Co-ops aren’t communism. Co-ops are ultraleftist liberal “voluntarist” method-deifying hells of “process theology”— communism will have bosses, hierarchy is communist, communism is not woodstock communism is a people’s republican state.
Communism is a return of normative human community after the profound alienation atomization & “liberalism” of modernity— communism is “post-modern” traditionalism, not hyper “progressive” acceleration toward the elimination of the normative human form & socialization etc
It is good for the commons for the commonwealth to have a unitary sovereign— it is bad for the commons for the commons to be fragmented into atomized commodities that are speculated upon by the anarchy of the market
I’m a normal person. Normal working people are *already* communists. Communism is not a slumber party for depraved degenerate hedonic libertarians. Communism is the recognition that Duty = Freedom.
There will be police officers under communism & there will be crimes (such as murder) & these will be punished. Communism is not “radically alien”— communism is Home. Communism is the cultivation & flourishing of Normal Human Life.
Most so-called communists are just LARPing anarchists lumpens who want to hurt people. Normal working people are already communists. That’s the definition of communism— what the working class already represents.
Thats why real communists across the world tended to support the reaction *against* the new left in america— because “new leftists” sought to atomize all normative human relations & they were a purely bourgeois phenomenon like “campus leftism”
If you polled the working class of america the majority decision on the vast majority of issues is the communist position still *despite* massive social engineering efforts to mold this into liberalism.
Most americans want a more equitable distribution of wealth & the nationalization of resources & cutting defense spending etc. Normal people have to be psyopped 24/7 to make sure communism doesn’t emerge naturally.

• • •

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12 Oct
It's alienating to re-enter a community in which franchise team sports on tv have an acceptable pretended meaning/value to them when you're no longer in such a community-- it's like "oh right they're not *just* pretending to care about this, I have to be polite"
When you don't have that pavlovian stimulus response to the points going up they growl at ya & they can also tell when you're just pretending & don't actually care-- all around an unpleasant experience in which everyone thinks the other is being "judgmental"
It's like if you went to an observantly religious home & realized they said grace so you pantomime saying grace but then an old lady says "You don't actually mean it!"-- you can't really be seen "trying"-- it's a "do or do not" situation, as it truly is a question of faith.
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12 Oct
"University Culture" is downstream from the interests of the University Endowment oops you thought you found the source of the current but it was just a transistor xD
He's just dumb right? That's the explanation? If he was a shill he wouldn't be this dumb. I think he's just dumb guys. He got away with it for a long time but he's really just-- dumb.
"Hey look at these adjunct TAs by the way Rockefeller was EXTREMELY based"

he's just really fucking dumb lmao
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12 Oct
Screamo is puritan enthusiasm, there's even a screamo band called "Puritan"
You won't find more heart wrought lyrics with heavy christian themes than in screamo & other "hardcore" diy / indie rock music. Orchid lyrics are especially funny:
"I make love in theory and touch myself in practice"
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12 Oct
This breaks my heart
I live right off one of these abandoned lines & when I was a kid I'd think about how nifty it would have been to hop on the train & go into the city but alas those were brighter days & without a drivers' license I could only go so far by bike...
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12 Oct
The synth arpeggio motif on Porcelain Slightly makes me feel like I want to do a 00's Long Island emo around-the-neck guitar spin with one of these
Vibing so hard rn
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12 Oct
Watched the Dave Chappelle special which wasn't very funny but I think it's funny that his very heavily emphasized "Space Jews" recurring joke was not picked up by anyone because he had a --- very sympathetic conception of the "trans" issue & how it intersects with race & class?
idk something's been off with Dave since he did that first special & talked about how dope the Clintons, the Royal Family, & Kamala Harris were in a tone that made it seem like he had a sniper dot on his forehead but the man is still a narrative craftsman when it comes to standup
Dave's major innovation was the narrative structures of his stand up specials, but Stewart Lee took this to its ultimate extreme in "Content Provider" & since then the medium of stand up comedy has been treading water.
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