💭 i keep thinking of this nevertheless scene but let’s make it vmin with jimin just eating breakfast by himself right after he left taehyung’s place.

he doesn’t even wanna think back to last night when he kissed his friend cause he was too drunk. like come on.
he should’ve known better than to just kiss him. so obviously next morning he just says it was a mistake and that it cannot happen again cause they were both drunk, you know?

taehyung agrees to it because its 1) it’s too early, 2) he doesn’t wanna give himself away, and
3) cause what does he get from saying otherwise? exactly, nothing.

taehyung picks his stuff up and goes out by himself. but then, his brain won’t let him alone — of course it freaking wouldn’t and he keeps thinking of jimin’s lips on his and how good it felt.
how much he liked it. how much he had waited for this to happen. or how much he simply held himself back for his and jimin’s sake.

all of it so good yet broken the second jimin said it was a mistake.

so, as that taehyung is torn between his feelings,
jimin tries not to dwell on it too much — only traces of the kiss left on his hangover mess of a head.

he keeps eating and huffing by his own when the chair in front of him gets pulled and taehyung plops there, wordless and with a certain look on his eyes.
“it wasn’t a mistake.” he says and he can clearly hear when jimin chokes on the food because he wasn’t expecting it.

“taehyung-ah, just let it go.” he bites back, rolling some noodles on his stick.
halfway through eating, taehyung snaps back, splashes his hands on the table. “i like you, and i wanna kiss you again.”

“yah, what the hell are you even saying?” jimin looks up. “we were too drunk, but we know better. stop talking bullshit.”
he’s mean, way too hard with his words. but the part that hurts taehyung the most has got to be the harsh look jimin gives him with those brown eyes that taehyung has grown to like and love so much.

“fine. worry about your own stuff, i got mine to take care of.”

• • •

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13 Oct
you guys don’t understand the level of romance and love kim taehyung has inside his precious, huge heart for jimin.
you know, he may not post a selca or publicly congratulate him but damn he treats jimin like his best gift, his most precious person.
this is the translation of the pic.
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12 Oct
super short vmin thread ✤

“happy birthday,” jimin hears a whisper into his ear and then, the faint sense of lips against his collarbone.

he doesn’t need to move or open his eyes to know who it is.

because it will always be him — the love of his life kissing and loving him.
“hello to you too.” he whispers back, hands extending and carding through taehyung’s fluffy hair. “you’re so soft.”

“hmm, not more than you are.”

taehyung’s big hands roam through his back, smoothly massaging it and raising goosebumps wherever he touches.
jimin feels blessed already, waking up like this: legs intertwined under the covers, his body flushed to his loved one’s, taehyung’s head nestled in his collarbone and the melodic sound of his deep voice.

jimin doesn’t think it can get any better.
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11 Oct
vmin | this is just pain but here’s taehyung crying and feeling pain at the loss of the love of his life. simply because i’m hurt right now.

cw // mentions of mcd, angst, lost of a dear one.

(1/3) ImageImage
(2/3) Image
(3/3) Image
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10 Oct
🔞💭 / i’m having the strongest thoughts of jm telling th that he has a small cock. it’s all fun at the beginning: just jm joking around with their friends that th has a small dick, pinkie references and tiny laughs when th huffs at him. but then,
it gets to a point where it annoys th. he rolls his eyes and huffs at jm but the smaller thinks he’s still playing around until th gets enough of it.

one day when they’re alone, he stands up, grabs his face harshly and asks him, “you really wanna see how small my cock is? —
— you wanna see how fucking small it is?”

jm is undeniably perplexed but he whines in his throat and nods as he can, eyes pleading with a certain shine that th doesn’t get but suddenly it makes a fire run down his own body cause what the fuck, he’s had enough.
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30 Sep
🔞 newly parents vmin & their first time having sex after the baby.

it’s been such wild nights lately. four weeks — one month to be exact — since their adopted baby made it home with them and it’s probably the most fulfilling, beautiful sentiment they’ve had ever since
discovering they loved each other and wanted to be on this ride together forever.

taehyung smiles slowly but tiredly as the baby coos and makes small fists, deep in his sleep. the tiny baby girl looks so beautiful and delicate among those white sheets and it fills his chest
with a sense of pride and happiness that he can’t describe.

yes, it’s been hella tiring — he’s even cried of frustration when he couldn’t stop the baby from crying — but he’s had jimin by his side, supporting him and letting him know he’s doing great as a parent.
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29 Sep
💭 we all talk about how vmin is always comfortable with the sex life they have but how about a vmin who are very unsatisfied with how it’s going because they hit a huge life mark — ten years together — and somehow they feel like their sex couldn’t be more normal
they’re worried about not having the novelty they used to so many years ago. so worried that it might be a dealbreaker after being together for so long so they agree on starting a research project, couple therapy, whatever and anything that gets them going because they love e/o.
jimin start coming to taehyung from behind and kissing his neck on random occasions, or taehyung waking jimin up with soft touches all over his chest. or sometimes one of the two slipping in the shower as the other showers and just helping e/o out in a lovely way.
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