ICYMI here's my article on #HavanaSyndrome. I figured I would hit a few key points for the tl;dr crowd.

The story initially blew up thanks to an AP article reporting on info from CBS Radio News. WaPo reprinted that article, deleted it, and essentially reposted it by a different writer with a focus on Trump. News outlets then credited WaPo.

Shortly after, AP followed up with a possible source for the alleged attacks: a sonic weapon. In October, they posted the "dangerous sound" heard by diplomats.

Independent studies conducted in the wake of the release, such as this one from the University of Miami, appeared to confirm both inner-ear and brain damage.

The problem? Havana Syndrome victims had already moved onto microwave weapons as the source of their harassment. 60 Minutes interviewed diplomat Mark Lenzi in September 2019, where he claimed he'd been zapped with a weapon in the "microwave range."

This didn't deter carefree reporters. Three months later, CNN reported on the findings of "sonic attacks" on Lenzi, from a study published by the @ConcussionLF. (The CLF has since removed the study from their site.)

Weird that no one can decide the source of the attacks, right? That's because no one can even confirm symptoms associated with Havana Syndrome. On a number of occasions ailments like food poisoning have been mistakenly identified as Havana Syndrome.

New reports directly contradict prior studies. In December 2020 the National Academies of Sciences issued their take, finding that the earlier research was not useful because it relied on self-report data (notoriously unreliable) and no follow-up testing.

Of course, this study was itself called out by scientists in the field of neuroscience who found its conclusion to not have any basis in verifiable evidence.

The State Department even agreed! The agency suppressed a 2018 internal report by their JASON advisory panel because it argued Havana Syndrome was a mass psychogenic illness.

So where does that leave us with #HavanaSyndrome? Mostly reporters pushing bad science, specious claims, and crank theories. But few are calling them on it. Why? Well, that's good question.

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