Ah, yes, the red state, the last bastion of resistance against Marxist invaders plotting revolutionary seizure of the means of produc ... <hang on a sec, just verifying my notes here> ... oh, by "communist hordes" he just meant private companies requiring vaccination. Very cool.
What I tell the "helpless citizen" is that compulsory vaccination is a perfectly acceptable condition for employment.
(1) Companies have a compelling interest in achieving certain health outcomes for employees, clients, and society; (2) science overwhelmingly supports their effectiveness, and (3) historical precedent suggests prior to the Great Politicization, vax requirements weren't a big deal
Oh, living in a red state is going to protect me from communists when it couldn't even protect me from a batshit thread that included the word "Vercingetorix" in it? Come on.
Over 5K likes for a thread that likens the advent of vaccine mandates to the sinking of the titanic. Just unimaginable stupidity.

• • •

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13 Oct
My contribution to the popularism debate is to point out that candidates and parties expecting to be competitive must make their peace with the fact that political strategy is irretrievably pragmatic. Barring a massive upheaval of the structural incentives, it'll always be thus.
There are many situations in which I'd favor genuine moral conviction penetrating the darkly hostile world of political calculation.

But two formidable barriers must always be accounted for...
(1) When voters don't share your moral vision, pursuing it risks alienating them, which of course lowers your chances of winning.
Read 4 tweets
12 Oct
Credit where it's due. She finally learned. Image
While we're on the subject, I've always found it comedically illiterate—and just semantically absurd—to get all hot and bothered about people (yes, even Trump) mockingly calling her "Pocahontas."
There are many occasions on which it certainly would be racist to call someone Pocahontas. If someone calls a random Native American person Pocahontas, that's a racist thing to do. But Warren's case was always different.
Read 5 tweets
8 Oct
Solemnly asking my followers that in the event that I ever tweet something cancelable to please flood my mentions with @'s to amazing organizations so that my haters can be so owned when they see I work for such a large number of top brands
Something like:

"@ManUtd come get your starting striker"
"@NASA your finest engineer is ooof-city rn"
Read 5 tweets
8 Oct
This analogy is so hilariously self-undermining.

Galileo was the actual expert. The hurdles he faced were erected by people who thought they knew better than someone who was genuinely scientifically proficient.

So, kind of the opposite of what you were going for here, Timmy.
<starts a podcast in which he predicts things like Trump winning 49 states in 2020>

"Am I basically the modern day Galileo?"
5K people and counting liked a tweet in which IDW shitlords are likened to Galileo in his intellectual struggles against ecclesial authority. What a discourse. What a world.
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8 Oct
A not-insignificant portion of the MAGA electorate derive their entire politics from their hatred of Democrats. They have no positive political vision; they couldn't name a single policy they like. It's 'the Democrats are ruining this country' all the way down.
One problem with negative partisanship is you never quite get round to generating a positive vision for governing. You remain in a state of arrested political development, a perpetual 'I hate them so much' outrage cycle, and policy never becomes anything more than an afterthought
Populism is the perfect engine for harnessing the power of negative partisanship all the way to electoral glory. The problem is: once it's time to govern, the populist regime is absolutely clueless about how to proceed.
Read 5 tweets
7 Oct
The humiliation of Roger Kimball is complete. All those high-minded essays over the years about the delights of high culture, all the fastidious bow-tie-wearing, and now look at him: apologist for the infinitely vulgar Trumpian era.

There have been funnier and sillier paragraphs about the Trump era than this. But @EggerDC is right that this belongs up there with the greats.
I always marvel at the conservative thinkers who make frequent appeals to some future period in historical scholarship when professional historians, a group these same people condemn as revisionist progressive zealots, will finally vindicate Trump and his movement.
Read 5 tweets

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