The point in saying it is not about blame - it is about risk analysis and risk/benefit analysis.

If the CoV infection risk is largely those with comorbidities - then help them without thinking the general population is at the same risk - they aren't

Be vit D replete in advance
Trace mineral deficiency seems to be a big factor - supplement zinc, but copper too, manganese, selenium, iodine, boron,

Magnesium may be needed topically if CoV infected or injected
Lack of trace minerals would increase risk of mast cell activation in the presence of GO, likelihood & was noted as more risk for the rouleaux RBC stacking

Histamine excess seems a problem in CoV and antihistamines seem to help. Possibly because they also protect copper levels.

*Tweet is a Thread:
This is a summary list that extends into a mini-Thread
& is a quote Tweet of a Thread by @Parsifaler

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More from @deNutrients

14 Oct
Sharon Palmer: The Plant-Powered Dietitian - author of produce focused diet books, good

The Nordic diet plan described in a CEU presentation, is a standard higher carbohydrate ratio: 50% carbs, 20% protein, 30% fat - roughly.

Ratio can be individualized Image
The changes mentioned in the graphic, (part of a large public education study), led to sustainable improvements in 16 areas. The largest impact on sustainability though was the focus on less red meat and more fish & poultry, and legumes & nuts.

Moderation… Image
Here is the pdf of the presentation,…
helpful, includes nutrient content of rye, which she also mentioned beta-glucan, not in text on the presentation. I looked it up, will add that Tw next.
Read 23 tweets
13 Oct
On the solution side of 🐍💉

Trace minerals are protective - yes zinc is needed, but can make low copper worse
Copper is needed 2 mg/ day
Selenium 200 mcg
Iodine *=/>400 mcg
Manganese 2 mg
Boron 3 mg
There are a couple others too in a good mix, molybdenum, vanadium, silica,
* iodine is more complex because hyperthyroidism people need to avoid it.

High dose can be helpful to clear halides, bromide & fluoride. See G9. Iodine/Thyroid
More info on the interactions and protection of trace minerals is in thus Thread
Read 4 tweets
13 Oct
@SnyderBJF @Wontevertweet27 @Parsifaler Interesting

"Acute copper deficiency produces disturbances in the microcirculation and structure of extracellular matrix proteins, causes an increase in mast cell population, which is followed by an increased content of their degranulation products, produces disturbances in
@SnyderBJF @Wontevertweet27 @Parsifaler ...histamine metabolism and decreases the activity of some antioxidant enzymes. These pathogenic mechanisms are similar to the processes underlying stress ulcer formation. The histamine H2-receptor antagonist ranitidine, a drug with the highest application for stress ulcer
@SnyderBJF @Wontevertweet27 @Parsifaler ...formation. The histamine H2-receptor antagonist ranitidine, a drug with the highest application for stress ulcer prophylaxis, has the ability to helate the copper ion and to influence its tissue distribution and the processes of generation and neutralization of reactive oxygen
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12 Oct
Magnesium is critically important to health, but Western "medicine" uses medication instead of just providing an absorbable form of magnesium for the patient (topical likely needed if chronic health issues & diet has Mg sources - likely not absorbed, or lots renal loss.)
Another magnesium Thread I've been writing today, am connecting them
Mildred Seelig is a name, the name, to remember regarding magnesium research - she and Andrea Rosenoff wrote reference 23 in this post:… which is largely based on her or their work - pharma sells drugs while withholding magnesium that would restore function
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11 Oct
Meaning if using an unnecessary and life threatening "treatment" is on the protocol, then you are getting it whether it kills up are not.

Avoid hospitals, they make $29,000 per ventilator death they generate.
We all die, why let a hospital administrator get richer from your death, or charge it to other taxpayers?

There are easier ways to die then to have your lungs put under high pressure and be billing your family for it.
CoV patients need extra oxygen at gentle pressure. Problem is oxygen carrying capacity.

Iron chelators, thiamine, vitamin C, magnesium topically, omega3 fatty acids, B vitamins and higher dose niacin,
All might help.

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9 Oct
Ghrelin and leptin are appetite hormones, ideally need to be in balance-
Ghrelin~ hungry
Leptin ~ full…
Sleep is one of their tips.

Bitter tasting phytonutrients is one of mine:
Read 4 tweets

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