The Transhumanist Philosophy & Why You Should Care.

I believe many world elites have adopted transhumanist philosophies & it would serve all humans well to know their worldview b/c it is being implemented without your consent.

Every human needs to contemplate this future
What is transhumanism?

"the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life- promoting principles and values."

"When transhumanists refer to “technology” as the primary means of effecting changes to the human condition, this should be understood broadly to include the design of organizations, economies, polities, and the use of psychological methods and tools."

"Perpetual progress is a strong statement of the transhumanist commitment to seek “more intelligence, wisdom, & effectiveness, an open-ended lifespan, & THE REMOVAL OF POLITICAL, CULTURAL, BIOLOGICAL, & PSYCHOLOGICAL LIMITS TO CONTINUING DEVELOPMENT" (Emph. mine)
Simulation theory, or the idea that we are living in a simulation, has gained a lot of steam in the last few years. Transhumanism fits nicely w/ simulation theory.

Modern science is literally cracking the code of the life we live in. Transhumanists seek to rewrite this code.
Most transhumanists do not identify with any religion. So, can we call them godless? This is another reason humans should care. Do we really want godless geniuses engineering our reality?

Mormonism & Buddhism fit more naturally with transhumanism than other traditional ideas
Transhumanists believes there will be "non-biological species" in the future and that all of this advancement is part of our evolutionary path.
IMO, the gender identity cultural war being waged right now is calculated. Breaking gender down now allows for a smooth transition to transhumanism in the future.

"Discussions of theories of personal identity have long been a mainstay in transhumanist forums & publications."
Transhumanists believe humans are fundamentally flawed organisms. Hence the need to improve and transcend beyond it.

"Rather than denying the body, transhumanists typically want to choose its form and be able to inhabit different bodies, including virtual bodies."
Transhumanist writer F. M. Esfandiary (later known as FM-2030) used "the degree to which someone rejected traditional family structures and exclusive relationships, and so on" as a measuring stick for someone being a transhumanist.

Again, breaking down traditional values...
Most transhumanists are libertarian or liberal democrats. "Only the latter are likely to favor some form of world government which, in one scenario, might be controlled by a machine super-intelligence."

This fits w/ Schwab's vision of an AI superintelligence running the 🌎
Change coming fast

"Those who expect a technological singularity anticipate a drastic acceleration in the rate of change, either as a one-time jump caused by the advent of superintelligence, or as a continuous acceleration driven by exponential trends in computing power."
They are implementing this future whether you want it or not.

"transhumanists all continue to resist bioconservatives and other opponents of the transhumanist vision"

"believing that attempts to block advance will only increase risks"
Every human being on planet🌎needs to wake up to this agenda, think hard about the nuances, & figure out where you stand on its implementation because it is coming.

Where do you stand on the transhumanist philosophy?
Jeffrey Epstein had a fascination with transhumanism and was an investor in Humaity+ a transhumanist organization.

Obviously we shouldn't assume all transhumanists are comparable to Epstein. But, it is relevant considering his relationship w/ high level scientists

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13 Oct
The Vatican has gone TransHuman.

For the record, I'm not Anti-Catholicism or Christianity in any way. I'm a simple peznt trying to find truth in a world of lies

The Vatican hosted the 'TransHuman Code' authors to discuss the future of humanity and technology

Confirmation👇 ImageImage
I did a thread a few months back on the Vatican Conference 2021, where one of the Catholic speakers expressed his interest in Transhumanism. See that vid and thread below.
Archbishop Vigano calls out the pope!

says, the pope is a "zealous cooperator in the dissolution of traditional society", who "pursues the project of the demolition of the Church in order to replace her with a philanthropic organization of Masonic inspiration."
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13 Oct
WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION issues 99 page report for UN Nation States implementation of "Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates"

It was funded by Gates & the Rockefeller Foundation.🤔

Maybe a digital health identity has always been the plan?

THREAD👇 ImageImage
Minimum Requirements:

"A digitally signed electronic version of the data about a vaccination event, called a DDCC:VS, must exist. As a minimum, both the required data elements in the core data set and the metadata should be recorded, as described in section 5.2." ImageImage
Ethical Considerations (I think they missed some):

-Impacts on equity & on equitable access
-Could cause Vaxxed to not wear masks, Soc Dist.
-Digital vax card fraud
-Individuals less willing to disclose medical history & potential contraindications to get card
-Vax hesitancy ImageImage
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7 Oct
World Economic Forum article 2016👇 Follow the puzzle pieces...

"Hence the cross-pollination of ideas between capitalism and Marxism is worthy of serious discourse. A future characterized by mass unemployment, gross inequality and unrest demands it."

2019 partnership between World Economic Forum and the UN.

The UN functions as sort of the political structure of the global oligarchy, the WEF and their 1000+ corporate partners are the engineers of the 4th industrial revolution being ushered in. Image
"This chart shows how China is forecast to overtake the US as the world's dominant economic power by 2030, based on share of global GDP, trade and exports"
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6 Oct
Klaus Schwab's father has been hidden fairly well. Why? Is it because of his father's connection to Hitler and the 3rd Reich?

🧵 on his father's connection to the 3rd reich, Jewish mother, & German step-mother he chose (over his paternal mother) to dedicate 1 of his books to
Google & Wikipedia hide info on Schwab's father. Check it out (Google: Klaus Schwab Father)

Schwab's father was Eugen Willhelm Schwab born in Swabia, Germany 1899

He was married to Emma Gisela Tekelius

Employed by Escher-Wyss AG

Notice Ancestry hides his son, Klaus's name Image
Klaus's mother, Emma (Gisele) was Jewish. She fled Germany during WW2 in 1938 and arrived in New York on Dec 9th, 1938. ImageImage
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5 Oct
Xi Jinping's closing words @ the UN 2021 General Assembly last week were quite remarkable & have gone under the radar

Says, UN should take "the lead in advancing democracy & rule of law in international relations"

Why every freedom loving/desiring human being should care👇
Over the last decade Xi has slowly become one of the poster boys for the global elite at the World Economic Forum (WEF), an extremely powerful non-government organization bringing together 1000+ global corporations who are literally shaping the future of our world post C19
World Economic Forum article in 2018 discusses two books on Xi Jinpings bookshelf, both on artificial intelligence & new 4th Industrial Revolution technology. China's has made a huge investment into this tech & has passed🇺🇸in AI

Keep following me here, this is relevant...
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4 Oct
Just follow the connections in this thread. Question the morality and worldview of these loony geniuses. Bill & melinda partner with NIH 👇nih.gov/about-nih/who-…
Gates foundation donated to Peter Daszak's EcoHealth Allliance who performed gain of function research on coronavirus's in Wuhan for the government gatesfoundation.org/about/committe…
Pfizer board member is also board member and senior advisor for the bill and melinda gates foundation.

I think it's time for a massive thread on these connections...
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