Court is designed for the plebs, not the baphomasons. However, mock YOU by making you believe they have the same struggles than us. That's a lie.
Every high profile court drama is staged, like everything else that involves them. 👇
As you can see from Saddam Hussein, his life as a so called dictator was kept up for yrs, then 9/11 came around, the USA came after him, "caught him" went to court and then we was killed. It's all a show for YOU to believe in terrorism.
You will NEVER win an important case in court because the freemasons own it from beginning to end. When you see this hammer, game is up on YOU. They created this justice system to CONTROL YOU not them.
I've covered this before. John McAfee is and was a freemason. The drama of his so called rebellious life led ppl to believe he was genuine when in fact he was not. He was supposedly killed or died in the prison cell, THAT is a lie. They ltr began making a movie about him.
Historical FAMOUS gangsters are all for tv. Here we have Machine Gun Kelly, called machine gun because that was his favorite weapon so called. Now we have his modern day version to continue the legacy of fakery.
This is another totally fake court case. From start to finish this has nothing to do with reality, even the Sandy Hook case was made up. All freemasons laughing and mocking YOU, the masses for living in the ridiculous life they've put you in.
A classic fake court case is with OJ Simpson killing his "wife". He's a freemason ACTOR, so is the "wife" who is more than obvious an MTF transgndr.
The Weinstein case was needed to bring upon the metoo movement. All those so called raped and mistreated "actresses" are all MTF transgndrs pushing a feminist movement, to install ANOTHER trans feminist leader, Tarana Burke. Womens empowerment is about baphomasons, nothing more.
Tony Robbins, another freemason shill. FoxNews will NEVER speak of the truth, only made up fictions to carry on the lies that we live in.
We all know "elite" are evil pedo murderers and feed off the energy of the masses, but the news will NEVER cover real stories.

• • •

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More from @JeimesD

12 Oct
As we all know, the elite give us idols to captivate us, for us to trust, look up to...AND FOLLOW, like the innocent white rabbit. I can't express enough the importance of understanding signs and symbols.
here with your well known shill, birds of a feather flock together. Here, the brotherhood helping each other out.
On the right, tongue out mocking the people.
Middle, two finger devil horns.
Look closer and the significance of the number 777
As usual, shills always ask for donations, it's a initiation, your willingness to get involved in their occultic practices.
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11 Oct
THIS is how they use their stars, your idols, against you.
How can this person have vaginal dryness is it' guessed it.
Read on...👇
Alyssa Milano is a STAR, that's right, gets paid to program YOUR body and mind to become an initiate into occult practices. Along with that comes their religion which is to worship the same gods as them, Ishtar/ISIS, the Baphomet all being transgendr. Large shoulders NO HIPS.
One eye symbol for the one eyed god. Who has the larger Qangle here. It never fails.
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8 Oct
FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT, your trust comes easy with cute, fuzzy trustable things.

The white rabbit symbolism is simply that a rabbit is so cute, you drop your guard, trust it, love it...when you have your guard down it can bite you HARD.

"Trix (tricks) are FOR KIDS!" 🥴
What celeb/musician/movie ect hasn't taken advantage of this symbolism? They know exactly what it means.
The rabbit is also symbolic to Easter, which is a pagan holiday, like all the others, that we have been duped to celebrate.
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6 Oct
So much for Parler Image
ok, time to throw the evidence of shillery. Enjoy.
With Kanye West, wearing and orange sweater and text "following the light"-> lucifer. deserves no explanation.
With Trump in the W.H, deserves no explanation
with EGI MTF trani fox news host Laura Ingraham. ImageImageImage
haha, Cardi B called Candaces "husband" a homosexual...oh yes, Cardi actually meant TRANZEXUAL. What a clown world we live in. Image
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5 Oct
Info War's Paul Joseph Watson, BUSTED, shillin like a villain. With all the typical birds' feathers I've busted earlier. ImageImageImage
Seen on the Rubin Report, total shill platform. They're there to help out the brotherhood, and no one else. ImageImageImage
This person to me looks not like ur standard gay man but an FTM transformer, very small shoulder and has hips. Being a presenter on the Alex Jones show is enough to bust him, but let all other info digest as well to solidify it. ImageImage
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5 Oct

If you are sucking up to the official UN version you ARE one of the billions of zombies marching to your doom.

First a quick historical background. WW2, like all wars have been a plan to further the sick elite agendas. There were NOT millions of killed Juz, and Hitlyr was a baphomason. WW2 was a psyop to usher in the UN and establish Israel as a nation. ImageImageImageImage
The world's poor are poor for one reason. They've kept poor through modified weather, (dest. food supply and housing) forced on world bank debt, duped on endless psyops, & experimented on. Kept poor for decades to later be an ex. for a problem reaction solution. Image
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