Headed home after a very good, productive day.

A day of the unbelievable surprise of being able to return to this platform after nearly 4 months of silencing.

I first want to thank all of you who have checked up on me, and stayed in touch this entire summer.

I love you all.
Secondly, I would like to thank whoever the agent at Twitter Safety was that reviewed my case, and saw my suspension as the foolishness that it was.

Thank you for your assistance.

However, this is where the niceties end, because I am beyond enraged at my deplatforming.
For those of you who don't know, my Twitter account was suspended on June 26, 2021.

I responded to a Blue Check individual who is well-known as one of the most shameless TRAs on this app.

I will not type this person's name, but I WILL show you the thread I was responding to.
On June 26, I came across THIS abominable thread.

The person in question wrote a full "abolish prisons" screed, for the sake of Derek Chauvin.

THAT Derek Chauvin.

The Derek Chauvin who publicly EXECUTED George Floyd last year.

Who ONLY got 22 and a half years in prison.
Now, I've become completely disgusted with a certain movement's skyrocketing to being the most celebrated of all of this country's minorities.

As a Black man, this entire thread just flat-out enraged me.
As a Black liberal, it disgusted me even more, because for all intents and purposes, the devotion to a "movement" that is roughly 0.3% of the total population of our country has come at the expense of HALF the population of the human race.

It's NEVER seemed right to me.
But see, on nearly every major social media platform on the planet, to speak in a manner about this minority that isn't entirely worshipful is considered "hate speech", and therefore you can be subject to total deplatforming.

It's nigh a certainty to happen if you're a woman.
As a Black man, this thread is flat-out racist.

The idea that America should abolish prisons, for the sake of the bastard who SINGLEHANDEDLY unleashed a summer of riots and violence across the country last year DURING A FUCKING PANDEMIC is a shitty, WHITE MALE edgelord take.
This is the tweet that got me a 119-day suspension from this platform, folks.

A summer of silence earned by speaking the undeniable, unspeakable truth of what we are REALLY up against in this country:

Insanely powerful, fetishistic white men protecting their own.
I've been thinking a LOT about what @DaveChappelle said in #TheCloser, how this community is ONLY a minority, "...until it's time to be White again."

That's been the little secret NOBODY has been willing to admit, and it played out here, both in the initial suspension...
...AND in the ensuing appeal process.

When one is accused of "hate speech" against a marginalized group, there better be some solid fucking evidence of such.

I allegedly "misgendered" this individual, which is apparently *worse* than publicly tweeting, "Free Derek Chauvin!"
Let's dive into some of the context of what I said.

First off, my "Walter White" reference was in regards to this individual's arrest in Wilson County, Tennessee, which was a "couple weeks" BEFORE my tweet.

Here's a sample of the arrest report, which is PUBLIC RECORD.
If my "Walter White" reference to this individual was false, then in my opinion you'd have the start of a case against me.

Actual hate speech uses eliminationist rhetoric that is EXPLICIT in its tone.

But this person's arrest ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

How can it be hate speech??
Let's now talk about this whole "aBoLiSh PrIsOnS" schtick, which started off as the Dirtbag Left's nihilistic solution to mass incarceration of Black and brown people.

It's become quite the popular trope amongst the wokest of the woke on this app, especially as states....
...across the country are in the process of decriminalising and/or legalising marijuana.

It was meant (at least how I understand it) to be a way to free a lot of Black and brown men from incarceration over low-level drug offenses.
The problem is that this whole "aBoLiSh PrIsOnS" shit falls flat on its neckbearded face whenever the issue of VIOLENT offenders such as abusers, rapists, PEDOPHILES and the like is raised.

What do you do with the asswipe who just raped his girlfriend?

Or her young daughter?
What do you do with Dylann Roof, who slaughtered 9 innocent Black people in that historic church building in South Carolina?

Or the fucker that tried to steal a 3-year-old girl off a subway train to sell into sex slavery for a blast of heroin?

You see how this goes?
So if this argument of "abolish prisons, they're horrible and barbaric" is utterly obliterated in the face of violent crime EXISTING, WHY does it gain a divine, immutable mandate when a trans-identified individual says it?

Especially when said individual is facing jail time???
Finally, the last part of what I tweeted is a truth than transcends sexuality, gender, pronouns and all these other concepts that have been introduced to us in the last 15 years.

White men KNOW who white men are.

And white men will ALWAYS protect and enrich each other.
Be not deceived, folks.

As this image proves, mass deplatforming of people who do not conform to this "movement's" ideology and/or language is COORDINATED, REHEARSED, and PREMEDITATED.

By NO standard is this okay, right or fair.

It's STILL taking place at this moment.
And yes, I do say coordinated because of what took place in the appeal process I went through over the summer.

The first appeal attempt I made was the day after my suspension.

I received a response of denial in about 6 hours.

That....was FAST.

Way faster than I've known...
...appeals processes to take.

The second attempt was a couple of weeks later.

The denial to that appeal came in about 12 hours, not as fast as the first one, but still pretty quick.
The response to the third appeal, which I'm sure came in the midst of a massive amount of account suspensions, took a few days to get.

Still, another denial.

At this point, I'd already given up. I was feeling muzzled and angry. Tried to find other avenues of expression.
And then, @DaveChappelle came along with The Closer.

I watched this special over a friend's house, and while others might disagree, I felt myself....affirmed by this brother's work.

Well, not affirmed; VINDICATED.

Because many of the arguments I'd made about this movement...
....over the years were echoed by Chappelle's masterful work.

I'd always had problems with the way this movement steamrolled over women's sex-based rights, spaces and protections. Had MASSIVE issues with the way this movement has abused nonbelievers.
But above EVERYTHING, the biggest problem I've had with this movement is the unbearable, overwhelming WHITENESS of it.

ALL of it, from the ones who bankroll this movement at the very top, to the heads of the DEI industrial complex providing apologetics and corporate strategy.
From the racist tropes spouted with IMPUNITY (such as Black women being more "masculine" than other women), to the figures who now dominate the "activist" space, having pushed out and "marginalizing" former household names like Laverne Cox, Janet Mock and Angelica Ross...
From the posthumous transing of gay rights icons like Marsha P. Johnson (who was NEVER trans) and others, to the Black mules (too often BLACK WOMEN) employed by diversity, equity and inclusion firms as boots-on-ground missionaries to corporations and college campuses...
From the gender clinics and other pharmaceutical, tech and banking start-ups popping up all over the country, to the capture of entire political parties, including the Democratic Party (and a few Republicans, quiet as kept)...
This movement has proven, far more often than not, to be a MASSIVE schema that only truly benefits WHITE MEN, which is the part they DESPERATELY want to make sure no one knows about.

@DaveChappelle, true to himself, once again planted his flag against white supremacy.

I'm going to end this thread now, but I wanted to make everyone aware of what happened with my Twitter account, and why I've been gone for so long.

Thanks to all those who checked on me over the summer.

I love you all.

And I'm ready to be my authentic, pragmatic self again.

• • •

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