Therein lies the problem with diaspora often trying to conflate their experiences with those native to their heritage cultures.

There's a space for that discourse to exist, but the two shouldn't be conflated.
Half my family is Chinese, so obviously it had some cultural influence on me.

But at the end of the day, I don't speak Mandarin and have never set foot in China. It would be impossible for me to claim to speak for native Chinese people because I'm not one of them.
I was born and raised in the U.S. which makes me culturally American first and foremost.

The only other language I speak is Japanese because of my education and for the same reason I'm more knowledgable about Japan and North Korea than I am China.
I'll likely live in Japan for the rest of my life, which means that my eventual kids will naturally be more culturally Japanese than I am.

I'll try to teach them English, but they won't have my cultural experience of growing up in the U.S. Just as I didn't with China.
It saddens me that my dad's Chinese culture will likely be something I won't be able to pass on in any meaningful way, but that's how it goes for many Asian-Americans like me.

It's important to be honest with what you are and are not. It'll make you much happier in life.

• • •

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12 Oct
You can be appreciative and proud of your country without glorifying the conquest and slaughter of millions of people.

There's a nuanced view between acknowledging the past and not beating yourself up for it, but that appears to be lost in most discussions today.
Indigenous people were waging war and genocide long before the Europeans arrived. At the same time, that doesn't invalidate the harm Europeans did once they got to the Americas.

I don't understand why it's so hard to admit that history is complicated and not black and white.
Ideologues on the left and right though don't want to acknowledge those nuances because they feel it gives concessions to the other side.

Trying to discuss history with these people is a waste of time because they'll constantly rewrite it to suit their respective agendas.
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11 Oct
It's interesting to note that Japanese fans also argue about translations of foreign media all the time.

Natsuko Toda is one of the most famous subtitlers in Japan, but Stanley Kubrick fired her from Full Metal Jacket after learning her interpretation toned down the swearing. Image
There are some films that have great Japanese subtitles, and others that may as well just be a basic summary of what's going on screen.

It's admittedly difficult to translate English slang, but some Japanese editors don't even try making an attempt.
Whenever I watch an English language film with my girlfriend, often times she asks me what a character said because there's plenty of extraneous lines that go untranslated.

Many jokes that would get a laugh out of me don't with her because they're not conveyed in the subs.
Read 4 tweets
11 Oct
Saw Robocop 2 for the first time yesterday and you know what? I don't understand the hate this film gets.

The original is of course better, but this is still an excellent sequel which ramps up the explosions and set pieces.

THIS is how you make a thrilling action film. ImageImageImage
I especially liked Robocop 2's villain's Hob. Though he eventually retired from films, Gabriel Damon's performance holds up well.

You don't see kids as serious villains that much these days anymore, so I appreciated the risks films back then were willing to take. ImageImageImage
The Robocop series also features a genuinely diverse cast.

These films always had fantastic parts for women and minorities, but it wasn't to fulfill any quotas.

Their sex or race weren't why they were hired, it was because they did a good job in the roles they were assigned. ImageImageImageImage
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7 Oct
Nobody on the left or right gave two figs about Christopher Columbus until it became part of another dumb culture war.

I don’t think he deserves a holiday but I don’t think he was much better or worse then most European explorers of his day.
Seriously, ask the average person arguing over Columbus Day what they actually know about him. Ask them if they can even name any other contemporary European explorer.

This vast majority of people are ignorant to history whether they’re for or against this holiday existing.
People on the right want to act like Columbus was a saint who did no wrong. People on the left want to act as if indigenous people weren’t just as brutal to each other before Europeans arrived.

This whole debate is largely fueled by ignorance and dishonesty from both sides.
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7 Oct
What a horrible loss for the world of video game music.

Koichi Sugiyama was legendary. The influence that his Dragon Quest theme and other music had on Japanese culture cannot be overstated.

He lived a long life and will leave an enduring legacy behind. RIP Sugiyama-san.
I had the privilege of seeing Koichi Sugiyama conduct Dragon Quest music live in concert not once, but twice.

Hearing that music in person with him there is an experience I’ll never forget.
Koichi Sugiyama had views on history and politics that I strongly disagreed with. He tempered and changed some of those views over time.

In any case, none of it ever distracted me from his music because that was all that mattered. I believe in separating the art from the artist.
Read 4 tweets
6 Oct
No, and I will never support cloud-based games for as long as I live.

You literally don't own anything when putting down money for these products. Whenever these companies decide that maintaining the servers is no longer worth it, they're gone forever.
I know that I sound like a broken record when it comes to this, but physical media is only going to matter more and more with each passing generation if you care about owning your games.

The companies want you to own nothing while still taking your money.
Eventually boutique outlets Limited Run will be the only option for physical games one day. Even then, the manufacturing costs may become too expensive for it to still be viable for these niche sellers.

Needless to say, I'm not very optimistic for the future of media.
Read 4 tweets

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