We can only present the facts to the public table. We are not and can't be responsible for those who refuse to read legislation, who will not accept the evidence, or for those who refuse to question or to evaluate risk.
The #cashlessdebitcard started as a supposedly targeted "1yr trial for alcoholics" in one town. It was rolled out in 2016, as it is now a blanket "universal" (their words) policy of forced third party income management impacting ppl aged 16-100yrs & all payments excepting DVA.
You are absolutely free to reject the evidence, the impacts and the risk of wider expansion as you choose.
In doing so you free myself and all those who have worked to end this policy from all obligation. We do not like to be 'right' but we have been, every. single. time.
What you are not free to do is create your own facts. The facts stand. The law is written and undeniable. The answers to #QON can't be whitewashed away and as most reason enabled people already know, the LNP simply cannot be trusted on any public or private commitment.
Both @LiberalAus and @The_Nationals have *already* voted internally to extend the #cashlessdebitcard nation wide. To that end, targeting all under 35's across the country. This process of incremental application is well known, researched and evident in the current process.
If yet again, Australians & especially older Australians plan to rest on the racist comfort that " it's only impacting them", then as all people on #cashlessdebitcard now, 60% of whom are non Aboriginal & claim DSP, Carers, Students included know, it will not STAY with 'them'.
As the hundreds of workers and working families on the #cashlessdebitcard now know in full, employment does not defend you from capture by this program either. It did not 'stay' with the unemployed either.
And as 14 Age Pensioners in FNQ now know, it didn't stop there.

Age and Service Pensioners have been on #Basicscard compulsory income management for 14 years, yet organisations like @COTAAustralia have not once stood to defend them. Ask THEM why.

Ask them how they plan to stop the LNP from enacting their inevitable inclusion of ALL age pensioners, given that LNP have stated Age Pension is a "welfare payment" & since 2016, described the goal of the #cashlessdebitcard being to remove cash from the 'welfare' community.
For our part, we will continue to answer DM questions, & run our community pages. We, SN7 will let go of the rest now though.
It is clear that organisations like @COTAAustralia and others, need to be held accountable for actions/inaction by the people they claim to represent.
It is also apparent that Compulsory Income Management for Age Pensioners is in fact "acceptable" to COTA - so long as it only impacts Aboriginal people.
We find that position, as we do the backroom private "commitments" & deals being made to stall informed action, repugnant.

Reply to COTA :
Link to addition to 2020 legislation adding Age Pension to the #CashlessDebitCard program as mandatory restrictable payment:: classic.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/c…
2. #QON confirming age pensioners are now program participants in the #cashlessdebitcard program, 20 in total at this time, 14 of whom referred by FRC and are compulsory participants not volunteers.
3. Where coercion or duress is a feature, no free prior and informed choice can be said to be given. - Australian Contract Law.
4. LNP did not "announce" that DSP or Carers pensions were placed on the card either. Yet they have been 'on the card' in every trial region but one, and since 2016. The legislation is the all evidence anyone should require.
5. Other seniors groups & org's ARE speaking out & rallying to fight back. Please look for them.
ALL of these Social Security entitlement payments are now " on the card".
The #cashlessdebitcard breaches Social Security Law 8.4.3 - because LNP can and did.
A private LNP backed corporation retains legal ownership of the 80% quarantined portion of these Social Security Entitlement payments.
📌🍂#CashlessDebitCard compulsory income management program basic information.
We have done our part, to bring this information to you, resisting and persisting despite enormous personal and structural barriers.

What you do, or don't do with this information, is up to you, the outcomes of that choice, will impact absolutely, everyone.

- SN7

• • •

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More from @thesayno7

12 Oct
Here's the SN7's last statement to the Aus Senate. Dec 7th. Continuation Bill 2020.

(Apologies sound qual, their webex was shoddy)
#auspol #cashelssdebitcard #induecard #auspol2021 #LNPDisgrace #LNPCorruptionParty #STOPTHECARD
I still cry hearing that, knowing it was completely ignored and here's Kathryn from @notowelfarecard 's first speech:

#auspol #cashelssdebitcard #induecard #auspol2021 #LNPDisgrace #LNPCorruptionParty #STOPTHECARD
Here is my response to a follow up question:
"Legislating Segregation":

#auspol #cashelssdebitcard #induecard #auspol2021 #LNPDisgrace #LNPCorruptionParty #STOPTHECARD
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11 Oct

Can't be clearer thank that . @ShaunBarr10 is a year behind.
Here is the bill that passed LAST YEAR that put Cape York on the card: legislation.gov.au/Details/C2020B…
Another dangerously misinformed "indy" using #cashlessdebitcard as a political football to attract likes and votes from the ignorant. And wow..he claims to be a lawyer? smh. *throws hands up*

There is only so much ignorance we can educate...
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11 Oct
📌Senate, Community Affairs References Committee (Purpose, intent and adequacy of the disability support pension) Live : aph.gov.au/News_and_Event…
Disability pension rules leave thousands with cancer on $44 a day : theguardian.com/australia-news…
#auspol #80aday #BTPM #auspol2021
Oh great.." enhanced services" on their way..sigh. Listening in to the JSA's describe the wonderful fairy land of disability Job active, that simply doesn't exist in reality. 😮‍💨
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10 Oct
CEO Ian Yates @COTAAustralia is lying to people.

It's not social media, its Federal legislation that lists Age Pension in the Act as a restrictable payment: classic.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/c…

Minister has confirmed 20 OPA's are on cards right now 14 had no choice. cpsa.org.au/article/20-age… Image
The Age Pension was included as a MANDATORY restrictable payment in for the NT and Cape York regions in the Social Security Act on the passing and assent of Continuation Bill 2020.
An exemption for NT and other trial sites was amended to the bill, not for Cape York.

#FACT Image
Not only is it ON their agenda, it is happening RIGHT NOW right in front of peoples faces and Mr Yates et al had better catch up. Fast.

-- Image
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10 Oct
The 2020 Senate debate was a redeeming moment for the ALP and became a defense of the Senate itself as it was a full stage opposition to the bill. Here are some of the stand out rebuttals to LNP fabrications from the night, starting with @linessue WA:
Senator McCarthy NT @Malarndirri19
Sen Dodson WA @SenatorDodson
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9 Oct
📌#PSA: Addressing twitter trolls and misinformation/disinformation campaigns.

▶ As of this date 10/9/21 there is NO new bill before parliament and no 'new vote' current or imminent on the #CashlessDebitCard.
▶ If and when a bill does make it to the House of Representatives (HoR) we will be among the first to be shouting it from the rooftops.
▶ ALL bills like the CDC, as they are 'money' bills, must go through the HoR before proceeding to Senate, even private members bills.
▶ Only Senate can 'guillotine' or create an Omnibus - which is a collection of bills that are voted on at the same time. It is possible to separate a bill from an Omnibus. ALP/Greens did that last December when LNP tried to sneak it in. See video record:
Read 7 tweets

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