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13 Oct, 7 tweets, 2 min read
1) I live in New York. Lots of folks who live here are from somewhere else, be it a different part of America or a different country. I don't think it's a coincidence that the immigrants tend to feel more attached to the city than the transplants.
The immigrants have family members and broader communities to tap into.

The transplants, operating on the American model of work, home, and no third place, very often feel isolated. I know people who left New York, citing how hard it was to meet people.
But it's a broader challenge than the city. It shouldn't surprise anyone that there's a lot of hero worship, including of mundane things like the MCU, dopes like Joe Rogan, or disturbing politicians like Donald Trump.

Hero worship brings you *community.*
Americans are starved for community. Listen to McDonalds or Starbucks talk about how they think about their storefronts as the place in American life where people aren't working or at home.

A place you have to pay to have some semblance of community.
2) So much of American politics comes back to zoning.

Imagine what our politics would be like if most people lived in walkable neighborhoods with community centers.
Would people have stronger relationships? Would they feel more fulfilled? Would they be more trusting in their worldview?

I can't prove it for a policy case, but as someone who fell into Jewish communal life my politics became a lot less extreme when I found my community.

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14 Oct
Excellent piece by @schraubd on the heated debate over whether Jews are indigenous to Israel, and why it's so important to those arguing over it.…
I largely agree with @schraubd on why folks are so invested in this. It remains strange to me to watch Zionist Jews partake in it.
Zionism is predicated on Jews operating politically on Jewish terms, not the terms of our oppressors.

As a Zionist, how the rest of the world views my people's attachment to the land is irrelevant to me. We are connected to it whether they deny it or affirm it.
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11 Oct
-Asking Jews how their "vacation" was when they're observing Jewish holidays

-Atheists arguing against "religion" but all of their claims about "religion" are Christian-normative
Acting like it's "weird" or "clannish" for Jews to want to be in a room of Jews when every room they walk into is their group and most rooms Jews walk into are also their group
This is a NY-specific one but touches on a surprising amount of folks:

-Transplants who do casual microaggressions to Jews but their entire ~ NY aesthetic~ is Zabars, Barney Greengrass, and Katz's
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8 Oct
There's a lot of cultural commentary that works for many forms of entertainment that I don't believe accurately captures or effectively challenges what happens in comedy.
Comedy is a unique art form. You can perform Shakespeare a million times and keep an audience captivated. You can't make an audience laugh with the same jokes over and over. The magic of it is in the moment. And that moment is inherently ephemeral.
I am a quirky person who spent a lot of time listening to comedians as a kid. Jackie Mason, Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, Bill Hicks, and Lenny Bruce, to name a few.

They all told jokes before my time, and definitely did not craft them for children.
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7 Oct
Douthat is right about the popularity of these ideas. I'd like to posit that the authoritarian scenarios we should be considering are not European but those of the Western hemisphere.
The apartheid of the Jim Crow south, the 19th century Caudillos, and the reactionary military dictatorships in places like Chile and Argentina are a much better guide than Italy, Germany, or contemporary Hungary.
The exact composition of what Trump "represents" won't be a 1:1 with any of them, because that's not how politics works. The circumstances, constraints, and the man result in a new and unique set of circumstances.
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7 Oct
I saw the prominent writer making claims about the English language and may I just say as someone who took years of ESL that this language is dumb and nothing matters.

Bologna and Tony rhyme. Read and lead rhyme but read and lead don't.

You can handle a singular pronoun.
Tear and tier are pronounced the same but if you tear certain foods it may cause you to tear up because English is dumb
Russian is phonetic so when you write a word you pronounce it the same way. But if I say their our know rules it would work verbally but be upsetting to read because English is dumb and everything is made up
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6 Oct
Jewish things that could never get a broad audience that I'd like to make into prestige TV anyway, an ongoing thread
1) The Holocaust and the rebirth of Israel told together
2) Magneto's origin story, where he's first a Jewish nationalist before he's a Mutant nationalist
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