we are a little over a year away from the midterms and we've seen no progress on filibuster, passing voting rights laws, or punishing the people who orchestrated the capitol attack. the clock is ticking and we haven't moved off the starting line.
the midterms have the potential to be the ugliest most fucked up elections in living memory and what we've been told to do is to "out organize" outright suppression, result rejection and a credible threat of violence. we've been totally abandoned in the face of authoritarianism.
none of the criminals have been held accountable at a high level and as such they are free to continue assembling the building blocks of another attempt to seize power and that is exactly what they are doing right in front of our eyes right now

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15 Oct
there is a nazification of the GOP taking place in front of your eyes. It’s happening in their media, what their politicians say, saluting a flag that was at the capitol attack, the open slide into ethnonationalism, the language of violence being used more openly every day
This is a political faction that seriously tried to overturn an election with a mob, that is now working on seizing local offices through intimidation, that is becoming more extreme, that will reject the election results in one year’s time if they lose. Stage is being set.
You’ve already seen the governing at local levels, actively trying to kill their constituents or using the power of the state to criminalize their political opponents. Imagine what they will do with more power. Total power.
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12 Oct
That was the entire point of Mueller, for us to waste our time cheering on a savior while absolutely nothing happened. Same with Cyrus Vance. Same with Merrick Garland. A rotating cast of dead end saviors while the takeover moves forward. No results, no accountability.
Now it’s the January 6th committee which is providing a great example of how to waste as much time as possible while promising future accountability. Took 7 months to create, now doing its duties inefficiently and slowly while you are asked to hope and cheer for them.
This has been the poison that has led us to total paralysis in the face of the authoritarian attack (below is satire). There will always be some guy with long threads telling you how it’s almost about to come crashing down. Some are fools but some are lying on purpose.
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11 Oct
I respectfully disagree. What we need is 50-100 people doing it. It takes a lot of work, and a lot of repetition, and it takes time to build. There will never be a moment where one person can make this happen. It will require a lot of effort. But primarily numbers + coordination
But it most definitely falls onto the people who have large platforms and audiences to find a way to combine them and galvanize them into action. We can't just analyze what's going on and do nothing. It can start with a single conversation, right now.
I truly believe that if we linked enough platforms together, that we would have the building blocks to launch a phase one effort. It's really possible. It can really happen. It's not something impossible like overruling the parliamentarian.
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24 Sep
At a high level elections are substitutes for political violence, a civil agreed upon method for allocating power. When the legitimacy of elections breaks down, which is what we’re seeing now from multiple angles, what’s left?
One attack on the legitimacy of elections is the narrative that the ballot counting system is corrupt and can’t be trusted to say who got the most votes, along with the assertion that the 2020 election was incorrectly decided.
But there’s something bigger on the horizon as the GOP leans in to what we’re calling the great replacement/ white genocide narrative. And that’s the idea that the elections can’t be fair because of mass immigration, that the demographics of the electorate were rigged by it
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19 Sep
There have been virtually no consequences for partnering with foreign powers to win elections, trying to overturn the election results, launching an attack on the capitol. We’re eight months into a new administration that shows no interest in changing this.
There are two types of people, one who sees that a decision has been made under Biden to protect the criminals, the other lives in a state of ecstatic rapture believing that “they’re about to go through some things” because they saw it online somewhere. More of latter than former
You know what the lack of consequences tells me? It tells that the GOP and their extended network are still in control of the situation. We did not get an administration that is here to fight the authoritarian movement. We got a capitulation government that is here to pacify us.
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31 Aug
Right - I’m seeing a lot of people crying out for the FBI to do something about Madison Cawthorn etc. I’ve got some bad news about the FBI. In fact, it’s kind of bad news about most of the national security apparatus. They could stop this and are choosing not to, like Jan 6.
What is the pattern of the FBI’s behavior over time? Whether it’s Comey helping throw the election, the failure to prevent domestic terrorism, failure to capture leaders of capitol attack caught on video leading it, funding terrorism, all these signs are pointing in one direction
Then of course director Christopher Wray is a member of the federalist society. Then there’s the revolving door its former directors walked through to work for the Russian mob.
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