1/ On sustainability of profile picture NFT projects.

How to match demand, benefitting holders, the future of them.

A thread with thoughts from a πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘‡
2/ Avatar projects have definitely been the biggest thing in the NFT space in the last 3 months. BAYC, Cool Cats, Mekas. To many of us, including myself, it allowed us to look at NFTs from another perspective.

The culture perspective. Community.
3/ I know of many people skeptical about avatar projects. And, it makes sense when you look at it from the general POV. People paying tens of thousands to represent themselves with a JPEG on Twitter.

However, the deeper you go, the more you understand where value arises from.
4/ As said in the second tweet, look at it from the culture perspective.

Who are the people involved in the project? What is the project represented by?

Culture is community. Community is empowered through demand.

"Wow, he is part of the BAYC movement!"
5/ "Community is empowered through demand"

To touch more on this point. This is what it all comes down to imo. For a project to last long, there needs to be more demand coming in.

How do you do this?

Simple. These avatar projects become brand(s).
6/ Traditional world: Nike logo represents the Nike brand. Consumers buy anything associated with Nike.

New world: BAYC logo & all BAYC avatars represent the BAYC brand. Consumers buy anything associated with BAYC.

There are ways this can still be improved. But, it's a start.
7/ When we release Timeless, it will be public domain. This means that anyone can use any of the avatars, and commercially benefit from it.

Is this bad?

If you think the right-click and save argument makes a piece lose value, then yes, it's bad.
8/ If you don't, (and I don't), it's good.

More exposure to the project. More exposure to the artworks. Buildings, clothing, accessories, digital stuff representing Timeless. And, it doesn't stop the owner who owns the token that represents that image from monetizing.
9/ It's like buying a print of an artists' work from a site. Or, buying straight from an artist.

Avatar projects should become brands.

This is the best way to increase demand, benefit holders, and have a longer-lasting future to them.
10/ Projects like Punks aren't really an "avatar" project and weren't designed by LarvaLabs to be like them. They are more collectibles, and don't really need to be a brand. Their brand is the collectible aspect of them.
11/ TL;DR:

Their is beauty in Web3 PFP projects already, and demand is evident. Sustainability of these aren't certain if demand decreases, best way to have continuous demand is becoming a brand. As much exposure to that project as you can, digitally and physically.

β€’ β€’ β€’

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12 Oct
1/ I've been incredibly passionate about this space since I've made, sold and bought my first NFT, I'll continue to be here for years building.

Wanted to do a thread on some of the most valuable things I've learnt on the way πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘‡
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3/ Staying solvent in this market.

You are sat on your couch watching some TV holding those JPEGs you just bought for $20K. You get a notification from each of your friends, "all of our NFTs just 10x'd in 10 minutes"

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2/ Timeless is an avatar collectible drop, but will be developed into a brand.

They will be playable characters inside of Treeverse (development has started on the MMORPG) and a marketplace dedicated to them will be created.
3/ There will be no public sale.

If you own a private plot from the official Treeverse collection, you can mint for 0.222 ETH.

If you own an Nftree, you can mint for free.

Each plot/nftree will have a corresponding avatar with it.
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im bearish on physical + nfts

we haven’t really found a great way to connect them both, and it destroys a big part of the NFT concept

argue with me
don’t get me wrong:

- NFTs as redeem for physical is cool.
- physicals as bonuses for NFTs is cool.

Not the β€œbacked by NFT/physical”
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1/ I looked into the Beanie Babies craze a bit deeper and wanted to compare it to the current state of NFTs.

It's something I think people mention without really understanding what they are talking about.

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2/ Beanie Babies are a line of stuffed toys that were created in the 90s by H. Ty Warner, an American businessman.

They originally sold for approximately $5, went on to sell for thousands, and now you can buy them at a dollar store. ImageImageImage
3/ Beanie Babies accounted for 10% of eBay's sales at one point. And, the craze made Ty Warner one of the richest men in the world at one point with a rough estimate of his net worth at $2.4bn.

Ty Warner pushed the value of BB up simply by introducing a scarcity method.
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1/ NFT summer will be 1000x bigger than JPEG summer.

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2/ JPEG summer is a meme-term anyways, but replace the word "JPEG" with any other media file type like .mp4, .png, .gif... and we are all talking about the same thing.

emphasis on the art and collectibles aspect to NFTs which is definitely the main part of NFTs right now
3/ i am a strong believer in art and collectibles, my lovely JPEGs, and it's probably the fastest way to onboard people into NFTs.

"a digital image sold for this much?"

it's easy to have JPEG summer as a point of discussion
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31 Jul
1/ I'm building a Play-To-Earn MMORPG, an insight into what is to come, built from a Metaverse.

The Runescape of Blockchain Games.

A thread, retweet if you are excited πŸ‘‡
2/ Let me start from the beginning.

As most of you know me, I started as an artist selling Crypto Art and become an investor and founder... all while growing this Twitter through (shitposting?) and some helpful articles.

I am 100% dedicated to the future of NFTs.
3/ I've always had a passion for building, and this is my first (and biggest) project that I founded ~ @TheTreeverse 🌴

It started from an NFT collectibles project; then went on to become a full-blown Metaverse.

Now, read this: loop-news.com/p/announcing-t…
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