The “governors shouldn’t stop vaccine mandates” camp is missing a critical thing about life. Maybe they’re missing it on purpose. Maybe it’s genuine. I suspect it’s a mixture of both.

The simple fact is not every political system is made for every time and place. 1/
Most societies have understood this throughout history. Even ours did. That’s why the President is called Commander in Chief. They knew Congress couldn’t run a war if one broke out. That had to fall to one man. 2/
The Gauls did this when Caesar was kicking them around. A bunch of separate tribes who had NO desire to be ruled by a king. Yet they turned to Vercingetorix as a ruler in a (failed) attempt to hold off being conquered. 3/
Oddly, the Romans themselves had this same system and it was simply the law. In their rabid “We’re a republic!” days, they would set that aside and make one man a temporary ruler in times of desperation. 4/
It is not 1910. It 2021. This is a different time and we are a different country. Decades of federal interference in private markets has turned them into one entity with one purpose: Further the goals of the American communist. 5/
No major corporation is going to take on the government. They’ll be steamrolled out of existence. In some cases (the airlines), they OWE their existence to federal bailout money. 6/
Which brings us to the American citizen having his civil liberties assaulted. What protection does he have? You’re arguing about what governors should or shouldn’t do, but what about the helpless citizen? What say you do him? 7/
“Governors shouldn’t mandate things to businesses!” Well, yeah. They shouldn’t. In a perfect, such actions would be wrong. But we do not LIVE in a perfect world. We live in a world where the average citizen has no protection left. Every part of the culture has abandoned him. 8/
Every part EXCEPT a few red states. The power of the red state is quite literally the only American institution with a juice left to take on the communist hordes that surround us. People are scared and desperate. And your message to them is...what? 9/
You gonna lecture them about the Constitution? Maybe bring up Ayn Rand? The Federalist Papers? He’s about to tell his wife that he lost his job and you’re giving him freedom lessons? You cannot be serious. 10/
Times change. The Right must change with the times or be swallowed whole yelling “FREEDOM!” on the way down the throat. Anti-Communism is all that matters. 11/
Libertarians and conservatives and nationalists and every other branch of the Right must set things aside to defeat the communists or else we’re all just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Stop these people. Now. That’s the only “principle” that matters.

That’s all.

• • •

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10 Oct
Lot of “civil war” talk floating around again. Let’s be real clear about something: You do not want a civil war. I don’t care who you are. You can’t imagine how terrible it would be.

I do believe we’re heading for one though. Or at least some level of violence. 1/
The communists could stop it. They have all the power in the world to stop it. All they’d have to do is back away. Leave the Right alone. Leave the red states alone. But they won’t. It’s not in their nature. You might as well tell a fish not to swim. 2/
Which is why I push so hard for a national divorce. I believe our hatred of each other is the ONLY that can keep anyone from getting hurt. And I don’t want anyone hurt. 3/
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7 Oct
If you’re in a red state, you’re very lucky. Wife’s just hung up with her Canadian friend. Forced vaccination for her and her kids. Her child is a cancer survivor and can’t get it. They’re making him anyway.

They’re trapped with very few options.

Count your blessings.
Get to a red state. Now. You do not have the time you think you do. Your only chance is a red state. Coronavirus is ushering in the communist era for the West very quickly.
People do not understand the urgency of what’s happening. Even now, half the pundits and politicians on the Right are playing vaccine salesman.

What’s happening now has nothing to do with COVID or your vaccination status. This is about power and destroying you.
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