cw // smoking implied

#wakatake | convenience store worker takemichi who works night shift one day meets young wakasa, who walks in bloody and disheveled, looking for cigarettes.

takemichi knows hes a delinquent at first glance; even without the blood, the coat was
a dead giveaway. not to mention the giant bike outside the shop and the matching symbol on its body and wakasas coat.

and just as takemichi knows hes a delinquent, he knows there's no way this kid is 20. meaning, he cant smoke yet.
so when wakasa gets a pack and slides it over, takemichi swallows his nerves, prays his legs stop shaking and says, "sir, we can't sell you this."

wakasa glares at him. "and why not?"

"b-because," takemichi points to a signt at the counter with a shaking finger.
"no cigarettes for 20 and below, s-sir."

wakasa huffs, his hair bouncing witj him and getting a bit more blood on his coat and the floor. takemichi cries a bit inside and hopes its easy to clean.

"im 18. does it matter?" wakasa drawls out, smacking his lips in annoyance.
he feels antsy already, not having anything in his mouth as it was then. he always got a smoke before a fight for that extra boost, and another smoke after it all to relax and to keep his mouth busy. deviating from his norm, even just by a little bit, was already
pissing him off.

he sends his strongest glare to the shaking worker in front of him, ignoring how cute he looked like /that/ and growling once more. "just let me buy the damn box and ill be out of your hair."

the worker shakes his head. "s, sorry sir, i cant do that."
wakasa holds back from smashing the nearby chocolate aisle then and there. he rests his elbow on thr counter and runs a hand through his hair, ignoring the blood dripping down his face. he meets takemichi's blue eyes and struggles to stop himself from getting lost in the
sky in them as he asks, "what do you want?" wakasa drawls, trying to keep his voice even as he continues, "i just want my smoke. i dont want to cause a mess here after today, so can we just get this done with."

takemichi gulps, trying to look away from wakasa's piercing eyes.
"s, sir, im sorry, but the law is the law."

"do you think i care about the law?"

"w, well! you should, sir! b-because i do!" takemichi eeps, standing his ground. "i, ill be punished very severly if i get caught selling to l-legally underage people!"
takemichi can fucking /feel/ his face burning from the gaze of the delinquent in front of him, but he refuses to hold his gaze any longer. as his eyes dart around, he catches a thin, white cylindrical object just by the other end of his counter.

he gets an idea.
with shaky legs, he reaches for the lollipops, knees buckling as he did so. he manages to keep standing however as he regains his balance and faces wakasa again.

takemichi takes the box of cigarettes and swaps it out for a handful of lollipops, all different flavors and sizes.
wakasa loses his glare and blinks at the assortment of colors by his elbows. "what...?"

takemichi takes one, unwraps it, and prays to every god out there to watch over his soul as he shoves the naked lollipop between wakasa's lips.

wakasa chokes.

"on me, s-sir!" takemichi stutters, no longer looking away. "i-i heard once that people who smoke have this thing called oral fixations w-where tjey just need something in their m-mouth! and t-that lollipops work just as well, s-so here!"
wakasa, in shock, wraps his lips around the candy as he lets go of his hair and wraps said hand around takemichi's.

he gives the lollipop a tentative lick

oh, it's... not too sweet. a bit citrusy; orange and lime, maybe? he didn't get to see the wrapper.
he licks it a few more times before sucking on it eagerly, earlier annoyance slowly washing away as the candy's taste seeps into his tongue, making his taste buds sing in delight and his nerves tingle.

"this is good," wakasa admits through the candy.
takemichi beams at him, and this time, wakasa doesn't look away. "that's great!"

wakasa licks the lollipop again. he looks down at the others on the counter, thinking.

"you saying you'll pay for this?"

takemichi nods eagerly.

"mhmkay," wakasa relents, relaxing but not releasing his hand. "get me more of the one you just gave me."

takemichi wants to ask for his hand back, but decides against it when he realized he can reach for it still. "y-yes, will do!"

he takes another handful of the
lollipops and sets it down in between them. wakasa eyes them with a critical eye, sucking on the lollipop. huh, he was right, orange and lemon. with a bit of mango too, sweet.

"thanks," wakasa smiles, lollipop stick hanging out out of his lips.
the pressure of it was a bit heavier than a cigarette, but its shape was similar enough for him to nibble on it slightly in delight. "no need to bag it, ill just shove it all in here."

with his free hand, he takes the lollipops and places it in his coat's front pocket.
"you're welcome s, sir, please come again!" takemichi smiles and closes his eyes. he lets out a sigh of relief; possible arrest averted.

he tries to take back his arm. however, he's met with resistance. huh?

he gulps at wakasa's stare. light purple eyes bore into his; earlier, it was like a fire, aiming to burn. now, it was...calmer. less intense. yet it still held a heat he didn't understand, one that made him gulp on instinct.

"sir, d-do you need anything else?"
wakasa hums, mouth loudly suckling on the lollipop and never looking away.

then, he bends forward slightly, short bloody hair falling into his face and earring jingling as he maneuvers the lollipop inside his mouth to thr side and sticking his tongue out.
right on takemichi's fingers.

takemichi chokes on air and lets out something between a scream and a squeal. eventually, the sound dies out as he watches wakasa, transfixed, slightly disgusted, ans warm as the delinquent opens his mouth and sticks one of his finger in.
wakasa watches him, pressing the finger beside the lollipop and sucking on them both. he smirks as he feels the minute shiver in his mouth through thr finger before letting go.

he takes out the lollipop with a smack and grins at the flustered expression on the guy across him.
"thanks for the alternative," wakasa says, eyes hooded and amused. he licks at takemichi's hand, which was frozen mid-air. "but i think you'd work great too."

takemichi's face /burns/. wakasa laughs and moves away, body facing the door but eyes still gazing at his.
"see ya," he waves his lollipop. putting it back in his mouth, he grins. "save me these orange lemon mango ones for next time, takemichi-san." he looks at his name tag then his lips. "or you can eat them too, i wouldn't mind."
wakasa leaves the convenience store with a laugh, lips pressed firmly around a plastic stick and tongue lapping generously at the round candy, enjoying its taste but missing how well it accompanied with the salty tang of the sweat on takemichi's fingers from nervousness.
inside the store, takemichi drops to the floor, blushing and praying the cctv didn't pick any of that up. hes not sure how to explain any of that to his boss.

the images of amused purple eyes, something like a sun, and a confident smirk are all burned into his mind.
his fingers tingle, the saliva on it cooling down already.

takemichi thinks of the same purple eyes lighting up with /something/ as he licked him. takemichi swallows.

hes not sure if hesready to see him again. but...he wont be forgetting him any time soon. if at all.
(takemichi puts in a request for more lollipops. says its a hit for the night people. his boss approves it.

he takes a lollipop every day. he tries not to focus on how his fingers tingle each time.

when wakasa comes back a few weeks later
and sees the increase in lollipops and the one in takemichi's mouth, he laughs.

takemichi tries not to think about how nice it sounds.
he tries to think about how the floor will be a pain to clean again but—

but when wakasa calls him a "darling" and a "sweet thing," every other though flies out the window. wakasa laughs at him again, lollipop in mouth.

he calls him only that from then on.)

• • •

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