Got another close friend in peril community.

She needs *at least* another $2500 by tomorrow

or she is in danger of homelessness.

So time for another #MutualAidMovies event.
Her paylinks:
C: $SynceNerdCarly
V: @ SynceNerdCarly

And here is her thread so you can be certain this is legit.
What are #MutualAidMovies? Basically a tweetathon but my content is commentary about whatever film or TV show is on my screen.
I came up with the concept during Lockdown.

It keeps my ask one the front page of my profile, while also being entertaining enough for folks to follow along. 😁
YOU can help by:

donating - $5 is NOT too small to assist, we're looking at a deadline.

retweeting - to help expand the audience who sees it.

QTs, faving or replying helps too - your interest informs the algorithm that more people should see our thread.
One friend is even making his own thread to help out!

Thanks @mvbrat91

- if you do that make sure you DM me the thread so I can send it some love.
In between tweets,GIFS, clips and laughter, I'll repeat my dear friends links so folks joining in progress can contribute.
And I'll continue tweeting throughout the day,

until she gets the money she needs

or I pass out from exhaustion.
#StarTrekVoyager is on in #ChronicLoaf so I'll watch that for a while.

I love Seven Of Nine & Janeway FIGHT ME!

One of my favorite #Voyager episodes - the doctor was somehow in her implant or something.

And had himself a BALL 🤣
Ooo I love e this episode.

They find some kind of god particle in space that Seven is OBSESSED with.

The Omega particle?

Which of these is the best 90s Trek?

Let's fight! LOL

Thanks to Christa and Lee, we're now at 801 raised of $5,000 goal!


Remember my friend has to hit at least $3000 to be able to move from her unsafe living conditions.
Her paylinks again, so you don't have to scroll:

Thank you for any help you can give!
C: $SynceNerdCarly
V: @ SynceNerdCarly

If you'd like to watch with me see below!

There's a text chat, no pressure but I'd love I'd you said hi!

Oh my gosh we're at $1301 already! Fantastic.

Thanks to Paul! You're the best!

I love this part. The Omega molecule is very unstable. They think it might be responsible for the Big Bang.

It becomes dangerous for them to continue studying it.

But Seven of Nine sees perfection & doesn't want to leave.

Here's a gift for my fellow #Trekkies - type "swear trek" into a GIF engine, especially GiPHY or Tenor.

You're welcome!
Thank you Patricia & anonymous donor- $1371!

Community works! Let's keep it moving. ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Oh this is a cool episode.

There's an alternate reality where Voyager is a Warship and Janeway is ruthless.

Ignore my lighting issue.

Remember to help our friend while we watch #StarTrek!

That's what #MutualAidMovies is about!

We've got to get my friend into housing with no ceiling holes!
C: $SynceNerdCarly
V: @ SynceNerdCarly

The Hologram Doc just found out he's been deactivated for 700 years! #Voyager
Whoops $3600.
The things that is weird about that episode is that the two elements

- history and race

are dismissed as unimportant as long as it prevents things like race rioting.

Ultimately the reason for the riotanis that a lie was told about history

and race was used to create unfair living conditions.

Living in the 90s, the context of this comes to light.

Predictably one character says "this isn't about race!"

Another character, the race being oppressed says "everything is about race.

& here we are 30 years later, debating whether history should be adjusted to fit the truth.

& whether admitting the truth will change things.
Back to the fundraiser though.

We're currently stuck at $1371 for the last hour.

Remember my #disabled friend needs at least $2230 more

to be able to move from her unsafe living conditions.

#DisabilityTwitter we need more retweets please!
Her paylinks again, so you don't have to scroll:

Thank you for any help you can give to help make another disabled person safe!
C: $SynceNerdCarly
V: @ SynceNerdCarly

I'll be here holding this #MutualAidMovies marathon,

discussing whatever tv show or film I'm watching

until my loving friend & community leader gets to her first goal

Or I collaspe from exhaustion.

She only has until TOMORROW! Please help if you can. ♥️
Thanks Kristin, an anoymous donor- and Briana!

New Total is $1521! $300 more and we'll be halfway!

Another thing I love about #StarTrekVoyager is how few threads are left unresolved.

Their lift off from the demon class planet they landed on,

where the whole crew was eventually duplicated is in this video.

One of the few times they ever land.
Later they tell us what happened to the dupes,

which I just adored, as bittersweet as it was.

In this episode, it appears #Voyager is trying to get through a nebula

that gives the crew health problems and kills a crew member.

Enjoying the acting here.
Only Seven of Nine & the Doctor Hologram are immune to the nebula,

so everyone is going into suspended animation for a month until they clear it.

Will Seven be able to handle only having the doctor or company?
The thing that interests me about Seven is that, at the time,

people often had issues with strong women who don't care about your opinion LOL

But Seven was (still is) lovely, beyond being a blonde woman.

And yet she didn't overshadow Janeway.
Seven of Nine in one of the #Picard episides. I think she looks even better now.

Thanks to an anonymous donor- we have reached $1556!

To get our community member safely housed she needs to hit $3600 by tomorrow.

Thank you for your donstions, tweets, QT, retweets and replies.

As a team we can help her!

Her paylinks again, so you don't have to scroll:

Thank you again for any help you can give!
C: $SynceNerdCarly
V: @ SynceNerdCarly

Seven has started hallucinating.

It's like her fears are surrounding her as a PTSD flashback,

but as if they were in the present.
I'm going to take a little break to get ready for an upcoming meeting.

Please continue your amazing support!

Every interaction and donation matters so much to me & my great friend Carly.

She does so much for people, and me. It's nice to see people help her too. 🥰♥️
Back from my breaks and meetings -

we're watching a hilarious comedy called #Avenue5

About what would happen if rich people went to space.
Another non-spouler-y part of the show

is when the people start thinking they are NOT in fact, in space.

And if you think this vid funny- wait until you see what happens next.

#Avenue5 is on HBOMAX.
Thanks to Mae we've reached $1631 - $70 more and we'll be halfway!

We appreciate you Debra & anonymous donors!

Please remember what our #MutualAidMovies event is all about!

I have the rest of the day off

& I'm trying to help my #disabled friend get into safer housing

that does NOT have a huge hole in the ceiling.

I will be here tweeting until she gets her money or I pass TF out.
Her paylinks again, so you don't have to scroll:

Thank you for donating, retweeting, QT-ing & every other way you're all helping us!
C: $SynceNerdCarly
V: @ SynceNerdCarly
Thank you anonymous donor-! $1959 to go!

We're gonna slow down a little, and wait for folks to get back from work.

We'll be ramping up again in about 90 minutes!
Thank you to @GeecheeThreat for the repeated boosts!

Replies and reactions to tweets in all our threads help!
Here's what's on in the meantime if you're able to join us.

#SleepyHollow (1999)
New total is now $1851, thanks to my lovely friend April and three anonymous donors!

We're over halfway! $1759 to go!

Let's get Carly relocated to safe housing safely!…
I am exhausted but I'm not giving up! To prevent a #ChronicFatigue collapse, I'm taking a cat nap for about an hour.
Here's the movie in the Chronic Loaf viewing room in the meantime!

Thank you anonymous person for your $50 donation!

$1699 to go- she's over halfway!! Yay!!!!

I tried to restart #MutualAidMovies AGAIN few minutes ago.

But it's too noisy to do it my preferred way, with videos I made.

But who says it has to be that way? I'm making up the rules. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Today #MutualAidMovies event is all about getting my friend @SynceNerd_Carli enough to relocate to a safe residence

that does NOT have a BIG hole in the ceiling.

I will be here tweeting until she gets her money or I collapse from exhaustion.
(Well technically I did once, but I had a nap!)
Right now I'm watching #Invincible.

And it's interesting how much it's a story about family relationships

Particularly father-son.
Then later it becomes a story about truth and misplaced trust.

It's hard to tweet more without spoiling, so here's a GIF.
Since our break there have been no donations, which is why I'm tweetathoning in the first place.

If you don't keep up momentum, it's not showing up to people who haven't seen it yet.

It's been about an hour.

Please donate if you can, share, or reply if you can't!
Her paylinks again, so you don't have to scroll:

Thank you for any help you can give!
C: $SynceNerdCarly
V: @ SynceNerdCarly


What a huge, unsafe hole. Let's get my friend properly housed.
The trailer for Invincible.

so in this Invincible show's world, there are several times of superheroes.

It is an unsolved mystery who killed the Guardians of the Globe that the father super hero used to work with.
"Sorry about the duck joke. I'm sure your junk is awesome." 🤣😂

The moral of the story is, believe #disabled people or get beat up by someone you thought couldn't fight. 😆

Love that #Invincible has a few lines in it calling out #colonizers.

Not loving the fact that it came from an obviously evil villain.

But all superhero shows are #copaganda on some level.

Except #HarleyQuinn which is my fave except for Storm or Nubia.
I mean look at her.

A whole bad ass bitch. Wolverine got ELEVENTEEN movies.

Storm should have at least one.

I was mad at Halle Berry from the first day she played Storm to the last.

It's not her fault.

When they didn't read the comics.

In the coming it us FUCKING CLEAR that she was the daughter of a Kenyan princess.

It was depicted as a village cuz yawl a bunch of racists. 😂

J/k That's more an American prejudice.
Anyway the cartoon somehow figured she had an English accent,

Because all the kids of Africans they know have English accents.
We know it's because they were educated in England.

They seemed to think that African kids don't develop American accents.
The twins father is full African, with a thick accent. They lived in Nigeria.

Two of them it was the only accent they ever had. They switched up SO fast.

Only took The Girl a day.
ANYWAY so just those guys were a bunch of racists! 🤣

But fr, Storm has an accent that was British influenced by African in the 90s cartoon.


Then here comes the lovely Ms. Berry.

It's not her fault o
This terrible line she kinda worked with, but cool she sounds American here.

Then she has this weird accent when we come back to another #Xmen movie.

No explanation.

Not so much as a mitherfucking montage.
Thank you to Karen, out only donor in the last hour!

And to Sabrina & Éireann Laskey, belated thank you for being our two contributors the hour before that!
Thank you Amanda and anonymous donor!

Because of you we’ve reached

$2001 of my friend’s $3600

she needs to mitigate the cost of an emergency move to a location safe for a #disabled person.

We need to reach this goal by tomorrow — only good option. Please help if you can.
You know how it is to move under Normal circumstances.

First month, security deposit, your bones, your heartache.
Her paylinks again, so you won't need to scroll:

Thank you again for everything each community is doing

to lift @SynceNerd_Carli

& show her

just like she's had our backs?

We have hers too.
C: $SynceNerdCarly
V: @ SynceNerdCarly
I'm realizing how much more I can tolerate when I'm in high pain.

Over the past week I've been repeating more and more than I'm not angry at them, I'm in pain.

Not because I'm rude.

I can both feel and hear the edge creep into my voice now.
It's ruining everything this pain.

I can't focus my thoughts. I can't enjoy tv- all I see are the terrible things people believe so much?

They carry it over to speculative fiction.
Point being I can't even joke about the tired tropes.

The irritating thing is- it's a ridiculous story but not a bad one.
And it would be a very enjoyable one for me

if the backdrop wasn't drawn in the groves of the tale of suffering

Bourne by Black people
Especially Black women

With disabled people and non-straight people

even considered.

loud to me

faint at best to others .
Which, you know? Is mostly fine.

If I don't watch TV with racism, tf I'm gonna watch?

Black tv - chauvinism & colorism.

Feminist tv basically means white women tv.
No one ever has fibro. Or people with more than one type of marginalization.

We're just getting a Black character with Lupus.

Cancer characters are half wrong.
Like it's not real life. Not even gay co-workers or neighbors or friends?

It's just weird to me, running the numbers.
Anyway. I've been whining about seeing more types of people on tv and it's slowly changing.

There are still people arguing about whether Black Panther really made Billions.

But also try making that movie in 2009 & having a smash hit.
We had Blade and could not wait to lock him up.

I'm waiting to find out how we didn't get a Black Lightning. Movie first.
Back to the fundraiser. Just saying why I'm not commenting right now.

Three different things I tried to watch & every one had either sexually assaulted women.

Black people getting brutally harmed or killed.

In none of them did we have a central role in saving ourselves.
They don't want to teach about this country's racism or rape culture.

But I can't escape it even to relax.

Welp. I feel better having vented at least.
Fun game: time how long it takes for some racist jackass to give me some fresh shit for having my

black ass grown woman ass opinion

about facts

On my own page.
Thank you Jalessa & anonymous donors! @SynceNerd_Carli now has $2296 of the $3600 she needs by later today.


So close to keeping my friend from being able to move to a safe place.

Thank you all!
This #MutualAidMovies event is about keeping my friend safely re-homed.

There's a giant hole in her ceiling. She must move.

Her paylinks again, so you don't have to scroll:

Thank you for any help you can give!
C: $SynceNerdCarly
V: @ SynceNerdCarly
My #disabled friend hasn't got what she needs

& I don't know how many hours

we have left

before she needs the remaining $1215.
Thanks to Adam, Andrew, Amanda & an Anonymous donor for bringing us to $2385!
🚨 @SynceNerd_Carli needs $1215 to avoid having nowhere safe to live.

Her paylinks again:

Thank you for everything you've done to help!
C: $SynceNerdCarly
V: @ SynceNerdCarly


• • •

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14 Oct
Tonight's #DisabledBlackTalk will be about DIY fixes for #disability issues & #mobility tools.

We're meeting at 8 pm CT/ 9 pm ET Thursday night. White lettering on red back...
What do you do if something you use as a mobility tool doesn't work?

Is there a trick to getting a resource or service?

Should we make some?

Bring your best #DisHacks to #DisabledBlackTalk.
Chat is in 25 minutes. Rules, momentarily.
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14 Oct
"Why don't you people?

Why don't you like to ask for help?

Why do you need Black spaces or Femme spaces?

Why can't you do tweetathons for strangers? "

Because ...
It takes a long time
to be sure a person is willing to ride for you, for real.

Lotta people will hook you up once or twice.
Very few people will be at your 11th crowdfund ',

Or the 25th time you want to talk about your disabled day.
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12 Oct
"Help me but don't do it for the reason that made you visible enough to ask you."

It's not a thing. Do it your way then.

Leave me out of it Corporation X.
I'd be rich if I could make myself take unethical jobs.

I already can't sleep at night because of the pain.
Maybe it's old fashioned but I have to live with myself.

Already know how it feels to let your audience down because your money got stuck at a payment processor.
Read 5 tweets
9 Oct
I said what I saiddd. No one will never get a dollar who believes in harming people for "jokes."
Why should I have to cosign bullshit because it came from a Black man.

If you are asking me to only choose the elevation of people who share my identities

even when they are wrong?

you obvi don't give a shit about me

and aren't on my side.

Why should I be on yours.
Read 5 tweets
7 Oct
Not true. When we are silent, things never change.

How about including the 20% of people in the world instead?
We could support *each other* - instead of the choices being patronizing Amazon/HF/whoever, you could include the help people need to be able to join the boycotts.
During the Montgomery boycott, employers eventually started picking up housekeepers etc

so they would always have to choose walking long distances and breaking the boycott.
Read 10 tweets
4 Oct
I wish y'all would respect both hard & soft boundaries.
Hard boundary : do not give me more information about [thing].
Soft boundary : [THING] made me experience unwanted emotion.

Such as PTSD so hard I am now crying in a fetsl ball.
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