Jeebus, in Christopher Worrell's case, DOJ brought about 6 bigwigs from DOJ and in the chain of command at DOC and in the medical establishment.

Judge Lamberth begins by expressing the difficulties cause by DOC cutting down on video hearing rooms on September 30.
Lamberth complains that he has had to cancel several video rooms that were already scheduled.

"It makes it virtually impossible to set things like this on short notice."
Lamberth now bitching about how a defendant got sent back bc his COVID test didn't come back in time (it was negative).

Worrell has waived his presence today.
Worrell's now claiming that if the jail can't fix Worrell's treatment over what it has been as he enters into surgery and chemo, it'll amount to cruel and unusual punishment.
Prosecutor William Dreher says Lamberth has the timing right.

That rare moment when a prosecutor and defense attorney are on the same side.
Dreher: USG does believe Worrell receiving treatment for his cancer.
Lamberth declares the warden to be in contempt.
Lamberth: It was clear to the court that they had given the back of the hand to the court.
Lamberth: It's more than just inept and bureaucratic shuffling of papers. I find civil rights of defendant have been abridged. I don't know whether it's bc he's a Jan 6 defendant or not, I will refer to AG, to see whether DOC is violating civil rights of Jan 6 defendants.

That's it. Lamberth just referred the jail to DOJ for contempt and civil rights violations.
Note that Tim Kelly has called a hearing in Ryan Samsel's case for tomorrow (tho Samsel is in a different jail--actually at least his third).

[Screen cap fixed.]

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More from @emptywheel

14 Oct
Jacob Wiedrich, in plea hearing, says college wasn't for him. He's going to get an electrical cert.

He's early 20s tho.
Hogan says Wiedrich's worst sentence would be 6 months in prison. Wiedrich says, "I thought 6 months in jail."

Not a dummy.
For anyone wondering, Hogan has read the entire Statement of Offense himself.

Now we're learning about Wiedrich's walk through Rotunda. He yelled at law enforcement. Posted a video to Snapchat.

"We ride for Trump, we die for Trump."
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14 Oct
In Alan Hostetter hearing, where he has asked to go pro se.

Lamberth starts by asking whether his current lawyer advised him how foolish this was. Describing 2 pro se defendants getting themselves convicted last year for 25 years, both in their 40s. That's where I'm coming from
Lamberth (who is 78) says he's never seen a pro se defendant succeed.

"I would never represent myself."
Hostetter says finances have something to do with his desire to go pro se. Not leaving on bad terms. Would like court to appoint official advisor. One request for vetting, not have any background with Skull and Bones or any other society requiring secrecy.
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14 Oct
Awaiting Oath Keeper hearing...

Carmen Hernandez (attorney for Dominic Crowl): Shelli, when will this interminable discovery end?

Michelle Peterson (attorney for Jessica Watkins and a senior public defender): 2028
Peter Cooper (attorney for Laura Steele): In 2024 there'll be a new administration and all charges will be dropped.

Someone else, not sure who: That would be fine if my client weren't in pre-trail detention.
Note: that should have been Donovan Crowl. My apologies to him.
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13 Oct
Was listening to Cudd hearing AFK.

She's pleading to 1752, not 5104, presumably bc she pushed for Revolution.

A little contention over whether there was an earlier plea.
Marina Medvin making it clear that the standard terrorism enhancement language is still in the plea agreement.

BREAKING: Medvin agrees terrorism enhancements are part of these pleas.

Told ya so.
Oh yeah, also: Jenny Cudd may be the second best educated Jan 6 defendant to plead guilty, after Graydon Young.
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13 Oct
Note how Area Substacker makes a claim here--Jan 6ers have been subjected to extra harsh measures--that could be true according to some measures (if you consider they attacked cops during a pandemic) but is mostly unproven propaganda.
In fact, Trump appointee Trevor McFadden noted that the detentions of Jan 6ers are actually SHORTER than other detained defendants in DC in a recent Speedy Trial ruling.
Also, I know having only reviewed this issue for months Glenn wouldn't have time to check the docket, but there are several defendants who've pled guilty that may still be in DC Jail: Fairlamb, Palmer, Chansley, Smocks, and Meredith Jr.
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13 Oct
In this hearing DC Circuit (not sure who) says there's no public info on false statements analysis.

That's not true. The false statements analysis of Jeff Sessions is public.
Adding, whoever this is claims that the false statements are lies to grand jury.

That's only true of one of the redacted declinations.

One of the lies *might* be Steve Bannon lying to Congress.
Finally, ONE of the false statements declinations involved KT McFarland, whose investigation Billy Barr liberated in an attempt to tamper in 2020.
Read 4 tweets

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