1. Self proclaimed 'Zionist', which is a doctrine of a form of white supremacy, supported by the Christian right & individuals such as Tommy Robinson & Katie Hopkins claims it's 'racist' to support the Boycott, Divest &Sanction campaign against Israel until they comply
2. With international law & the Palestinians have freedom, justice & equality. Interestingly Alexander has not referenced the racist nature of #IsraeliApartheid now why might that be? 🤔Now given that Israel (Find out more about Zionism from attached.) :

3. Refuses 2 comply with Int'l Law &end their crimes against humanity, it comes down to Palestinian Resistance &pressure from ordinary people &others in the Int'l community as our governments still refuse 2 intervene. The choices available &supported by Int'l Law &are nonviolent
4. Resistance & (within parameters) ARMED Resistance, now if Alexander doesn't want us to support nonviolent, what option does that leave?! Alexander tries to make the argument that BDS did not start with the Palestinians, which is a nonargument, BDS in the UK for South Africa
5. Started in a UK supermarket & 'Nae Pasaran' the documentary, (trailer attached) which covers UK resistance to Pinochet's Chile, started in a factory in Scotland. The more relevant question is, did it work? Was it legitimate? Was it ethical? Wwll unless

6. You're a supporter of white supremacy or fascism,then the answer must be YES! So what is the real issue for Alexander? Given that he has not called out Israeli Apartheid, clearly demonstrates no empathy for the Palestinians suffering a racist regime & being subject to ethnic
7. Cleansing & incremental genocide. Seeing as he has intimated that supporting Palestinian resistance until freedom, justice and equality is achieved (see below) is racist & given Alexander himself identifies as supporting a POLITICAL IDEOLOGY of ethnic
8. supremacy, well there is only one conclusion any reasonable person can come to Alexander & it's this, it's not us that are the racists mate. U feeling threatened by the liberation of another ethnic group that YOUR political ideology seeks 2 erase both physically & historically
9. Means you need to look in the mirror, do some soul searching & come to terms with YOUR racism & then address it, whatever other religious group you identify as is totally irrelevant in this equation,this is about fundamental human rights! #BDS #NoSurrenderToIsraeliApartheid 🇵🇸

• • •

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11 Oct
David Miller @Tracking_Power a Professor of Sociology at Bristol, "is one of the world’s leading academic experts on Islamophobia, and also specialises in the analysis of state and corporate lobbying."
2. Professor Miller was sacked from his job following a relentless campaign by the Israel Lobby.

Despite being cleared of bogus antisemitism charges by the QC led investigation by Bristol University, Professor Miller still lost his position in the academic institution,
3. which should set off alarm bells regarding academic freedom & the right to free speech!

Please do all you can to support him, more information on how you can do this here:
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3 Oct
1.Hi world, my name is Sabrina, I'm a Zionist, a white supremacist who supports an apartheid state &likes 2 play victim by shamefully using my Jewishness as a human shield 2 protect a racist ideology supported by Tommy Robinson &Katie Hopkins. I targeted David Miller 4 answering
2. A disingenuous question with proveabæe facts. I have weaponised antisemitism, despite this putting Jews at risk & I gaslight anyone who questions this. Anyone sincere who takes the time to see the history of this case will know this is not about protecting Jews, far from it
3. For my actions & those of the Israel Lobby as a whole are deeply antisemitic, as they endeavour to forever connect Jewish people to a racist settler colonialist state guilty of apartheid, ethnic cleansing & incremental genocide thus claiming ALL Jewish identity is inherently
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30 Aug
@DanielFooksArt I think the problem is Daniel, is there are some who are too terrified 2 accept Labour has gone, because they can't yet imagine another way 2 fight. I think there are those who are puritanical &don't have the EQ to understand that you can (& must) agree to disagree on somethings
@DanielFooksArt 2. They see things in a binary way that everything becomes a zero sum game. It really is so frustrating& lacks wisdom. Then u have those who have not yet formed their own views & so they come from the optics left like @novaramedia @OwenJones (Aaron is the only one I can tolerate)
@DanielFooksArt @novaramedia @owenjones 3. Who, let's face it, are a group of extremely ambitious Middle Class individuals with little if any humility or ability to reflect, but a huge amount of ambition & condescension! So many more who are too terrified to understand how the world has changed & this the landscape for
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27 Aug
Thread of photos:



Day 5

Location: Jersey 🇯🇪
Target: JFSC (Jersey Financial Services Commission)

Final Day of Action in Response 2 IPCC’s Report which states govs much act NOW 2 protect us from worst of environmental breakdown!

#ChooseSurvival ImageImageImageImage
2. ImageImageImageImage
3. ImageImageImageImage
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31 Jul
@moneytruthorg I appreciate your despair, I struggle with mine, however what I would say are 2 things. The left have made significant gains at times, the welfare state did come into existence for example, slavery did end, unions did become established & gained us working rights, working classes
@moneytruthorg 2. Did gain the right to vote. Humans have lived for 1000s of years &had many different systems, the issue is when we stuck in a toxic one &indoctrinated, we can struggle to imagine that anything different is possible, but it is, we are running out of time,but it is. Additionally
@moneytruthorg 3. We need to acknowledge firstly that the left is not just made up of poor people, in fact, it's made up of a not insignificant number of Middle Class people, because it's related to a value system. Also there are many working class people, poor people on the right & the reasons
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24 Jul

1. As somebody who identifies as being left wing and progressive, I just want to say something.

If your idea of being 'woke', of being 'progressive' is to insult, to denigrate, to try to humiliate people, many of whom are working class and who
2. already experience & have experienced this contempt from others & from institutions in their lives, because they no longer trust the government, no longer trust mainstream media, with GOOD reason & thus have become vulnerable to conspiracy theories then you are not only no
3. comrade of mine, but no ally to the struggle for a fairer system!

This is not about having concerns about conspiracies, which we should have, but about how we ought to respond. We would all do well, as Gabor Mate implores us, to understand what informs behaviour & demonstrate
Read 8 tweets

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