[1] I'd like to apply for a spot w/the Nat'l Geospatial-Intel. Agency [NGA]
Since their budget is >$5B & I did⬇️for free, it'd be nice to at least get paid to do their work for them**
[Easter🥚in pic]
@chrismartenson @BretWeinstein @TheSeeker268 @quay_dr
[**]The dead body left on the street in Wuhan is holding a tiny image of a part of my work on said subject.**
I assess, w/high confidence, that taxpayers deserve better
@still_a_nerd @jjcouey @w_mccairn @ydeigin @franciscodeasis @Engineer2The @pathogenetics @gdemaneuf @humblesci
[2] I assume that the reason my old thread⬆️had several hundred thousand impressions was that it provided an obvious example of data manipulation by China in their WHO report 'data.'
Apparently, not enough to raise an eyebrow for 1/17 agencies in the Biden report
[3] In 2018, the NGA helped produce the most detailed elevation map ever made, with 8-meter resolution.
The best-mapped continent is now...Antarctica.
3 years later, they can't even be bothered to analyze open-source data that could solve the covid origin question.

• • •

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7 Oct
[2] I adapted my typical data analysis to account for state vax #'s. They clearly show CFR's rising beyond what ⬆️/⬇️case trends could account for [thru Aug]
@dasher8090 @janieyaya @w_mccairn @JesseMatchey @Fynnderella1 @arkmedic @eugyppius1 @Undergroundcou1 @MartinKulldorff
[3] Dr. Fauci recently stated "Quite frankly, an attack on me is an attack on Science."

Thanks for clarifying, in stark terms, whom we can hold accountable for this disaster [+China].
@joerogan @RandPaul @Biol4Ever @gdemaneuf
Read 12 tweets
6 Oct
[3] Here's the large-scale statistics [note-the lists are not all-inclusive, but the lab-origin leaning list should be close; i.e. the full picture would show an even bigger margin favoring zoonosis] thru 5/1/21:
@RadCentrism @JasonButtrill @zerohedge @Bobby_Network @NIH @Daoyu15
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6 Oct
Science needs leadership
Our bureaucracy needs leadership
Our branches of government need leadership

America used to have such leaders
@R_H_Ebright @TyCardon @still_a_nerd @JesseMatchey @jjcouey @janieyaya
Leadership doesn't require perfection - but it demands a vision worth following

"Many years ago the great British explorer George Mallory, who was to die on Mount Everest, was asked why did he want to climb it. He said, "Because it is there."
From JFK's 'Moon Shot' speech:
A selection from my 'Who Watches the Watchmen" article:
"The cognitive dissonance between appearance and reality have created a situation where trust in ‘science’ has reached its sacred peak at the exact moment when such trust is least deserved."
@JasonButtrill @w_mccairn
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27 Sep
[1] I've often referenced Prometheus, Pandora and Plato's Allegory of the Cave in writing about COVID-19, like many others.
But, perhaps the best Greek metaphor for 'Science' is the Ring of Gyges, which can also be found within Plato's "Republic." @BretWeinstein @Fynnderella1
[2] The story centers on a ring that, when worn, makes its bearer invisible to others. Much like the One Ring, extended use inevitably corrupts the soul.
Are we not witnessing the result of unquestioned faith in scientists, writ large? @RadCentrism @Bobby_Network @ScottAdamsSays
[3] How else can rational men come to believe that questioning the blatant suppression of potentially damaging evidence should be considered a 'hate crime?'
The correct answer to the pandemic is not to grant immunity to undeserved scientific arrogance.
@KevinMcH3 @still_a_nerd
Read 7 tweets
26 Sep
[1] I've spent 18 months observing scientists argue [as in "Proximal Origin" that the lack of published backbones/etc. is vital.
It's not even relevant.
By that logic, weap. anthrax/novachuk/Fat Man don't exist.

@Ayjchan @R_H_Ebright @joshrogin @dasher8090 @RepGallagher
[2] And yet, Nagaski was hit by something, Biopreparat produced 80 TONS of ? [which leaked at Sverdlovsk], Navalny almost ☠️, there's 2-stage warheads, news footage of Syrians twitching in the streets, 3k sheep outside Dugway were 'raptured'..
I could go on @still_a_nerd @jjcouey
[3] My theory on why "Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2" hasn't been retracted is simply that it didn't actually contain anything of substance to begin with.
The survival of this false premise stems from institutional support, not C-WMD analysis
Read 4 tweets
25 Sep
No one seems to be pondering the implications of the 'epitope coverage' aspect of the PREEMPT rej. letter.
If EHA's bat💉strategy w/spike prot. held the risk of failing against CoV QS... what about us? What safeguards exist? @RepGallagher @BretWeinstein @BillyBostickson @Daoyu15 Image
Not to be a contrarian, but I'd be interested in hearing how NIH/NIAID/VRC mitigated this risk [my family all got Moderna'd]. I assume some strategies were developed in the interim between this program's rejection [Mar] & the July NIH/Moderna pan-CoV contract
I'm a non-scientist, so I ask that the NIH break it down clearly for me. I don't want to misinterpret anything.
@dasher8090 @NIH @joshrogin @ScottAdamsSays @TyCardon @JasonButtrill @Jim_Jordan @thackerpd @quay_dr @w_mccairn @KevinMcH3 @SharriMarkson
Read 7 tweets

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