I'm not one of these "trad is absolutely trash, I don't want those sour grapes, akshually trad is worse than trash, it's..." folks

I always aspired to be trad published, since I was around 9 or so; it felt (and still feels) like a a huge imprimatur ; someone else saying "yes"

but, pragmatically, if video games and movies are sucking all of the profits out of publishing (and that's fine; people can and should choose what media they want to consume), then the end result is that the economics of trad publishing are converging w those of indy >

It's not 1988.

A trad publisher is not going to buy you a custom Michael Whelan cover, they're not going to put you on a book tour, they're not going to get the expensive photographer for the back flap of the dust jacket, etc etc etc.

It is what it is.

and so if trad and indy offer a nearly identical deal (write your novel, edit it, promote it on social media, arrange your own signings and cons - if any - etc) then the difference comes down to

* more imprimatur from trad
* much much higher slice of $ from indy

• • •

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14 Oct

requesting advice re opsec

Given: I write and tweet under my IRL name, everyone knows I live in NH, and land ownership records are public, and thus it would take <= 10 minutes for any twitter rando to find my home addr

and yet, when I tweet about small town politics or local real estate, I tend to redact identifying information.

should I continue the opsec LARPing or just admit town name / link to local real-estate listings?

early voting and comments 10:1 in favor of keeping some friction in the process, and, yeah, that was my inclination

the threat model is not gov (they know where I live), but...small chance of some ... "INTENSE"... fans knocking on door or egging neighbor's barn or whatever
Read 4 tweets
12 Oct
any time I notice that someone is in my mentions and has a track record of 100% useless / dumb tweets, I mute them

the degenerate case of this is: your very first tweet at me is useless -> you will be immediately muted

please be less dumb

I think I've muted 10 people so far this morning

Read 4 tweets
12 Oct

also, re "...every American over 30 has a story about coming home... unrecognizable"

this is not a story about American commercialism or zoning or whatever...this is a story about human nature


@dsawyer gave a great talk at @based_con on male vs female bildungsroman, and noted that they were somewhat similar, and somewhat different

the male variety, IIRC, is that the man goes out to fight and grow, then comes home and realizes that home has changed
Read 4 tweets
12 Oct

I've always loved science since I was like 5 years old, but the older I get the more I realize that 99% of what passes for science is actually Science!™, and also, it is NOT science


the trailing century is one of the weirdest periods in the history of the human race, I am convinced...and especially the post WWII era.

Science (the real kind) won the war, with a bang (two, actually), and was revealed to be The New God.

...and nothing was ever the same.

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12 Oct

I interact w the 23 year old "trad" right a lot, and they're constantly crapping on modern architecture, suburbs, etc.

yes, yes, small stone buildings on alleys are charming ... but prices and selection are garbage. Strip malls are affordable and give people options.

this is ESPECIALLY true for working class, married, family types.

The rich and upper upper upper middle class types (a group that the trad right kids tend to hate for being bugmen and elitists) will do fine even when stripmalls are banned and prices climb by 70%

Joe Sixpack and his wife the hairdresser and their three kids (the "salt of the earth" that the trad right kids care so much about), though, will be MASSIVELY hit.
Read 13 tweets
11 Oct
anyone want to be my neighbor?

small farm house 4 doors down just went on the market

4 bed
1,500 sqft

2 point mumble acres

DM me for a realtor.com link

(being a bit judicious with this, as "4 doors down" basically doxes me, so I'll share the address if we're mutuals, or you otherwise check out as cool)
Read 7 tweets

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