Lavrov says Taiwan is part of the People's Republic of China. I think this message might be more complex than it looks like. My guess is Russia might imply China it wants to play a role in the future Taiwan liberation, of course, not for free.
China's Taiwan policy is to try to confine it as a domestic matter, but this strategy doesn't work well, especially in past couples years. US, Japan and many west countries actively play Taiwan card. China can't pretend Taiwan liberation will not cause international troubles.
From Russia perspective, Taiwan liberation is the most significant military operation globally in decade and directly envolve two great powers, it is nature for Russia, who is another great power, to want to play a role and benefit from it.
what can Russia do?

1. Russia could have some "exercise" around Japan when China liberates Taiwan. Japan will have to put resources at north to worry about Hokkaido and say goodbye to Taiwan;

2. Russia could issue a statement to warn China/US, no one uses nuclear weapons.
what can Russia get?
1. Economical cooperation with China.
2. Some strategic support from China when Russia does something at East Europe.

China usually doesn't want to involve into wars between others, and economical cooperation is more acceptable to China.
pure personal guess. Don't take serious and let's see what will happen in the future.

• • •

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14 Oct
In 1960, Zhou Enlai offered Nehru a bargain that was in India's favor by a land area ratio of about 3:1 - China would drop its claim in the Eastern sector if India would drop its claim in the Western sector. But Nehru rejected this package solution.
Deng Xiaoping again offered a similar deal to India on a number of occasions in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but they were again rejected by India.
China's land border negotiations with neighboring countries offer a startling revelation. Portions of the total disputed territories that China received as part of its boundary negotiations with 12 of its 14 neighbours are as follows:
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13 Oct
a well-stocked supermarket actually is empty.
I forget to mention this is a supermarket in Kroger, Ohio
The fallout from the US-China trade war, which disrupted supply chains, began to fully manifest itself at the end of Mr Biden's first year in office. Shelves are empty and prices are rising this Christmas.
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7 Oct
Read Tasi's article again in <Foreign Affairs>, more thoughts here:
1. Tsai is really worried. In general, the likelihood that the US sell Taiwan is increasing. Tsai Ing-wen also felt that and she is increasingly desperated.
2. Part of what Tsai said is that Taiwan will not initiate trouble. This is what the United States needs under the current circumstances. It is not a good servant to make troubles on his own. Some extreme Taiwan separatists do want that, but Tsai is clarifying to US.
3. There is a view in China that the US and Japan want to use Taiwan to stir up trouble and prevent China's rise; there is another view in the international community is that China is in a position to strategicially attack. The latter is relatively more accurate.
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5 Oct
U.S. trade negotiator Katherine Tai announced America's China trade policy today. I took some time to read what she said and found out basically there is nothing worth to tweet about. Image
Katherine Tai complained China didn't completely fullfill the phase 1 agreement. That's ture. But so did US.

Besides, this deal officially was signed on Jan 15 2019, 1 week before Wuhan lockdown. Covid clearly is a force majeure for both sides.
US must understand the core reason for China to sign this deal. China worried two things at that time:
1. High tariff might cause damage to Chinese export;
2. China,at a certain degree, still respected even fear US and wanted a stable US-China relationship through this deal.
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27 Sep
Let's review some detials about Meng Wanzhou's case.

Meng was arrested in Dec 1 2018, 2 days before Trump and Xi had a dinner party at G20 Buenos Aires. It is believed Trump didn't know this arrest in advance. It is this men John Robert Bolton who is the one behind. Image
Bolton said he "knew this arrest in advance" in a NRP interview Dec 6. He also said " this kind of things happen a lot, no need to tell president everytime".

Bolton's intention is not only Meng and Huawei, he wants to break the negotiation between Trump-Xi in G20 2 days later.
Bolton made an initial move by himself(maybe with some other hawks) and made an established fact for Trump, then Trump and US gov had no choice but to follow.

Bolton kidnapped Trump's policy. I guess that's one of reasons why he was fired later.
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26 Sep
More thoughts about Taiwan. Three pillars maintain current balance.

Big pillar: strength balance of China and US(Japan) at the West Pacific
Medium pillar: strength balance of China mainland and Taiwan
Small pillar: balance of Pro-independent and pro-status quo inside Taiwan
Currently the big pillar is still roughly stable. Neither China or US(japan) has distinct advantage at the West Pacific. However, the balance is gradually leaning to China under the current trend. 5-10 years will make a big different unless something unexpected happens.
the medium pillar is unbalanced. China mainland has overwhleming advantage over Taiwan and the gap is enlarging. Taiwan practically has given up. It puts all hope on US(Japan) and believes the big pillar will be stable either forever or at least many years for them to goof around
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