This massive spread of covid among kids is also a public health failure. In teenagers the vaccine was OK’d by MHRA in early June but not allowed to be offered to 12-15yo until a month ago and only through schools (not vaccine centres) with most eligible kids not vaccinated yet 1/
School autumn term started with no masks, no distancing & no isolation of household contacts. Mitigations were merely open windows if available. So much vaccine hesitancy was created through catastrophic messaging on risk in this age group. Won’t be surprised in uptake is poor 2/
Also shocking dissociation in messaging & whataboutism on #LongCovid. Like it’s something that happened in the past and the system must deal with it as such rather than a continuing dynamic issue fuelled by current numbers of infections. Simple epidemiological concepts ignored 3/
Debates about what % of infected kids develop it (2% or 14% etc) were missing the crucial point that even if it is only 1% of those infected, if infection is spreading so much and it’s so common as it is now, these are massive numbers. High incidence leads to high prevalence! 4/
Debates about covid in kids kept going on about the damage of closing schools when nobody was advocating closing schools! The sensible thing was to apply mitigations already successfully applied in so many other countries. It’s all so illogical to me. Loads of spin. 5/
Parents, families, teaching staff & kids are rightly concerned & confused. Going forward we need non- sensationalist factual messaging. We need covid mitigations in schools at this stage to make sure more children attend school for social, education and safeguarding needs. 6/END

• • •

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4 Oct
How sad is this graph? Image
Gosh, the men trying to justify this with all sorts of nonsense: patriarchy in science is *undeniable* and your comments are embarrassing.
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1 Oct
Gosh, this seems to me a whole new level of victim-blaming.…
Expecting me, an ethnic minority woman, to question the police if I get stopped…. Quite distressing.
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27 Sep
I’ve covered the points discussed here in my previous tweets. However when I started talking about #CountLongCovid I didn’t think we’d still be here 14 months later saying it’s difficult & we don’t know. Because we *do know* that it’s real & it’s common……
We have more than enough evidence that #SARSCoV2 infection is debilitating a fraction of people who get it for many months. Most are not those classically described as ‘vulnerable’ and ‘high risk’ in relation to covid. The more community infection you have the more people with LC
So I’m really tired of this continuous denialism and the selective lifting of fractions outside the nuance of scientific methodology and in isolation of the reality of community infection prevalence to serve narratives of gaslighting and minimisation…
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23 Sep
No matter how much they say: it's just a cold, I think it's outrageous to let covid spread among kids like what's happening in England. Household contacts not isolating. No masks. Ventilation dependent on luck of building. No vaccines yet (could've used the summer for teenagers).
Millions across the world have not recovered from it. Over last 18 months it clearly showed us it's not a benign virus. So much evidence now that it causes health damage if it doesn't kill. Yet the only outcomes policy cares about are hospital admissions & deaths within 28 days!
We can't be blasé about all the kids getting it! And please don't start with: 'we can't close schools again'. This black and white narrative is ridiculous. There is so much in the middle between doing nothing and closing schools. So much.
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17 Sep
Just pointing out that public health surveillance doesn’t classically determine prevalence of conditions by having control groups. Now I see trashing of prevalence estimates because they have no controls. This is an unusual approach to surveillance some r calling for since covid.
Cautions with this:
-Controls are seldom ‘pure’- they need proper & strict definitions to avoid contamination with cases
-Selection of controls is a challenge in terms of how the represent the ‘background’ prevalence
-If assessing more than one thing (condition) it becomes messy
Usually prevalence estimates are compared to population-level averages. So if the prevalence of back pain in my town is 30% it would be compared to the prevalence of back pain across the UK- say for example 15%, so then I want to know more why in my town it’s much higher…
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16 Sep
New #LongCovid prevalence estimates from @ONS. Out of all with lab-confirmed #SARSCoV2 (including asymptomatics) 11.7% said they have LC 12wks after infection. Out of lab-confirmed who were symptomatic in the first month prevalence is 17.7%…
#LongCovidKids using a list of 12 symptoms:
At least 5 weeks after positive test:
2-11y: 3.8% in cases vs 2.1% in controls
12-16y: 4.8% in cases vs 1.1% in controls
17-25y: 6.8% in cases vs 2.1% controls
At least 12wks post positive test
2-11y: 0.7%
12-16y: 1.2%
17-24y: 1.5%
But we know that the list of symptoms in #LongCovid is much bigger so ONS also asked about self-classification as #LongCovid but remember this only counts in this release in people with lab-confirmed infection.
At 12 weeks- any severity:
2-11y: 1.7%
12-16y: 5.7%
17-24y: 8.5%
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