry had purchased two years supply of midazolam in spring 2020. The NHS had also stockpiled a years supply by hugely reducing prescriptions for it in 2018-19.
12/ So during the Great Panic of spring 2020, they found it appropriate to burn through 3 years supply of midazolam.
Dodging protocols administered 10x usual dose. No wonder so many elderly men died.
13/ Recall the debates in U.K. parliament about whether the NHS had enough syringe drivers? These were needed to administer the fatal & inappropriate medications.
So the PCR test was intrinsically unsuitable as a diagnostic & was used to over diagnose “covid19”.
14/ Most subsequent deaths were either in people who’d imminent death wasn’t a surprise (age + pre-existing chronic illnesses) or occurred directly as a result of hopelessly inadequate medical interventions & drug treatments.
15/ Virtually none died SOLELY because of infection with this virus. Many were murdered or st least due to unthinking medics “only following orders”.
Fauci was part of the suppression of emerging, effective pharmacological treatments like hydroxychloroquine & ivermectin.
16/ How does he come to wield such power?
Money. As director of the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIAID) his external budget was for Research.
Over time, Fauci became gatekeeper to huge sums which could make or break institutions in the US university estate
17/ That’s why very few speak out, such as Dr Peter McCullough. He’s lost everything except his medical license.
All major corporates especially the media, tech titans, financial services & pharmaceuticals, are in on what’s happening ...
18/...even if they’re no real insights into why it’s happening.
Obviously some actors do have excellent knowledge of what’s happened & is due to happen. Pharma made these fraudulent gene-based “vaccines” and cheated their way across the regulatory agencies to obtain ...
19/ Emergency Use Authorisations.
Fear mongering, lies, induction of a mass psychosis in most populations, coupled with long drawn-out “measures”, especially masks, primed huge proportions of the population to line up to receive their “vaccinations”.
20/ Despite being horribly injurious & killing scores of thousands in the USA alone, they’re closing in on herding us onto a vaccine passport platform.
Many have worked out that vaccine mandates are absurd, since most people aren’t at risk from this virus, but they’ve no idea why
21/ A small number of us understand that this is about control & that if a VaxPass is required to buy food, humans will have surrendered their freedoms, forever.
We’ll be required to line up for regular injections in order to retain any access to their old normal lives,
22/ Ask yourself is this the future you want for your children & grandchildren?
If you don’t, then I make this sincere request of you:

If unvaccinated, NEVER comply with their demands that you get vaccinated.

If vaccinated, I hope you do not experience adverse events.
23/ But if offered back some of your freedoms in exchange for your compliance with a VaxPass scheme wherever you are, DO NOT COMPLY.

Whatever they’re up to, it’s completely illogical to mandate an experimental treatment that’s unable to prevent transmission of a virus ...
24/ ...that’s no threat to most people.

If we can prevent the establishment of a common digital ID, aka vaccine passports aka VaxPass, the perpetrators can smash the economy but they won’t own or control us.

Please accept the pain & considerable inconvenience of NON COMPLIANCE
25/ You’re preserving human freedom against totalitarian designed by international perpetrators. Evil, crooked liars, attempting a takeover of humanity, for reasons now & later that I believe include MASS DEPOPULATION.
Thank you.
Dr Mike Yeadon"

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7 Oct
Dr Mike Yeadon Telegram:
While this looks quite complicated, the messages are not.
What’s clear is that whatever protection afforded by the vaccines, it fades rapidly.
2/ Compare those vaccinated 5-6 months ago with those vaccinated 3-4 months ago.
Isn’t is astonishing that such a small difference in time is associated with a visibly greater rate of hospitalisation?
3/ This is consistent with the possibility raised by others that vaccines can actually render a person more susceptible to a pathogen.
This isn’t new: antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) has been seen with all previous experimental vaccines against coronaviruses & indeed RSV ...
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Dr Mike Yeadon on Telegram:
1/ "Very good. A short article confirming that the people of India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh, have responded very well to the covid19 treatment, IVERMECTIN.
2/ Vaccination level in the Indian state, with around 2/3rd the population of the USA, is just 5% (it’s 60% in USA).
It can’t be the vaccination.
Uttar Pradesh is a crowded kind of place, so it won’t be ‘social distancing’, either.
3/ No: Uttar Pradesh took a good look at the clinical data now available in peer reviewed journals & concluded (as anyone but a zealot would) that IVERMECTIN is safe & effective in treating covid19.
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Dr Mike Yeadon on Mattias Desmet's 'Jerm Warfare':
1/ "Please have a little more patience with this than I did when I first came across it 🤔
Initially, I regarded Prof Mattias Desmet as having a rather peripheral opinion, as a clinical psychologist & statistician.
2/ ...So I didn’t pay sufficient attention to it, at first.
Having just listened to his explanation for the points precedent to even allow the “mass psychosis” (he calls is just “mass” or “mass formation” throughout) to occur.
3/ ...The free floating anxiety, the lack of sense-making in ones life & social isolation: all required.
Now when a horrifyingly dangerously virus was said to be at large, it provided a focus for many people. An explanation for their high levels of anxiety.
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29 Sep
From Robin Monotti & Dr Mike Yeadon group on Telegram:
1/ This is why so many people are declining covid19 vaccines. They’re simply nowhere near safe enough.


It’s even worse than this, though, because they’re also not as effective as we were told. ...
2/ 90%+ risk reduction. Sure, but that’s RELATIVE to not treating with a vaccine. If you look at ABSOLUTE risk reduction, it’s around the 1% mark. In other words, virtually no difference.
3/ If not taking vaccines has a risk index of 100 units, your risk if they get into the treadmill of vaccinations becomes around 99 risk units.

This isn’t worth doing. Not when you subtract from modest therapeutic benefits the terrible toll of side effects including death.
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17 Sep
From Dr Mike Yeadon, posted on Telegram:
1/ "I’ve not been posting much because I’ve not been well, but this personal & highly informative post touched me deeply.
PLEASE read & share it as widely as you can.
2/ Partly, to bring to international attention the uniquely crazy restrictions from DOMESTIC COVID PASSPORTS in Lithuania, but also as a WARNING.
There’s nothing preventing these kinds of restrictions applying where we each live.
3/ If you’ve been vaccinated, you might not regard this as a big deal.
But it is. It’s a cataclysmic change in the relationship between the private citizen & not only the enormous, coercive power of the state, but also between private individuals.
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16 Sep
From Telegram, Dr Mike Yeadon:
1/ "I was reluctant to get involved in anything which links covid19 & 9/11. The reason is, I’m an ordinary Brit & I really know nothing that won’t fit on a Post-It note about the latter.
2/...So in the end I just refused to link them. I’ll see if there’s a link over time. Meanwhile I gave a recap on how I stumbled into the realisation that we were in so much trouble with this alleged virus & why you must be very sceptical about what you’re being told.
3/...This I am sure about. It’s being so sure that has destroyed my peace of mind & that of my family for 18months. I hate the criminal perpetrators & evil people who planned this more than I can express. They deserve to burn in hell.
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