If you have an on-going challenge or are considering a new challenge against your school district regarding mandatory vax policies and/or mask policies, please send an email to saveourkids@formerfedsgroup.org to participate in the...
National Parent Life and Health Children Protection Task Force. We have put together a legal dream team and an alliance of law firms that are enriching current claims and we will support parents in obtaining legal counsel and/or in filing pro se cases.
We are currently interviewing candidates for National Director and Vice Chair and we need state chairs, coordinators, trainers and monitors as we progress to support a National wave of legal challenges.
To be clear, we will be developing sound legal theories that permit suing members of school boards personally who abuse their authority. Document, pull tapes from hearings, take notes and names, make a chronology. Reach out to other parents. You are deputized to act legally.

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13 Oct
They are killing Americans en mass with #Remdesivir. While patients die, I have physicians and nurses dying to get this off their consciences. Everyone thinks they have legal immunity for engaging in medical experimentation on patient populations that are coerced and do not...
...have informed consent. They think that the EUA and the Prep Act protects them even if they were purposefully or, through fraud or corruption, deployed to perpetrate mass death and to indemnify genocide. It’s very possible these laws and their immunities will be invalidated
If you are facilitating patient injury and death through the administration of remdesivir, if you enabling it, aiding and abetting or complicit in it, “just following orders” may not hold up as a defense. Neither is “I was following the FDA killer protocol”
Read 4 tweets
12 Oct
If a physician or hospital staff member attempts to administer FDA protocol - mandated remdesivir a/k/a remdeathivir, DO NOT LET THEM DO IT. We have attorneys and experts in our alliance who can help save your loved one.
Document all communications and retrieve and store all records. Send an email to legalsupport@formerfedsgroup.org so that we can assess, document and help you find a licensed attorney in your state.
Physicians and hospital staff administering a deadly drug: I know you have conflicted and erroneous legal advice from organizational counsel. You are at legal risk. You might want to get advice from unconflicted counsel who understands risk analysis.
Read 7 tweets
11 Sep
20 years ago I woke up in the WTC Marriott. I saw the first plane fly by as I walked into the federal building with two agents. On my way down to meet up with a friend and see if there was a triage station, I weaved through Godzilla movie crowds and there was a crowd of...
...people in a common area on different counts as people were jumping. I feel bad about witnessing this. When WTC 1 fell I was walking back from St. John’s Church area. When I heard the sound I thought of my youngest daughter I never met, my wife and my kids.
I ran and jumped in a taxi with 6 other people and everything went black and I was certain I was dead and was at peace with it. It was then I realized the woman next to me had been screaming in my ear and I noticed the dashboard lights. I felt a moment of exhilaration that...
Read 11 tweets
9 Sep
Re #January6 case one of best judges I have seen in terms of command of issues, courtroom, demeanor, commitment, wicked smart. Prosecutors A+ and I am sure are committed to ends of justice being served no matter what that entails...BUT
Media is out of control coming off daily barrages of mind twisting propaganda from all sides. It has totally stripped my client of dignity & humanity. I have seen blogs that made me wince in terms of how they regale in dehumanization and degradation...what have we become?!
When you add in to that fact that the court is in shadow of the Capitol and my client is on every Congressman’s lips as the blame lightning rod for all the countries ills, with daily barrages against my clients and others like him...
Read 7 tweets
22 Aug
The scheme was: bamboozle physicians by changing accepted standards of care 2 make it acceptable 2 send patients home w/o meds 2 incubate the virus until it infiltrated organs and created a cytokines storm. Once in hospital remdesivir was available which was useless & dangerous
This @WHO protocol was the “great pandemic” and “radical vaccines experiment” public demand killer. If the world played “pretend malaria zone” there would have been no pandemic. So this protocol was bound, gagged, given new “cement shoes” and was thrown in the Mariana Trench.
Also, if it could not be suppressed that HCQ and IVM could prevent and cure C19, there could not be EUA’s issued for risky vaccines and remdesivir that killed babies in Ebola trials. SO AT ALL COSTS CURES HAD TO BE BLOCKED AND SABOTAGED. Everyone got in on action.
Read 9 tweets
14 Aug
From “Greg”

“As I told someone from Australia about plans there to go door to door forcing them to V:

Door to door testing can also mean testing of the public’s patience and testing to see how far it can be pushed. I bet a LOT of people over there are regretting having...
given up so many long guns about now.

People who abuse their authority and use the concentrated power of government can NEVER be dissuaded from their course of action by appeals

1) to reason,
2) to a common heritage,
3) to mutual self-interest,
4) to morality, or
5) to shame


1) the fact you oppose them means you must be unreasonable and probably irrational,

2) the fact that they are trying to fuck you over first by propaganda, then by intimidation, then by coercion, then by threats of physical force, leading to the actual
Read 17 tweets

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