Misconceptions about happiness #1
I was going to do a general thread, but as I was writing, i just spilled so many tweets ... so I'm doing a serie dedicated to this topic.

And for this first thread, I'll talk about happiness and satisfying your desires.
If you're on social media, chances are you sometimes feel ... bad.

Other people show off their successes right in front of your eyes and once the screen goes blank, you wonder why your life seems so empty compared to theirs.

(Spoiler alert : most aren't more happy than you)
If you are young, this feeling may be even stronger.
And to be honest, it's okay to want things.

I too, when I was young, wanted to be rich, to be successful, to have access to certain things...

I too was believing things could makes me happy.
But as the years go by, I wouldn't presume to say that I have understood how to be happy, but I have understood how not to be unhappy.

And here are some reflections on life and happiness.
Satisfying your desires is not synonymous with happiness.

For many, when asked the question, what would make you happy ?

They will answer :

"Money, a beautiful house, a beautiful wife, happy relationships..."
So they go on a quest and they acquire.
Money, house, relationships...

Sometimes it goes well and sometimes ... at 40 years old, they have a crisis and feel they have missed their life

Sometimes, they don't do any crisis, but there's still a void that they can't seems to fill
Others accumulate but once they have acquired a new possession, they are still not satisfied...

They need more money, more possessions, more womens... more, more, more...

These people only seek their happiness in what they don't have.
It is counter intuitive but it is not by satisfying all your desires that you will become happy.

Many confuse pleasure with happiness.

To be happy, in the long run, we must satisfy desires that make us happy in the long run.
Let's take two simple examples :

- eating gives pleasure
- smoking, for many people, gives instant pleasure

Eating a big, delicious, slightly fatty meal once in a while or smoking one cigarette won't kill you.

Satisfying this desire every day will endanger your health.
But then ? If I eat every day, smoke or something else who's pleasurable ...

I will be happy when I satisfy that desire.
But I can't be happy if I am unhealthy.

Smoking every day makes me happy in the moment and unhappy in the long run.
We touch on the sensitive point of desire satisfaction.

If a desire is not healthy for me in the long run, it cannot makes me happy.

So de facto, the first golden rule is to stop satisfying desires that make us unhappy in the long run.

They are only illusions.
So, how can I be happy?

You have to focus on the desires that will make me happy in the long run.

The problem is that satisfying these desires is difficult because it will require you to work on yourself every day.
A quick example: being healthy will make you happy.
But doing a daily workout is hard.

So, if I do this daily training, I will be unhappy because i don't like to train.

But if I have a healthy body, i'll have more confidence, look better and be more happy

Funny how that works
In short, what makes us happy in the long run requires us all to make daily efforts.

But how can you enjoy your life if you don't like what you do?

This is really where it all comes down.

You have to learn to love the process, love to train, love to read,love to become better
We are being sold a fake.

We are told: buy this, get this, do that and you will be happy.

There is no magic recipe.

What makes a person happy will be different from one person to another.

But !
I just know that there are biological imperatives that we cannot escape

- the desire to be healthy
- the wish to be able to take care of ourselves and our loved ones
- the wish to realize our dreams

And that's why our daily actions, even if they are painful, must focus on this
I'm sorry because this thread is a bit longer.

And i have more reflections about happiness on my TG channel.

It's free and you can jump in it with this link.


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