@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Lol yeah I'm trying to picture what kind of car accident this was, like did a single piece of flying shrapnel just somehow travel along the EXACT vector to shoot through both her kidneys and touch no other vital organs
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Or if she was already losing most of her kidney function, on dialysis regularly -- but somehow still drinking! -- and THEN the stress from the car accident was the last straw

You can try to make some scenario work
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Oh and in the story it explains why she meets the donor despite her extreme reluctance, her husband insists on it

...Weirdly, it says nothing about the husband offering to donate his own kidney, or becoming part of a transplant chain
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Sonya literally ERASES THE CONCEPT OF A TRANSPLANT CHAIN in the story -- it's directly mentioned in Dawn's real letter, she deletes both those sentences

The more I think about it the more ridiculously douchey it is -- it makes this not even about the real situation at all
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely WHY isn't Bao part of a transplant chain? Was he NOT WILLING to give up a kidney, to move her up on the transplant list by becoming part of a chain? Is his own health too compromised for him to do it?


It's IMPORTANT, if this is supposed to be a real situation
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely (The reason is Sonya doesn't care about how it works in real life, Bao being part of a transplant chain means multiple lives being saved and Bao sharing partial credit for saving Chuntao's life with Rose, and that "complicates the narrative"

@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Ha ha ha now I'm really thinking about this

Sonya vastly changed the circumstances of Dawn's letter to make her look worse -- and the fact that she already despised the letter and was bitterly mocking it means that it isn't an "artistic shift", she actually didn't get it
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely The one line from Dawn's letter that all of Sonya's friends roasted most, talking about how invasive and creepy and scary it sounded -- how much like a Single White Female-style stalker -- was the line "I focused a majority of my mental energy on imagining and celebrating YOU"
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely They repeatedly refer to this line as being directed at "the person who got her kidney"

It was not

The paragraph before this line *explains that*, the paragraph Sonya just deletes as irrelevant
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely "Throughout my preparation for becoming a donor, which spanned precisely eight months from my first testing to the date of our surgeries, I was most excited about the donor who would come off the deceased donor list and end our chain. I focused the majority of..."
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely You see the difference? It's not just a weirdly intense remark directed at "the person getting her kidney" about "imagining and celebrating YOU"

It's saying why she's addressing this letter TO YOU IN PARTICULAR, out of all the people in the chain she could be talking to
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely It's NOT the person getting her literal kidney, it's the person at the end of the transplant chain -- the person who got Dawn's kidney had a loved one willing to "swap" with someone somewhere else who was a match for them, who had a loved one who was a match for someone else, etc
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Transplant chains exist for the reason that a huge amount of the time someone's loved one who's most willing to offer a kidney for them -- their spouse, usually -- is not a close enough genetic match for them for it to be safe
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely So they find a random other person in the country who is a match for your spouse

...Okay? Are we following me?

Do you understand why Dawn is talking to the person at the end of the chain now? Why she's focusing her energies on "YOU"?
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Because Sonya & Co. never thought about it, they didn't care, the whole concept of the transplant chain doesn't even seem to register with them, they just keep talking about only two people, "Dawn" and "the guy who got her kidney"
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Okay I'll spoil it for you

The person at the end of the chain is the one who did not have a loved one willing or able to offer them a kidney

They had nothing to give in return -- all they had was need
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Someone else in the country had a dying loved one

The person at the end of the chain matched with *that person's* loved one

But they didn't have a donor themselves to put a kidney "back into the system", so the chain stopped there
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely This is the person who, if Dawn had not given a kidney, would most likely not have gotten a kidney (they were on the "deceased donor list", they were waiting for someone to die who was a match)

This is a person who didn't have anyone
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely This is *not spelled out* in the letter, because it's a painful thing to talk about

And it's not something to make assumptions about -- it may well be that the patient at the end of the chain has plenty of loved ones, but none of them are in a physical condition to donate
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely But still

In gist form, that's what it means

Everyone else in the *middle* of the chain, by definition, had someone

The people at the two ends of the chain are one person who had no one to give to, and one person who had no one who was giving to them
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Doesn't that communicate why this is a big deal? Why someone in that situation might be moved to hear someone say "I was imagining YOU, I did it for YOU

I did it for the guy with a wife and the mother with a son and the other person with a sibling too

But YOU most of all"
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely Yeah, it's still very extra

If you think any emotional demonstrativeness from donor to recipient is an intrusive unwanted burden then maybe this still makes you hate Dawn or hate her more

But having my sympathies strongly biased toward Dawn now, it's getting me verklempt
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely And you'll notice that Dawn isn't that weird about it

The reason for this sentence is to specifically explain why she's sending this letter to the person at the very end of the chain, not the person who physically receives her own kidney

It doesn't come out of nowhere
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely And it IS tactful

It DOESN'T say something stupid and insensitive like "I wanted you to get this letter because you're probably all alone in the world" or any shit like that

It just says what it says and lets you accept it or not

It's subtle enough Sonya & Co. MISSED IT
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely God I'm so fucking mad

I'm now suddenly really mad all over again

You smug fucks can sneer at the extra-ness and awkwardness of a letter like this but I'm imagining being in the hospital waiting for a transplant knowing I'm the "end of the chain" because I have nobody
@JuliaaGuliaaa @Random832 @AnaMardoll @Crystal_Ball1 @brigidkeely And yeah you know what I WOULD rather have this cringey and extra letter than have nothing

You fucking pricks

I completely believe Dawn when in her possibly braggy oversharey way she says the hospital staff passed this letter around because they loved it

• • •

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14 Oct
Yeah I mean I am as Asian as anyone else in this story okay

At least come correctly at me and accuse me of being *sexist*
Well we already talked about this, "as a straight MoC you put white women on a pedestal" etc etc

Yeah okay I dunno sure maybe
I'm gonna try to say this delicately

No one is "more Asian" than anyone else, okay, being "Asian" doesn't work like that

But I was BOTH an Asian AND a foreigner as a kid

What they call a "FOB"

You know? It's different from "Being Asian DOESN'T make me foreign"
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14 Oct
Lol I mean

The point of the story, to be fair, is that she's a bad person both by Chinese and American cultural standards (her husband actually picks up on how little effort she's putting into this meeting and gets upset)

But yeah she doesn't commit
It's like she still can't bear to really follow through on making the story "morally ambiguous", Chuntao is still clearly the sympathetic one and Rose is still clearly supposed to be unlikable and annoying

It's like... cheating, I'm being told I'm not allowed to dislike Chuntao
You know? Like Rose is trying so hard not to react to what is honestly Chuntao's obvious rudeness because, well, she almost died and you have to cut her some slack right, and we can see in her narration she's deeply unhappy and you gotta give her some space right
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14 Oct
It's interesting that the idea of a "wishing genie", the Genies of the Ring and the Lamp from Aladdin, and the Genie in the Bottle from The Fisherman and the Genie, is the established Western idea of what djinn are even though originally that was an "exception"
I mean the word "genie" isn't even the real word, it's a fortuitous homonym with the Arabic "jinni", singular of "jinn" ("djinn" in the old-fashioned Romanization)

"Genie" is an unrelated French word also meaning "spirit" in a more general sense, same root as "genius"
But yeah I mean The Fisherman and the Genie is a *special situation*, it's this shocking thing that a jinni has been *trapped* by human will in a *container*

By the power of Solomon's Seal, the wisest king and greatest wizard who ever lived
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14 Oct
Yeah so this is an instance where a lot of overconfident humanities majors just straight up say shit like "Any communication from the donor to the recipient is an emotional burden, an demand for emotional labor" when actual empirical research says they are often wrong
This is what I have come to hate about "emotional labor" discourse, this unintentional implication that if I avoid all emotional connections and interactions that do not directly benefit and center me, I am making an "emotional profit", I am accumulating emotional wealth
I am developing an abundance of "emotional resources" rather than depleting them, so that, after years of never talking to anyone who wasn't specifically supposed to be talking to me ("Take it to your therapist!"), I will find it *really easy* to provide "labor" if I have to
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14 Oct
The workshop/academia/litfic/litcrit world absolutely is just "fandom with a suit and tie"

Or, really, what we call fandom is just regular nerds who like Harry Potter re-evolving these social structures under similar circumstances (lots of free time to talk about books)
I'd like to thank the OP for putting this on my TL because it's really an interesting idea

I think a lot of people in literary and fandom circles would react badly to the idea that these two things have way more in common with each other than with more "normal" communities
(Even though they have a lot of overlap too -- a surprising number of actual MFAs slumming it on TVTropes and AO3 under fake names)

But I mean the real thing connecting these two communities isn't how "elite" they are
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13 Oct
Sitting here wondering if they'll tell me I have to lose weight to make it through the donor screening (if you're REALLY fat the FAQ says they'll just exclude you, but someone at my level of fat "may be asked to lose weight)
And I mean like I'm like

"Is that actually a good reason to lose weight"

And then I'm like

"If that's NOT a good reason then what would a good reason even be"
It's not saying I agree with the rule to say that if that is the rule and I can't donate otherwise then it might make a lifesaving difference to someone else if I at least try right

I dunno
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