Had a refreshing exchange with a BDS supporter before, an unusually pleasant exchange of differing views for such an incendiary issue. Striking in its rarety, as so often bad faith and the worst motives are assumed on the part of Jews who oppose BDS. Some thoughts on it:
Simply, I find BDS dishonest. Yes it's a non-violent call to action made by Palestinians enacted by Westerners heeding this call: fighting this fight in the West, in the UK, here. But ultimately this fight gets enacted against a lot of diaspora Jews. So what happens then?
The whole thing plays out with the inevitable tedium of Jews saying why Israel, why no one else, why the singling out of the only Jewish country in the world when - as in this case - its fine for Sally Rooney's books to be translated for Chinese or Russian publishers etc etc
On the other side its a legitimate non-violent call by an oppressed people living under a brutal occupation for activists here to exercise one of the only powers they have to materially change the situation and hurt the Israeli state, a total boycott: academic, cultural, etc etc
We did it with South Africa, why not Israel? As Ash says here, we didn't worry about white people being marginalised during that boycott.
Similar point is often made using just white South Africans and how they were treated in the 80's.

And that's the dishonest bit. The rub. Even if everyone were to suddenly accept that this is exactly the same situation as South Africa, with the same circumstances, history and outcomes, there's *still* something that very few BDS advocates will take on board:
White South Africans were not a racialized minority group living in a civilisation with deep roots in their hounding and torment; their singling out for special treatment resulting in centuries of persecution and even genocide.

Jews in Europe are.

This is so very very simple.
BDS supporters reject the claim that it is antisemitic. Fine, let's agree. Its not, it has noble, pure intentions and hatred of Jews is nothing to do with it.

That still doesn't deal with the outcome in the diaspora, only the intention.
But how? How can any Western advocate of BDS honestly claim that the singling out the only Jewish country in the world *and no other country* wouldn't give rise to some anti-Jewish feeling in a civilisation with a millennia-old history of treating Jews as a special case. How?
Nearly half of Jewish people on Earth live in Israel and most others have family or have visited. Would most not feel, at the very least, echoes of being singled out and made an example of when no other minority community is subjected to this treatment by progressives?
And this is why BDS is dishonest. Ruthlessly so. It's Western advocates will rarely engage with what is such a straightforward proposition. I'd have a lot less of a problem with BDS if it's supporters just said something like: "you know, it's inevitable that boycotting the...
only Jewish country will give rise to some antisemtism given our shared history, yes it may awaken something but hey, sorry, the ends justify the means and, to be blunt, it's a very small price to pay for our only choice of direct action for the Palestinian cause."
That would be honest. So why have you rarely, if ever, heard anyone say that?

Because the question then arises: what other minority group's oppression in this country has a caveat like that inserted by the progressive left. Who else gets an admission that -
- well, a bit of racism against you is inevitable but it's worth it. No one. Just Jews. And that's why it's denied. Its why BDS, as practiced in the West, is ultimately dishonest and makes a special case in regard to Jews. Sadly it has more of -
- an impact on us than it does it's primary target, the Israeli state. Thus the only option is to compound the issue: to fire the counter accusation that opponents of BDS are defenders of apartheid who lodge a complaint of antisemitism for an ulterior motive.

That strain again.
It shouldn't be this way. More Jews are in favour of targetted settlement boycotts (many more critical of its policies) but when even that isn't good enough, and a malign motive is assigned to Jews raising concerns, the problem becomes one of antisemitism.
Thus they're doomed to re-enact the very thing they deny exists. Exactly what we saw here during the Corbyn years.

Importing the Isr/Pal conflict here in this way has an antisemitic outcome. Whatever the intention, that's the outcome. Its just the way it is.
To finish: if BDS advocates really want to show they don't have a problem with Jews as a people they could at least be sensitive to the idea that intention is not necessarily the same as outcome, as this lovely gentleman did. More of this please.

• • •

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More from @supergutman

12 Oct
Really good this from Dave, read it at the time but had forgotten about it. The boy doesn't miss a trick.
The frankly comical nature to the contradictions and knots it ties itself in when trying, rather painfully, to skim over the most important question - why there was problem in the first place ,with the party suddenly swamped with complaints of antisemitism.
And of course the rampant denialism which is mentioned as being part of the problem itself but omits, of course, that the leadership and it's allies took part in it. Such an insult to the intelligence, might as well just say 'we think Jewish people are really stupid'.
Read 4 tweets
10 Oct
No, it's a quote by Kevin Alfred Strom, a Neo-Nazi but quite fitting to use in defence of David Miller who preaches about transnational Zionist power imposing it's will all over the world.

Can't even... Image
Read 4 tweets
24 Aug
The replies to Owen Jones' tweets about Loach are an absolute binfire. That same section of Corbyn supporters queuing up to tell the world what they really think about Jewish people, their concerns about antisemitism and even Holocaust revision.
Easy to forget sometimes how endemic the problem was but every few weeks there's a very stark reminder: the contortions, the derision, the complete lack of empathy and total disregard for what Jews have been raising concerns about not just now, but as in this case, for decades.
The tawdry spectacle of people who know what Loach has said and done is indefensible so they slyly reframe the argument (an issue of supreme sensitivity, the sort of Holocaust revision that puts Jews in the frame for their own genocide) to a procedural quibble.
Read 7 tweets
16 Dec 20
OK the winner of the World Cup of Antisemitic Canary Articles (That No One Can Be Arsed Doing) goes to...

A masterpiece of contemporary left antisemitic doctrine. Wild conspiracism, nefarious influence, illegitimate finance, limitless power from the infinitely evil Jewish collective to destroy socialism.

Like its notable precursors it was 100% fiction and it spread like wildfire.
To top it off, it was republished the day after the Enough is Enough demo to add a bit of collective blame. Masters at work.

There it went, Jews who protest about antisemitism in Lab do so at the behest of Israel for the most evil of reasons.

And we've all had that said to us.
Read 4 tweets
13 Dec 20
RT locked Jew🔒 The problem with Labour antisemitism was not that (some of) the right of the party criticised it, it's that the left of the party engaged in it.

So take your "weaponised" and fuck off.

Now I need to go away and calm down.
That was yer typical response to Owen Jones' show tonight. 94% of Jews didn't vote Labour in 2019. That's the facts right there.

I mean, yeah, keep chatting to the 6%, knock yourselves out, but don't pretend that nearly 19 out of 20 of us aren't excluded from your platforms.
Novara Media led the way. Got an offer, back in the early days, when it could have made a difference, to host a Jew who was hostile to Corbyn because of antisemitism, to talk about it honestly, openly and explain why so many Jews feared him. They refused to platform him.
Read 14 tweets
17 Nov 20
1/ I'd have far less of a problem with the tiny number of Jews whom JVL represent being presented as an equal side of an internal Jewish disagreement if they actually got questioned about the key part they themselves have played in the antisemitism problem.
2/ Let's be clear about JVL: a very small Jewish org who have genuine extremists in their ranks. Two of them have recently gone full Q Anon, one of whom, last year, co-organised a Guardian letter in support of Chris Williamson which got pulled because -->

---> of the antisemitism of its' signatories. The other co-ordinator of the letter was Elleane Green. Someone so extreme she has attended far-right organised 'Keep Talking' events. A conspiracist collective which includes Holocaust deniers and fascists.

Read 8 tweets

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