When I was diagnosed as autistic back in 2017 (when I was 34), I was waved from the door with a few leaflets containing links to websites like the National Autistic Society, and a reading list to take to the library.
That was it. I'd just been told that my brain was fundamentally, hugely different to other people's, and that I had spent my life trying to make up for this, at huge cost to myself.

But just a couple of leaflets.
Since then I've been contacted by the local health team exactly zero times. There was no follow-up care or counselling to help get through the life changing ramifications. I have to remind my doctor I'm autistic at every appointment.
Bring diagnosed autistic in adulthood is an enormous thing, but it's treated as barely even interesting by the NHS. Something is wrong there.

It's my opinion that those diagnosed with autism at any time should get counselling from specialists, or autistic mentors.
But this feels a long way off. I suppose that's one reason we're all here. I found my support network on Twitter, but the trouble is, that's like having a vital support network in a very busy, very aggressive pub.
You can quietly do the support thing, but at any moment an angry stranger can be all up in your face shouting. Not great.
So whatever non-autistic people may believe about how much momey, support, help we get - for a very big number of us, it's absolutely nothing. #autism

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10 Oct
I'm going to try to stop thinking about it now, but here are my conclusions re: Autism in history.
1. We know autistic people have always existed. They were there. We don't know who, but they were there. We also know whoever they were, they are part of our collective autistic culture.
2. We only really have records of famous people. Mostly men. So that's problematic but there's not much we can do about that. We know that statistically some of these historical figures might have been autistic. Just by the numbers.
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9 Oct
Ways that an autistic person's day can be ruined by other people - a thread 🧵🧵🧵

Please share widely - hopefully this will help folk realise what us autistic people are up against on a daily basis. Thanks!
1. Being forced to wear something uncomfortable. Whether it's a uniform of some kind, having to do up your top button, being told to wear a tie - there are loads of ways others' demands of our clothing can cause us extreme discomfort and even pain. #autism
2. Being made to sit still for any amount of time - especially if we are also ADHD. Being in a situation where we're not allowed to move or get up or escape can be incredibly stressful, and the longer it goes on, the worse it gets. #autism
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9 Oct
If all a country's 'stuff' is owned by other countries, isn't that bad?
It feels increasingly like we're all renting and at any moment the landlords who live elsewhere can just kick us out.
Like, all of the rail franchises other than the one just taken over by the govt are owned by European governments - Germany, France, Netherlands and Spain.

That alone just feels absolutely bizarre and Not A Good Idea
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7 Oct
Had a school trip to Wollaton Hall as a kid, told we were not allowed chocolate in our packed lunch but my mum put these biscuit balls that were filled with choc (Cartoonies) in my lunchbox.

Spent the whole trip terrified I'd be found out and punished.
I now know the teachers didn't give much of a fuck and it was just a way of reducing mess and promoting health, but my autistic head saw it as an absolute rule, the breaking of which would cause utter chaos.
Rinse and repeat for every random rule in school.
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7 Oct
Ways that autistic people are not treated with humanity that you have probably missed.

A depressing and angry thread. 🧵🧵🧵
1. Forced to make eye contact despite it feeling extremely uncomfortable and vulnerable, despite it having no discernable benefits. #autism
2. Being forced to sit still despite us needing to make repetitive movements to keep ourselves calm and our moods regulated (stimming). #autism
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28 Sep
Autism and health - a thread while I wait for my car to be fixed (stuck at my parents house).
Autistic people have a lower life expectancy. The statistics are clear. There are many reasons for this, many of which are quite upsetting (mental health difficulties are an important factor.) /2
But a big factor has to be to do with access to medical care and the different ways that we autistic people can display symptoms and so on. /3
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