➡️ Caro Alessandro @AleTrainerxxx , faccio una profezia che potrebbe avverarsi gia' entro fine 2023.

➡️1) Quando il vero stato delle cose, tenuto sommerso dalla politica scellerata dei governi sinistro-centrici dell'Europa unita solo sulla carta, emergera' nella
2) sua travolgente e annichilente verita', gli enti di prevenzione alla salute, le case farmaceutiche, i laboratori pubblici e privati, i virologi, i biologi, i governi e tutti gli organi di potere al loro servizio, cadranno miseramente.
3) ➡️Solo allora sara' terminata la terza guerra mondiale, sommersa, combattuta con "armi" biologiche sperimentali; nulla sara' come prima, moltissimi spariranno per la vergogna, o subiranno processi esemplari.

➡️Rinascera' una nuova societa' basata SOLO sull'interesse
4) primario della persona, intesa come individuo (cellula primaria costotuente la Polis); gli oligopoli della finanza e dell'economia saranno solo un lontano ricordo...
(13 Ottobre 2021-End)
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9 Oct
@matahar65552943 @Rebelde87835506 @victorramonmat @mamen_woman @dave73es @TheDevilOps @DathosBD @aflorrick77 @AlvaroM_ENG @AUSTROHNGARO2 @richi08223 @IagoNieto81 @MartinaSisters @GreatGameIndia @PabloFuente 🎯 @matahar65552943 Yes Matahari, unfortunately the answer to these white deaths🙏, extremely scary, you can find it in this my last thread ... the latest updates (5 modification for Pfizer), of the genomic formulation of mRNA vaccines, involve the use of bacterial and
@matahar65552943 @Rebelde87835506 @victorramonmat @mamen_woman @dave73es @TheDevilOps @DathosBD @aflorrick77 @AlvaroM_ENG @AUSTROHNGARO2 @richi08223 @IagoNieto81 @MartinaSisters @GreatGameIndia @PabloFuente antiviral antigens such as, for example, the malaria antigen in Moderna vaccine, which induces inflammation of the myocardial tissues, especially harmful for people with pre-existing heart diseases ... 😔
@matahar65552943 @Rebelde87835506 @victorramonmat @mamen_woman @dave73es @TheDevilOps @DathosBD @aflorrick77 @AlvaroM_ENG @AUSTROHNGARO2 @richi08223 @IagoNieto81 @MartinaSisters @GreatGameIndia @PabloFuente 🎯🎯🎯 Well, well, well, let's continue with the investigation on bacterial antigens and antivirals, used in experimental vaccines as "paliative tools" (see the use of CTS, antimalarial, of the Moderna vax🤦) against SC2! 👇
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7 Oct
💢💢💢➡️ Well, well, well, the overrepresentation of 🎯 antigenic determinants from👉 Plasmodium and 👉Mycobacterium at all antigenic sites🔬 suggests that➡️ antimalarial and ➡️anti-TB drugs may be clinically beneficial for the treatment of C19❗
➡️1) This suggests that the 👉antigenic bacteria detected within the lipid nanocapsules, in PEG, of the vaccine mRNAs are a confirmation of a strategy used, in the development of this particular type of vaccine, to counter SC2 without knowing, a priori, the exact composition of
2) the genetic sequence of the Wuhan virus.

➡️ Furthermore this would explain why vaccines are found to be protective, providing relative immunity, even in the presence of 👉SC2 variants!
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3 Oct
🎯🎯🎯➡️ SARS-CoV-2 infects monocytes and macrophages and stimulates the release of cytokine❗👇

➡️1) Autopsy analyzes revealed significant alterations in cellular composition, transcriptional cell states, and cell-cell interactions.
2) ➡️ Infected lungs ago C19 were highly inflamed with dense infiltration of abnormally activated monocyte-derived macrophages and alveolar macrophages, and demonstrated an altered T cell response.

➡️ Monocyte / macrophage-derived IL-1β and epithelial cell-derived IL-6 were
3) unique features of SC2 infection compared to other viral and bacterial causes such as pneumonia.

➡️ Type 2 alveolar cells adopted a transient progenitor cell state, associated with inflammation, and failed to fully transition to type 1 alveolar cells, resulting in
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3 Oct
@MartinaSisters 🎯➡️Yes Martina, is true!

➡️The Nature magazine compared the mechanisms of infection and replication of the two coronaviruses, that of 👉Fip and that of 👉C19, noting that 👉 there are no substantial differences.

🎯In order to replicate, in fact,
@MartinaSisters 2) both need an enzyme (a protease known as 👉Mpro) that ✂️ cuts a long peptide in half.

➡️It is at this level that the experimental drug for the coronavirus of Fip (the 👉molecule GC373 and its soluble derivative GC376) acts: it inhibits 👉Mpro and blocks viral
@MartinaSisters 3) replication!...and👇

▶️ ️💪Well, well, well, so already in 2004, with the scope of the first SARS pandemic, the inhibitor 👉(Mpro) was known, which contrasted the fusion of SC1 with the human cell (research topic of 👉Xu and👉 Gao, of the 👉CAS
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2 Oct
🎯➡️ The oral pill against SC2❗👇
➡️ The structure shows how the active form of molnupiravir interacts with the enzyme that produces new copies of the SC2 (RNA-dependent RNA polymerase) genome.

➡️1) Incorporation of the active form of the drug into the RNA
2) genome leads to mutations, so many that the virus cannot generate sufficiently accurate copies of itself.

➡️ Molnupiravir is likely to act similarly when distributed against other viruses such as influenza.

🎯➡️ It is embarrassing for me to see that the "raw" basic formula
3) is nothing but 👉 (β-dN 4-hydroxycitidine-5'-isopropyl ester).

➡️ β-D-N4-hydroxycitidine (NHC, EIDD-1931) is an orally bioavailable ribonucleoside analog, effective against various RNA viruses, including: 👉 influenza virus, 👉Ebola, 👉CoV and the virus 👉 of Venezuelan
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2 Oct
💢💢💢➡️ SC2 infection causes brain inflammation in the macaque model.
➡️ An increase in metabolic activity in the pituitary gland of two macaques was observed by longitudinal positron emission computed tomography (PET-CT). ➡️1) Post mortem analysis demonstrated infiltration of
2) activated T cells and microglia into the brain, and viral RNA was detected in the brain tissues of an animal.
➡️We have observed Lewy bodies in the brains of all rhesus macaques.
➡️ These data underscore the virus's ability to induce neuropathology in this
3) non-human primate model for SC2 infection.

🎯PET-CT with F-FDG of the brains of all macaques were initiated when the virus became undetectable in nasal and tracheal swabs.
➡️Absorption of the tracer makes it a marker for metabolic activity. Two of the four cynomolgus
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