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We're at a time in this country and in the world where the stakes are extremely high, and freedom is becoming a thing of the past, and it's happening now at an accelerated pace. I warned everyone I knew that this was coming. I foresaw it starting in 2001 after 9/11 and the
patriot act was put into place, allowing the US gov't to spy on American citizens w/out a warrant and to arrest/detain citizens pretty much for any reason under the guise of protection against terror. Then in 2013 when the media frenzy about the Disney land mea sles outbreak led
to mandatory vacc inations/eliminations of philosophical, religious, and even MEDICAL exemptions in Cali, and then many other blue states followed.
Then when social media began to show signs of being politicized and the banning of Alex Jones from all platforms.
That led to
many conservative voices being censored & deplatformed from social media. And that led to many of them becoming UNBANKED by their financial institutions, losing jobs, losing business contracts, woke cancel culture, and doxxing in an effort to completely silence the opinions,
thoughts, narratives, and freedoms of half the country through intimidation and threats.
Now, our govt openly admits that it conspires w/ social media platforms to monitor, ban, silence, and censor any and all people who have opinions or share FACTS or actual SCIENCE that
differs from the govt approved narratives. And we have a president and an entire party or governors & mayors across the country who are constantly using loopholes to impose authoritarian mandates on our citizens to force them into injecting irreversible experimental medical
treatments into bodies in the name of "the greater good".
All the while totally ignoring the mountain of evidence we have that immunity from pervious infection is as strong or stronger and lasts longer than immunity from the experimental treatment.
Please understand, this
is NOT a post about the jab. I have no issue w/ it. I acknowledge it is effective against hospitalization & death and has saved lives. But no one can deny that it is a medical procedure that comes w/ risks, no matter how small those perceived risks may be. I am simply against
MANDATING it, and especially against ignoring immunity from previous infection. I'm pro-choice about it. Just like I am about abortion, or any other issue that involves what people do w/ their own bodies.
BUT Over 120mm Americans have been previously infected, have the same
or better immunity, and don't need this treatment. Yet, they are now being forced/coerced into taking the treatment or lose their livelihoods and be ousted from society. Not able to grab a drink or a bite to eat at a bar or restaurant, travel, go to the gym for a workout, send
their children to school (even children who were previously infected), not able to feed their families, etc.
You can choose to keep your head in the sand and ignore all of this. That's certainly your choice. But just know that the world you willingly accept today will be the
world you leave for your children to forcefully accept tomorrow.
History shows that once governments take away rights & freedoms, they rarely give them back. Again, look at the patriot act as an example. So far, I have a 100% correct prediction rate about everything that has
happened in the last few years. I predicted the mandates early on in the pandemic. I predicted the push towards the digital dollar. I know exactly what it will be used for and how it will be used to restrict even more of our freedoms.
If you think the mandates & the passports
are just temporary to help us get through a pandemic, you're sorely mistaken. I hope I'm wrong about this. I'd love nothing more than to be wrong! But I don't think I am. We are moving quickly towards a sort of social credit system just like in China. The passports & the
digital dollar are the doorway to this reality.
We have a crumbling economy being propped up artificially by the FED, soaring inflation, and a govt that is using the current crisis to seize more power over its people than ever before. You have less freedoms today than you did
1.5 years ago and that's a FACT.
You may not feel that way if you are a staunch democrat or liberal, bc at the moment, you likely AGREE w/ the tactics being used by the gov't and social media companies bc they align w/ your own belief systems. But you should recognize that
when you give the gov't the kind of power to shut down, censor, unbank, ban from society, and bankrupt dissenting voices, they never give that power back. And, one day, you might not agree w/ the direction your gov't goes in, bc it goes against YOUR beliefs. And by then it will
be too late. Not just for you or for me. More importantly, for our CHILDREN.
Up until 2021, I understood the philosophy of burying your head in the sand, ignoring the noise, and only focusing on the things in your life that you feel you can control. It's actually a great
strategy to increase happiness & longevity. But now we are at a juncture where, imho, that is no longer an option. Lines are being drawn in the sand, rights are being taken, and the choice is to either stand up and (peacefully & through legal means) fight back or lay down, let
it happen, and leave a world for your children & their children that has more resemblance to communist China than it does to the world you grew up in.
The mainstream media is not covering this, but right now there are mass protests & riots all over the world in opposition of
this global totalitarian takeover. France, Italy, Australia, Canada, and even in the US (although sadly on a much smaller scale). People are rising up all over the world in opposition of tyranny. And make no mistake, that is what we are facing right now. This is NOT just
about protecting us from a virus. This is about control, increased surveillance, & manipulating us into accepting a much bigger & much more nefarious agenda.
If there is even ANY part of you that this message resonates with, don't shy away. STAND UP. Make your voice heard.
The stakes are too high now not to do so.
If you got this far into this post, thank you for reading. And I acknowledge that you probably think I'm a kook. And that's OK. We can feel differently about things and still be friends.
But I am fairly certain that those who keep
their heads buried in the sand and/or cheer on/defend the systemic erosion of our rights in the name of the greater good will almost surely find themselves on the wrong side of history in the end.
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