New Parliamentary report concludes UK should have locked down faster in March 2020.

Even more pathetic, the report’s timeline reflects that the lockdown was based entirely on info from the WHO and Lancet, both widely known to be in China’s pocket. 1/…
Hilariously, the timeline in the report mirrors the letter we wrote to western security services in January—but instead of concluding that lockdowns were a heinous CCP influence operation, chastises the Government for not locking down sooner. 2/…
The Parliamentary report praises the WHO’s February report by Bruce Aylward, who insisted the entire world should adopt China’s Wuhan lockdown, and insists the UK should have listened to him sooner. This Bruce Aylward. 3/
It then praises Richard Horton of The Lancet for providing more alarmist data from China. This Richard Horton:

“The ‘century of humiliation’ when China was dominated by a colonially-minded west and Japan, only came to an end with the Communist victory” 4/…
The report accurately reflects that the UK initially had a gradual approach and its lockdown was based on nothing but this information from Bruce Aylward, Richard Horton, and other countries’ lockdowns, but still insists the Government should have locked down sooner. 5/
And absurdly, this conclusion somehow comes at the same time the UK Parliament concluded COVID’s IFR is 0.096%, like flu.

We’re at the point of gaslighting where governments are putting the facts out in the open and hoping you’ll take their word for it that evil is good.
PS: Look who loved the UK Parliament’s report.

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13 Sep
Thread – The Evolution of Xi’s CCP

The CCP under Xi Jinping has characteristics of Nazism, communism, modern “liberalism,” and several new adaptations the world has never seen in past totalitarian dictatorships. All of these could be observed during the COVID lockdown fraud. 1/
Like an organism, the goal of every regime is to survive, thrive, and expand. Every dictatorship has its own pathologies and methods for doing so, and new ones evolve over time. Under Xi, the CCP is doing these things very well, despite the nightmares it creates for the world. 2/
Like the Nazis, the CCP has many overtly racist policies, claiming to rule every ethnic Chinese person and purging minorities. Also, like the Nazis, the CCP focuses on seducing foreign elites to normalize its abuses and trade with it regardless. 3/…
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15 Aug
This Time article is a decent history of China's takeover of the WHO. But don't be fooled: this article is very pro-lockdown, and therefore relies on countless improbable absurdities and boldfaced lies in order to gaslight the public. 1/…
The entire premise is that the world should have locked down sooner and harder. Thus, the article repeats dozens of times that the WHO and China caused a "pandemic" that "killed millions," implying COVID is a supervirus with an enormous death rate, which it's obviously not. 2/
The idea that millions of lives could have been saved by locking down sooner and harder relies on the idea that lockdowns are real "science"—which they're not. The article misses the point of China and WHO's actual crime: turning lockdowns into science. 3/…
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1 Aug
1/ A quick, citable 🧵 of high-level public health authorities stating lockdowns are unprecedented prior to the CCP's lockdown of Wuhan in 2020.

This fact is frequently denied by lockdown fans, but public health authorities are extremely up-front about it among themselves.
2/ First, Neil Ferguson, aka Professor Lockdown:

“It’s a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe…And then Italy did it. And we realised we could…If China had not done it, the year would have been very different.”…
3/ Second, "Gauden Galea, the WHO's China representative":

“Trying to contain a city of 11 million people is new to science…The lockdown of 11 million people is unprecedented in public health history.”…
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24 Jun
Thread - FAQs

A thread full of my answers to frequent and interesting questions about the CCP's lockdown fraud, CCP influence and my work in general. 1/
Q: How many western leaders knew about COVID and lockdowns in advance?

I think very, very few. The whole fraud was about aligning global elites’ financial and egotistical self-interest with perpetuating lockdowns—turning them into CCP assets for all intents and purposes. 2/
Q: Could lockdowns have all been caused by groupthink?

It’s possible. There’s no question groupthink is responsible for 99% of this, but it’s hard to ignore the abundant evidence of CCP influence on the world’s lockdown policies. 3/
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8 Jun
Thread - Total Number of People in US and UK Killed by Lockdowns

This is a vital number, and difficult to come by. In this analysis, I've taken excess deaths by age in the US and UK and compared to excess deaths by age in Sweden to determine total killed by lockdowns.
The first step is to determine total excess deaths by age by country for 2020. This data is surprisingly hard to come by—obscured for political reasons—but it's available in the supplements to this recent BMJ Study.…

Next, since the population of the USA is about 32.1x that of Sweden, we multiply total excess deaths for each age group in Sweden by 32.1 to predict what excess deaths in the USA would have been without lockdown mandates.
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21 May

This article by Donald McNeil is solid confirmation of what many of us long suspected: national security agencies went along with lockdowns based on bad intel that COVID was a super-virus leaked from a lab.

THAT SAID, McNeil’s article is awful. 1/…
McNeil’s article is everything wrong with the lab leak investigation. First, as background, McNeil is the man who wrote the first @nytimes article urging the world to copy China’s lockdowns. He’s one of the most responsible for shutting down the world. 2/…
The first thing to note is that McNeil’s article, and the lab leak theory, are being wholly endorsed by Peter Hotez and other lockdown fanatics. Hotez wrote in Nature Magazine advocating treating vaccine resisters as terrorists.

Not good people. 3/
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