I’m so happy for this community. I made a post asking people if they have any home appliance that they could give out & young and hustling folks who needs those stuff to comment. One person provided a TV, a toasting machine and a blender, I’ve reached out to the selected people.
Another brand reached out to give a set of 4 pots, and I picked an upcoming chef in the comments. I also saw other people in the comments giving mattress, fans, TVs, money, food…I actually was teary eyed. God bless you all so much.
I have been able to build this brand/community and while I dish a lot of intangible value, I have been deeply prompted to encourage more material giving to people who need it: single moms, young hardworking people, men who are trying to find their feet…
I have a demographic of young, smart and growing young people, and I deeply care about you guys. Forget the bants and personal differences, my heart beats for you all! I get a lot of requests in my DMs asking for things, I help with the ones I can, but I can’t help everyone.
That’s why I want this community to be a hub of kindness, brotherhood/sisterhood and empathy. From time to time, I’ll be making posts asking people who may have things they aren’t using anymore to please give out: clothes, phones, shoes, laptops, generators, home appliances, etc
The last time I made a post asking unemployed people to comment, up to 15 people got jobs from that thread. I don’t have all the connection, neither do I have all the money, but I have you guys; some of you are even more stable than I am, all I ask is that we look out for others
Yesterday I made a post asking people who genuinely need good phones/laptops to comment, and I got two people who have 3 laptops and phones to give out each. That’s 6 devices but they are both in the US; I’ll keep you guys posted on that.
Finally, please, don’t be a scammer on here. Don’t lie. Let people who desperately need it get it. Be genuine. You might lie and get it, but God rewards good and evil. Again, I’m so proud of this community. Thank you so much to the people who’ve been giving.

• • •

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14 Oct
Dear Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo, you were heretic in that clip where you said JOSEPH befriended wealthy prisoners. You also stated that if one is the richest amongst their friends, the relationship is useless. You’re a clergy woman, and these teachings are promoting mammon.
It was never recorded in the Bible that Jospeh befriended rich prisoners, please. A principle in hermeneutics is that we draw meaning out of scripture , and shouldn’t impose meaning into the scriptures. You quoted the scriptures out of context, and confidently so. Sadly.
Joseph got into the prison & was favored in the sight of the prison keeper. The Bible says in Gen 39:23 that the keeper of the prison looked not to any thing that was under his hand; BECAUSE THE LOTD WAS WITH HIM…cos the lord was with Him not cos he befriended a rich prisoner.
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13 Oct
This has been trending:
“I find you attractive and desirable. I'd like to have sex with you. It's okay if you don't feel the same way.”
I posted it & many women said that they’d feel insulted; one even said she’d feel abused & cheap. Women need a lot of reorientation
For eon years, women have whimpered and whined about how mendacious & dishonest most men about what they want. They canvass for the idea that men should always express their thoughts with honesty, but I have to concur to the stereotype that most women do not appreciate honesty.
That statement in the first slide was recommended for guys who feel sexually attracted to their female friend, not just any woman, their female friend! If anything, that statement is totally respectful, honest and mature. Read it again.
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12 Oct
Fans of Emmanuel and Liquorose gave them 2m Naira, paid for a vacation to one country like that and other things. Now, everyone is fine with that. It’s okay with me too. But please, shut your dirty mouth when some of us solicit for funds for our valid needs/wants too. Okay?
Last time, I posted that my friend needed funds to complete her masters, some of you bitter hoodlums where just being so negative. I see you guys save your money to support already made people, I don’t even criticize it.
I dropped my birthday wishlist the other day on this app, and some people opened their mouths to say they don’t get how I’ll post such. One said I’m a shameless beggar, but I remember the BBN star that opened a GOfundme account and y’all donated thousands of dollars.
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12 Oct
One of the reasons a lot of people don’t want to get into tech is because they think they need to code to be in tech. I thought the same too, but you can make so much money in the Tech industry without knowing jack about coding. Coding is just one aspect of it.
I recollect my friend telling me that I should go into tech. I was like huh? Coding seems stressful, but having taken time to research, I can confirm that Tech is much bigger than coding & I can tell you for free that no matter what you’re doing, please get a tech skill!!!!!!
Even as a journalist considering doing my masters, I’m already thinking of how I can incorporate tech. What I’m saying is that Tech can work with any industry or discipline. You can study logistics and incorporate tech into it. Everything needs tech. Everything!
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24 Aug
I made a post saying that I asked bae if I could tell my close female friends “I love you” and she said she had no problem with it, but I saw comments like “don’t even say I miss you” “don’t use this emoji ❤️”. I’m disturbed that we romanticize possessiveness. It’s toxic.
First off, your partner isn’t the only person you love. I have friends I’ve built a strong friendship with before my romantic relationship, she has hers too and it’ll be unreasonable to expect that she can’t express love to them as long as boundaries are in place.
Again, we have to demystify love from just a romantic premise. Love is what you have for your friends, and if your excuse for not telling your friends of the opposite sex “I love you” is so they don’t misconstrue it, then you’re not even sure of those you call your friend.
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22 Aug
My youngest brother, Christoper, who just turned 20 two days ago is getting a land for himself. Over a plot to start fish farming. This boy is greatly hardworking. He started by being a copywriter for some blockchain companies few years ago. Then he began learning programming.
He sponsored himself to get some basic training in coding. I was shocked because he never asks me for money. He just works and does his thing. He trades crypto. Not a professional trader but one that is smart enough to make some great gain. He actually introduced me to crypto.
He’s an independent junior android developer with basic experience in Java and Kotlin. Last year he began telling me that he was building his app which is still in development but is on Google Playstore: Chit Network. I’ve been blown away. He’s not in uni yet oh.
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