Has anyone else encountered this criminal rule I'm about to describe. The other night I was on call, and a patient up on the floor was having a severe asthma attack. He has known severe asthma. He was admitted for an orthopedic injury after a fall. 1/
He had incidentally been tested + for covid on admission, but had been vaxed before and had no symptoms of covid. My resident ordered a duoneb (a nebulizer treatment for asthma). I was immediately told by nurses and RTs that was not allowed b/c the patient "has covid". 2/
I didn't believe them. I asked, "let me get this straight. for the last 18 months you have not been administering nebulized breathing treatments or bipap to covid patients, perhaps the patients that would need it the most!!" The answer I got was "correct." 3/
I got upset, insisted on reaching the physician admin whose in charge of the committees who make these rules, & I reached her in middle of night and explained "this man may die b/c of an outrageous rule and that I, the physician at bedside thinks this is clinically indicated." 4/
I would categorize as malpractice! I also said "so if y'all actually believe this vaccine works, you are choosing believing a pcr test with a known false positive rate, and based on this test you are withholding treatment to a patient that is having an asthma attack."5/
Furthermore they've been withholding these treatments to c19 patients. I'm outraged to have found this out. After I spoke to the admin, she let me give the albuterol, but she did say that they're removing this rule soon anyway. I told her it was 18 months too late. 6/
I don't think people understand that docs have no power. At least the docs who want to do right things. I had to fight to get an albuterol neb. I happened to be there. I had to fight back & get permission from another doc admin to do a normal thing & treat a patient w/ asthma.7/7
Why do people read this and still think I did nothing. I am a surgeon. I am still the boss in the OR (fortunately). On the floor dealing with things I don’t deal with often like asthma with these nursing supervisors…
I can order something & insist on anything I want, doesn’t mean they will follow the order if there is some asinine institutional protocol. I did fight. I got the personal number of an admin and woke her up and made her agree. Sorry if u think I didn’t do my job…I actually did.

• • •

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8 Oct
I love Band of Brothers. Watched it 20+ times. It first aired the weekend before 9/11. And it has been a series that I have always cherished. Some of you may feel the same.

So I hope some of y’all relate to my random analogy that I’m about to make. 1/
I feel like every night I reflect on this silent war against medical tyranny that just keeps getting worse and worse. I relate to what Richard Winters said at the end of “Day of Days” episode. 2/

“That night, I took time to thank God for seeing me through that day of days. And prayed I would make it through D-Day +1. And if somehow, I managed to get home again, I promised God&myself that I would find a quiet piece of land someplace & spend the rest of my life in peace.”3/
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5 Oct
I am devastated. One of the most brilliant thinkers of our time, Angelo Codevilla died 2 weeks ago. Car accident. So sad. christianpost.com/news/angelo-co…
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3 Oct
Huh. Interesting turn of events.

MAGA supporters raise $2.4 million for jailed Marine Stuart Scheller -- Then he insults President Trump and his family... citizenfreepress.com/breaking/maga-… via @CitizenFreePres
Writing on his FB page, he said: “President Trump. I was told by everyone to kiss the ring because of your following and power. I refuse. While I respect your foreign policy positions, I hate how you divided the country. I don’t need or want your help.”
“You do not have the ability to pull us together. You may even win the next election. But your generation’s time is running out. Tell your son to stop tweeting about me. Your whole family knows nothing about us or our sacrifices.”
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1 Oct
🧵Ok let’s do a little math. (And not the common core variety)
22 mil people work in healthcare industry in this country. Of that, 7 mill work at general medical, surgical or specialty hospitals; 2 mill at outpatient care centers and, 1.8 mil work at nursing care facilities. 1/6
Ok given those numbers let’s just say for for the sake of rounding, 10 million healthcare workers work in hospitals, clinics, outpatient surgery..We know that it’s been reported by New York State that 16% of healthcare workers have not been v@xed. Apprently 16% is 83,000. 2/6
That means that maybe New York as a total of ~520,000 healthcare workers work in New York. That seems like an appropriate number for that state given our 10 mill estimate. 3/6
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1 Oct
Today is October 1. Today (and following days in October) is the day that undoubtedly potentially hundreds of thousands of nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers across the entire country are being fired from the jobs and hospitals they loved. 1/
They made educated decisions for their health and beliefs and did not take an experimental injection that has proved to have a high adverse injury rate and is not effective, and all used fetal cell line of abortions in their development.2/
They all submitted an either medical or religious exemptions they have legal rights to. This is unprecedented that this country is mass firing or force quitting healthcare professionals from their job and segregating based on v@x status. 3/
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29 Sep
My experience: I chose to stay anonymous on Twitter for the same reason I choose to keep my political beliefs & my personal v@x status to myself in my job. To protect myself. I have no shame. I’ve been out of training for a few yrs. It was 7 yrs of training AFTER med school. 1/10
I’m just launching my career in ways I dreamed. But screw my dreams for a second…I have crazy loans and a house payment. I have elderly parents to take care of. And most importantly a bunch surgical skills that I need to use to help people that I spent a long time obtaining.2/10
I almost didn’t have a job when mandates came out. Got through that but its just for now. I am well aware so far in writing this, this is not unlike the stories of many of you. You did not plan for all this tyranny to interrupt your careers and neither did I. 3/10
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