So let me get this straight...

He is saying in a really obtuse way that NIMS data over-estimates vaccinated and under-estimates unvaccinated.

Does he actually know what NIMS data is, what the NIMS dataset looks like or what it tells us?
NIMS data actually does the exact opposite...

If anything, use of the total number of distinct NHS ID numbers in the NIMS dataset would underestimate vaccinated and overestimate unvaccinated
The NIMS dataset contains records for about 87% of the population (give or take)

BUT... and here's the kicker

Not everyone with a NIMS record has been immunised against something...
If a parent has ever completed one of those forms to decline fluvax for their school-age child, that child will have a NIMS record even if they have never been immunised against anything.

There are many records that are exactly this
If you ever had a tetanus shot, or received some other vax (not covid)... you also have a record.

But there are also a lot of people who DON'T have a NIMS record
If you were born before midwives electronically reported births and automatically created an NHS number for you... and you have had no reason to interact with health services... you might very well not have a NIMS record
If you haven't used a health service for the last 25 years (i.e. since before the NHS number system started in 1996) then you also might not have a NIMS record
If your GP was late to the EHR party, and their paper records have not been fully digitised - or if their system does not upload patient data to NHS Digital, eLPR, OLPCR or a similar digital repository... you might not have a record
Many immigrants may not have a NIMS record

At best, & based on the same 2011 census data that ONS love to use, around 13% of people may not have a NIMS record

Given the population has grown considerably since then, the number who don't have a NIMS record is likely much higher
So any paper using the number of NIMS records as a population is heavily biasing their solution

The number of people with NHS numbers represents a subset of the population that we call the Health Consumers

The number in NIMS is a further subset OF THAT health consumer subset
And if that subset is lets say 52mill, then it leaves out at least 14million people in the population.

Any work that assumes those 52mill are all vaxxed makes an even more egregious mistake

Because the number in NIMS who have had a covid jab is a subset of a subset of a subset
Even if 92% of people in NIMS have had a covid jab... and 64% have had two... to use that as the basis for population-wide claims of the level of vaccination is at best wrong

at worst propaganda
And when those percentage figures are used erroneously by applying them across our entire population to estimate vax safety you heavily bias the result... because it means that you dilute the vaccinated pool with a lot of people who are actually unvaccinated
This leads to underestimation of adverse event rates and the misconception that the jabs are safer than they really are.

• • •

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@arkmedic The interesting thing is that NHS Statistics ICU beds & UEC datasets have not been published on the website since the 4th of April.

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Myocarditis the experts said wasn't happening... was, and now has clinical guidelines for treatment...
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