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12 Oct, 18 tweets, 4 min read
either twitter just went down or I got banned for claiming to be the pope.
which is bullshit.
I never said I was THE pope (which is also bullshit, there's more than one pope)

I said I was A POPE
how many popes are there?
well, if you're catholic, strictly speaking, ignoring any antipopes and the orthodox pope... TWO
cause there's this guy, who is The Popiest Pope we (meaning catholics, something I am not) have, Pope Francis
But Pope Benedict XVI is still A Pope, if not The Pope, he hasn't been de-popeinated or anything.
He's currently known as "pope emeritus".
But those two aren't even the only Christian (non-anti) popes, because there's also Pope Tawadros II, of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
and Theodore II, of the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandia.
He's a pope too.
The Collinites, aka the Apostles of Infinite Love, have their own Pope, who is technically an Antipope as they claim their popes to be the real pope of the Catholic Church. Their current Pope is Pope Gregory XVIII.
and the Palmarian Catholic Church is a schism which has their own set of Popes, as schisms usually do, and the current one is Pope Peter III.
so even just within Christianity that's 6 popes.
and if you go outside of christanity you have other religions which have Popes.

For example, Discordianism says that "every single man, woman, and child on this Earth" is a Pope.
which has obviously been changed to every man, woman, nonbinary (or otherwise gender-nonconforming) individual, and child on this Earth is a genuine and authorized Pope.
and who changed it?
well, it doesn't really matter. Any pope could have, as one of the rights and privileges of being a pope (and everyone is a pope) is to completely rework the structure of the Erisian church.
So I'm just saying that if Twitter is gonna ban me for claiming I'm a Pope, then I'm gonna sue under religious liberties. I may not be a Pope according to some guy on a hill in Italy, but I'm a Pope according to Discordianism
oh good I found a pope card generator that still works.
I was worried I was gonna have to add a Pope Card to the death generator.
you'll notice from the output of this site that it is written in perl.
This makes sense, as it is clearly one of the most Discordian languages
anyway please remember to tune in when my show Everyone's A Pope! airs
I was gonna call it "Oops! All Popes" but apparently Quaker Oats' lawyers are vicious

• • •

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13 Oct
Male to male usb A cables are only illegal in the spec for one reason alone:
Homophobia. Image
correction: in usb 3 (which these cables seem to be, given the coloring) they're now allowed:
Basically the reason why this cable is(/was) illegal:
USB Female/A ports (host ports) are not designed to have power fed into them. With a cable like this, you could connect to PCs (or other host devices) together, either intentionally or accidentally
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13 Oct
this just came up on local craigslist... THE TALLEST PC CASE
I thought this was an AT case, from the era of Computer Cases That Are Too Big, but it turns out SURPRISE it's ATX:
this is the kind of case where you gotta buy extension cables for the power and IDE cables because the drives are just TOO FAR from the motherboard
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12 Oct
fun fact: if you make a local program, like it runs on a windows desktop, and it requires a login, and there's no "remember this password" option?

You go straight to hell. I checked with Jesus, You can trust me, I'm a pope.
"oh but foone there's a remember me right there"

and the best part about it being a desktop application and not a website?
it means my browser-based password manager can't autofill it!
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12 Oct
we're getting close to the tipping point.
Soon, the @gayocats account will have more followers than my boring "real" account
@foone: angry yelling at movie sequels they are never going to watch and loss memes and incomprehensible tweets about skeleton hacking and n/f/t/s
@gayocats: just cats

well, cats and that one bunny man.
but I think I deleted out the bunny man.
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12 Oct
Here's a weird DOS game that I've never heard of before:
Romantic Encounters At The Dome, by MicroIllusions, a 1987 interactive fiction dating simulator.
the best part? it comes on three disks, labeled with the three genders:
it's here if you want to bid on it:…
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12 Oct
Look, marketers, I understand sowing chaos and division is your raison d'etre, but from the bottom of the heart of every librarian in the world, who has to organize your crap...

I'm talking to you, Scream open bracket 2022 close bracket!
Just, for once, when you're soft rebooting something from 10-20-30 years ago, give it a different name. Or a subtitle. That's all we ask.
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