So far we had to bear Liberal Gyaan Baazi on Hindu Festivals, now we have to put up with the Liberal RW Gyaanbaazi, who cleverly conceal their intent in the name of Reforming Hinduism. Karma.

PS: Not taking any names, it's apparent who they are.
Liberals openly hate Hinduism cam be dealt with, the problem is with the Liberal RW who seek to impose their own Protestant version of Hinduism, sans rituals, traditions in the name of reformation, they are like termites eating away from within.
It's easy to deal with blatant Hindu haters, it's harder to deal with those who claim to fight for Hindu issues and then proceed to superimpose their own sanitized, Protestant version of Hinduism on everyone else.
When it comes to crackerless Diwali, waterless Holi, how can we celebrate Navaratri when women are.., banning rituals, Liberal RW are on the same page as Liberals. Actually their very identity is that they are the true Liberals.

• • •

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13 Oct
In my series on Andhra Pradesh, today I take a look at Kuchipudi village, where the classical dance form of the same name originated. This thread is however more about the village and the history of the dance form evolution, than the dance per se.
The village of Kuchipudi is located in Krishna dt, it's original name was Kuchelapuri, which itself is derived from Kusilavapuram, a Sanskrit term meaning village of travelling bards and artistes, that give this dance form it's name.
Like all other classical dance forms Kuchipudi traces it's roots to the Natya Shashtra, a treatise on the performing arts, in 6000 verses over 36 sections, that describe the theory behind the Shiva Tandava, rasa, bhava, expressions, techniques.
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12 Oct
The British come up with the Criminal Tribes Act on this date in 1871. One of the most draconian acts ever that classified entire communities as "criminal" , created ghettos, stigmatized them permanently.
Thread on this.
The CTA has been one of the most atrocious colonial legislations, on par with how the Aborgines in Australia were pushed off into enclaves, or the native Indian children forcibly resettled in Christian schools in Canada.
As per the CTA, certain ethnic communities in India were identified as "addicted to systematic commission of non bailable offences", they were resettled forcibly, their movements were restricted.
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11 Oct
Real life is not so simple as going from A to B, if you follow C. If it were so simple, no one would fail in life, no one would be depressed, no one would face dissapointment. People peddling free Life advice and Gyaan don't get this, or rather they know bit prefer to peddle.
It's just so funny how Gyaanis pick up a random video of someone in their teens and judge them to be a success or failure. You don't even know them, haven't even met them, yet you just sit in judgement of their lives. Their life is theirs not yours.
Let people decide what course their life will take and how they go about it. Unless they are breaking some laws or their actions harm people, there is just no need at all to crucify them. It's just none of your fucking business.
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11 Oct
Jayaprakash Narayan and Nanaji Deshmukh. Two men, from different backgrounds, whose lives would come together during the Emergency. Both born on the same date.
Thread on their Jayanti.
#JayaprakashNarayan was from Bihar’s Saran district, his father was a lower Government official, and he later went on to study in the US too. Nanaji on the other hand, was from Maharashtra’s Hingoli district, had a tough childhood., and later rose up the ranks of the RSS.
Their ideologies too differed, where JP was socialist, left leaning, Nanaji’s was more rooted in the Integral Humanism of the Jan Sangh. And yet their paths came together during the Emergency and events preceeding it.
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10 Oct
In my series on Andhra Pradesh, today I take a look at Diviseema, the Krishna river Delta region, known for it's canals, lush green fields, where the Krishna meets the Bay of Bengal at Hamsaladeevi.
However Diviseema inspite of it's natural beauty, is not as popular as Konaseema, in fact most assocciate it rather with that notorious 1977 cyclone that devastated the region.
Diviseema is a cultural treasure trove, Kuchipudi one of the major classical dances of India, originated in the village of the same name located here in this region.
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10 Oct
R.K.Narayan, who created the wondrous Malgudi, and was one of the shining lights of early Indian writing in English along with Raja Rao and Mulk Raj Anand. Thread on his Jayanti today.
If not for anything R.K.Narayan would be remembered just for Malgudi. And his works like Swami And Friends, The English Teacher, The Bachelor of Arts, Financial Expert and Guide. Most of them dealing with ordinary middle class people.
Rasipuram Krishnaswamy Narayan aka R.K.Narayan, born in Chennai,but grew up in Mysore, one of the great writers of Modern India. Studying at Maharaja High School in Mysore, he was a voracious reader, who would often spend hours in the library
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