The privilege of this.

Y'know what? I've been crying like this for weeks over our water tank and no one has even noticed.

Still. I trundle on. Because I have to. Because I can't just stop. Because there's no one to do my job, and no one gives a shit 🤷‍♀️…
On the one hand it's good she comes forward and talks about a rough time she had.

Calling it a "breakdown" is an insult to people who have really had real actual breakdowns

She was lucky to be able to access the shrink, the therapy.

Steeped in privilege.
I haven't been able to go to the gym in weeks because of the hot water situation

I haven't been able to look after me, because there is no one else to do what i have to do

She preaches these things like I haven't thought of it

It's insulting. like mindfulness is insulting.
I can't wait til 9am when the Torygraph offices open and I can give them my two pennorth over the Bob situation, and I will also speak of the privilege of this

I know the Graun is no better

And the BBC lies shamefully

• • •

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More from @leoniedelt

13 Oct
Spoken to the @Telegraph and canceled my sub

Told the young lady exactly what I think of the monstrous @doctor_oxford

The reason @bobscartoons got the sack is because of how many subscribers rang up and canceled their subs because of the tweet.

Because SHE incited a pile on.
I told them exactly what I think of her, how vile it was, how twitter isnt real life, and how if he had done something illegal fine, but he did did not.

I told her how disappointed I was in the Telegraph, only having subbed to it be abuse of the covid situ, and
how their management needs to grow a spine and stand by their morals

Bob lost his job specifically because of the twitter mob.

Think on that, Rachel Clarke.

Cc @doctor_oxford
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12 Oct
Well done Rachel Clarke, you put a man with a family, with a disabled child, out of a job.

Are you proud of yourself?

If i ever see you in the flesh, Clarke, I may not be able to stop what comes out of my mouth, and it will contain expletives.
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11 Oct
My tpoabs are almost always low, bu0t I have autoimmune thyroid disease.

My mom has high tg abs but has hashimotos

My bro has high tpoabs and hashimotos

It's a minefield
I am very sorry for your loss Ethical.
Results from 23 Oct 2020, last time my tpo and tg abs were checked Image
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11 Oct
How tf I got to 45, can read medical journals, can give lectures to audiences, but don't know how hot a kettle cable should be, is beyond me.

Welcome to autism 🤷‍♀️
FYI this is what is known as the "spiky profile"

It's a real thing, not just something I made up
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13 Sep
I'm not pro vaccine
I'm not anti vaccine

I'm pro DO some fucking reading
I'm pro Get ALL of the data first
I'm pro Think for yourself
I'm pro Rational Risk Assessment

I'm pro Stop coercing and bullying people

One size does NOT fit all
I am so tired of these culture wars

I'm tired of pro mask vs anti mask

Just as i was tired of pro brexit vs anti brexit

This is how they rule us

Bread and circuses

Divide and conquer
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31 Mar
@Francis_Hoar She is harping about yellow fever certificates for other countries

And NHS requiring hepb for a job


She thinks certificates are deeply discriminatory domestically

😳 wow.
@Francis_Hoar And privacy and thin end of a wedge and trust from other cultures, and the certification missing creeping into an ID card, and who will police it? Apartheid in venues, and pitting doormen against punters

I am wow
@Francis_Hoar She says its counter productive, and it's another sign of social control

She says focus should be on covid safe focus not individual issues

She is now claiming the govt didn't make schools safe, eyeroll, good ventilation etc
Read 5 tweets

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