It's marketing for their satellite launch businesses. 20 years ago it cost like 15k/kg to launch a satellite, now it's closer to 2k/kg. That's why satellites-in-orbit have tripled in the past decade…
William Shatner weighs what, 70kg? Blue Origin inked a deal to launch tens of thousands of kg of telesats. One of these things is incredibly lucrative, the other is a PR stunt…
I will keep screaming this from the rooftops until people realize that ruthless capitalist industry do, in fact, want to make money
I was wondering why the Minotaur rockets were so much more expensive than all their contemporaries

Turns out they're retrofitted ICBMs

• • •

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13 Oct
n² likes = n advanced vim tricks
1/ `:%g/regex/cmd` runs command only over lines that match `regex`. IE

`:%g/^\d/d` → delete lines that start with a digit
`:%g/^\d/normal! A!` → add `!` to the end of every line that starts with a digit

`:%v` is the same, except NOT matching
2/ While `"ay` copies in to the `a` register, `"Ay` APPENDS to it.

When is this useful? With `:g`, of course!

`%g/^\d/y A` copies *every* line starting with a digit into the `a` register, so you can paste them all at once!
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12 Oct
Last night @arsduo and I got drunk and used the Art Machine ( to generate waifus

I give you


with a bouquet of flowers for some reason
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12 Oct
If any companies want to pay me just 500k/year to be a full-time thought leader I'm available and happy to sell out my principles
Consider this:

1. I am very popular
2. As an independent consultant, I make less annually than your junior engineers
3. I am easily corrupted
Also I know Python
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12 Oct
CITE YOUR FUCKING SOURCES. This is from , with the methodology at…. This was somebody's passion project, the very least you can do is accredit them.
Oh, also! You see how many people in the comments are arguing about why Europe has so many battles? That's directly answerable by the methodology. The dude just looked for stuff with the Wikidata "battle" tag, and Wikidata has incredibly spotty coverage, even for just the en wiki
To whit the creator found 12,000 articles tagged battle, but the English wiki alone has 19,000 warboxes, so there's likely a lot of battles that aren't tagged in wikidata…

(And, again, the English wikipedia is the most well-covered)
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11 Oct
After a three month hiatus, I've finally written a new blog post! It's 4000 words on... "how to solve the sudoku puzzle with programming".

Yes, really.
yesssssssss Image
I also wrote a short thing on my motivation with this essay, given how different it is from my usual writing style…
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5 Oct
Test Driven Development (TDD) is defined as

1. Write a failing test
2. Write the minimum code that passes the test
3. Refactor, keeping all tests passing.

What are the alternative methods?

Well, that's a complicated question. Alternative to *what*?

There are two main ways people see TDD:

1. As a *design* technique
2. As a *verification* technique

The trend these days is to say it's all (1) and not (2), but it's always been hybrid. I'm going to focus on alternatives to (2), so as to keep this tweetstorm under 500 tweets.
Now there's two parts to TDD as a verification technique:

A. The red-green-refactor (RGR) process
B. The primary means of verification in RGR, which is unit tests.

Alternatives to (A) are process alternatives, alternatives to (B) are tech alternatives. Let's do (B) first.
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