Don’t you hate when you stay in a hotel and the shower has some strange 40 second delay on changing temperature.

So you can’t even work out which sides hot or fucking cold.

And you’re either freezing or melting your skin off and decide FUCK THIS PLACE
Then you go back in the hotel room and take the chair to the bathroom and smash the mirror, and smash the shower glass screaming


Eventually the woman in the room adjacent hears the commotion and knows on your door
And you answer it naked, bleeding from broken glass - monster cock in full view.

Sheepishly she says “umm uh umm can you be quiet?”

Before you grab her by her neck and drag her into the bathroom and start rubbing her face in the broken glass

Soon her face looks like it’s been put through a cheese grater, and as she bleeds to death on the bathroom floor you run out into the hall way towords reception.

Thunderous claps can be heard from your monster cock slapping your knee.

When you arrive a pimply 23 year old stands in shock to see you, totally naked and covered in blood staring back at him in a murderous rage.

He begins to speak.

Something about needing clothes.

But not before you smash him in the fucking face with a right hand.

The rest of hotel reception staff start screaming and calling for security as you ground and pound the now lifeless corpse of the hotel receptionist.
Ok I was gona go on and on about finding a pair of scissors and killing security and defeating the police becoming shower lord of earth but it’s 5am I just woke up and I need to start my day.

Btw my hotel shower sucks.

• • •

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More from @OfWudan

11 Oct
The difference between you and me is.

You watch a Bond movie and go home to your 5 wife and read books.

I watch a Bond movie and think.

“I’ve done that”

Do you understand?
I am the closest possible thing to James Bond that exists outside of fantasy

Ive tasted murderous steel

Shoot fight drive, unlimited finance and network

Survives the impossible repeatedly

I’m the last man who uses sex to get what he wants from women as opposed to WANTING sex
There is absolutely nothing about your life which is remotely similar to a Bond movie.

There is so much about my life which is similar, that I almost cry every time I watch one.

You couldn’t possibly understand - You’re too busy working at Starbucks.
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30 Sep
I warned that we would return to Ukraine.


A gruelling test in which WAR ROOM soldiers from 15 countries will be competing for employment as full time WR Operators.

If you want a 1M USD per year job as James Bond.

You have to earn it.

Fly private to have MONEY conversations.

Say the things which can not be said amongst the public.

Many inside of the Matrix are not ready to even overhear the truth in passing.
Armed security. Always.
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27 Sep
There are dark forces working against you.

You must recognise them and you must fight back.

Your enemies perpetuate “justice” and “civility” in a society designed to enslave you.

You feel sad inside FOR A REASON.

You can feel something isn’t right.

You must escape the matrix.
If you are too intelligent to believe all of the lies they tell you…

If you damage the strength of their narrative by thinking…

If you insult them by questioning their “truth”…

If you do not drink the Kool Aid..

YOU are their ENEMY.

And they want to punish you.

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22 Sep
If you’re a 10 as a man.

Physically, financially, socially -

You get a barbie doll.

This “Latin” girl bullshit is cope, not a preference. Most look like house maids.

YOUR Latina isn’t even a 10 Latina. She’s a 6.

Barbie is the beauty archetype and anything else is inferior
“No I prefer Latin girls” says the backpacking dropshipping loser banging a Mexican 6 who wears flip flops in the winter.

No you don’t.

You just can’t compete with Russian mafia bosses to get a barbie.

Because you’re Broke. Weak. Stupid.

And Lame.

Accept it.
You think your 20k a month online is gona impress a Russian beauty queen from Moscow?

With fucking OLIGARCHS on her phone?

I have 30M and even I’m “poor” to these girls.

But I make up for it with warrior genetics a genius IQ and a massive dick.

You have NOTHING.
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14 Sep
Which would you prefer for your own personal happiness.
When I was poor I never thought “tax the rich”

I thought.

“I can’t wait till I’m rich so I don’t pay tax”

I believed in myself.

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12 Sep

I’m thankful for everything. You’ve blessed me endlessly.

Im being as forgiving as I know how to be.

I want to become richer and stay out of jail.

I want to laugh and love. Nothing more.

Please give me the strength to let my enemies live.

Amen. Image
I have sat in meetings where killers are discussing ending a mans life.

I’ve sat with convicted murderers who are weighing up wether another man needs to die.

I promise you.

It’s impossible for you to understand how much some men simply don’t give a fuck.
If you’ve smiled even once this year.

If you’ve ever felt joy. Even once.

You’re not as dangerous as these men.

Avoid them at all costs.
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