Kiyoomi’s the type of uni student to over-prepare. He finishes his presentation slides 2 weeks before the actual presentation date.

He records himself doing the presentation & adds more info every time he rehearses. Atsumu knows that it’s useless to say that Kiyoomi—
is going to ace it and that he doesn’t need the practice anymore. It’s not helpful.

He knows that it soothes Kiyoomi to practice almost every night. So, during their nightly video calls, Atsumu listens intently to his boyfriend.

No matter that he’s listened to it so much—
Atsumu can recite it word for word. He could probably present it and he’d get a top mark.

Atsumu also has the brilliant idea of asking Kiyoomi to send the readings and other references he has for the topic he’s going to be presenting about.
Kiyoomi sends it to him, slightly confused. Atsumu just waves him off.

It takes Atsumu just one night to make a long list of open-ended questions that emphasizes the meat of Kiyoomi’s presentation.
He also points out loose ends that he’s spotted by asking Kiyoomi to back it up with credible, peer-reviewed sources.

Kiyoomi is surprised when Atsumu asks him these questions, but he’s nonetheless grateful. He’s so saturated by his topic by now that he overlooked—
a lot of weak spots. Atsumu has his back though.

The questions are hard and Atsumu doesn’t let up when Kiyoomi falters.

It’s just the kind of thing Kiyoomi needs. Atsumu keeps pushing.
But Atsumu also knows when to let Kiyoomi breathe. After a grueling back and forth over a faulty tenet, Atsumu quickly scribbles something on his notepad.

“Psst,” Atsumu says to Kiyoomi. Through the screen, Atsumu sees a frowning Kiyoomi looking at his index cards,
printed handouts, and textbooks. His lips were set in a grim line. He looks exhausted.

Kiyoomi looks up, a flash of frustration crossing his face.

Atsumu holds up his notepad to the camera and he sees in real time how Kiyoomi’s face immediately relaxes at the words.
Kiyoomi smiles, takes a deep breath, and asks him to repeat the question.
When Kiyoomi finally presents in front of his classmates and a panel of professors, Kiyoomi’s nerves are through the roof. But then, he imagines Atsumu.
Enthusiastic, supportive Atsumu, sitting amongst his classmates, holding up the “you can do it, my Omi-Omi!” sign, and it calms Kiyoomi down.

He breezes through the presentation and defends it flawlessly.

I’ve read so many uni student Kiyoomi and pro volleyball player Atsumu threads lately that it inspired me to make one of my own 🥺
Also, Kiyoomi would definitely do the same thing for Atsumu.

Atsumu would record himself setting or serving during practice and Kiyoomi would point out small discrepancies in Atsumu’s form,
resulting to a weak serve or a less than stellar serve. Things Atsumu may have overlooked.

Just sakuatsu helping each other become better 😔❤️

• • •

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