vishwaguru syndrome is not recent, goes back at least a millenia if not more.
To the extent of how xenophobic & delusional we are, yes. I cannot forget Vachaspati Mishra's words that any religion that mlecchas adopt (Buddhism) is "subhuman" by default.

Tells you all you need to know about any sort of "expansionism" in our mindset.

Civilizations are not supposed to last so long. If they do, they only survive as mangled and manacled corpses. (Greece, Egypt, Babylon etc).

If we don't want a fate like Greece or Egypt (only left gloating on things we did 2 millenia ago), we need to wake up.
Yes. We have insulated ourselves from all criticism for millenia plus now.

Basically, we (UCs) have been content being large fish in a small pound for millenia. We're content bragging amongst ourselves & beating down literal dirt to feel happy.

Basically, anyone who thinks like this needs to go. Image
Anyone who thinks this has to go as well. Image
So does anyone who think this.. Image
Notice how all these people (in these 3 screenshots) have very different political, social & cultural views but one thing common to all of them is delusion. They are all coping for a simple lack of success but all 3 have different coping mechanisms.
We need to stop blaming other people for our own failures, the faults of history lie mostly with us guys. We don't want to end up becoming like the Anglos who are destroying centuries of their ancestors world dominance in a mere 2 generations & are blaming it all on "the Jews"
We got colonized by the British because we were colonizable, we lost to the Turks because we were weaker in war, we lost the partition because we were looser secularists, we lost the caste equation because we were weak civilizational managers.
Instead of accepting defeat, like all sore loosers we've built an entire business around coping & gaining some ego boost out of it. This is how you end up like Qing China, mocked and colonized by a country that had always been their inferior (Japan).
How can young people like us who just study history as a hobby know all this so well but Harvard, Oxford, IITD graduates not? The reality is they're all just subconsciously coping because reality is too bitter to accept. Easier to blame Brits for stealing "45 trillion"
It is easier to blame your "rival caste" for all your misfortunes than just accept your ancestors were mediocre men who lost the historical battles that decided who will be the conqueror and who the conquered. Realism is hard, coping is easy & convenient.
You're right, instead of saying mleccha openly they call everyone a "white colonizer evil indologist" who is plotting to destroy Indian civilization by stealing their history or who has already stolen 999 trillion from India. Same shit, different labels.

Do we need to do nanga nach to open ourselves to the west? Hahaha, obviously not... The modern west does not stand for any values worth emulating. At the same time, that doesn't mean we cannot learn from history & become better adapted in all fronts.

So when I say learn from other countries, you should not think I'm advocating to adopt nanga nach for our women but to adopt the fire that pushed Imperial Japan to become a world power in the span of half a century.

• • •

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8 Oct
Badauni says that Emperor Akbar kept swines and dogs in the fort & regarded looking upon them every morning as a religious service.

Many other nobles of the Mughal court would do the same, as a sort of "neo-pagan ritual observance" to show they had apostatized from Islam.
Those mullahs who objected to Emperor Akbar's decisions and apostasy were banished from the Empire or deported to Sindh, where they languished in poverty or died.

Emperor Akbar banished the grandson of Khwaja Muin ad-Din Chishti to Sindh.
One lesser known of Emperor Akbar's decrees is that he banned cousin marriage (which has religious sanction in Islam) and banned child marriage as well.
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Considerable numbers of Jats had migrated from Sindh to Iraq, Mesopotamia even before the Muslims began to deport them as slaves.

Jats had been settled by Bahram V in the Persian Gulf region. Some of the Jats served as mercenaries in Sassanid armies that fought the Arabs.
Many of these mercenary Jats converted to Islam. Their support was sought by several Arab clans. Around 670, large number of Zuṭṭ moved to Syrian coastal towns doing rice farming.

They were in Iraq for so long, their Indian origins were forgotten & they mixed with Marsh Arabs.
Jats were one of the primary inhabitants of Makran and Sindh but no traces of them in the Punjab were found before the 9th century. The invading Baloch population would eventually replace them in the region & they would migrate Northwards.
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5 Oct
Aurangzeb did not seem to have considered himself Indian. He alludes here to his grandson that the practice of tola-dāna is not followed in the country of their ancestors (Timurids) or even by the Mohammedans of this country (India).
Emperor Aurangzeb was upset with his son, Shah Alam, for having failed to have recovered Kandahar from the Persians. He says Balkh, Badakhshan, Khorasan and Hirat were all the ancient possessions of our ancestors (Timurids).
Aurangzeb was upset with his son because he had celebrated the Persian festival of Nowruz which Aurangzeb associated with the Majus (Zoroastrian) infidels and the Shia of Iran.
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4 Oct
What does Athens have to do with Jerusalem?

New post on my substack. In this post, we take an in-depth view of the patristic tradition of the early church fathers & how they used pagan greek philosophy for their christian theology.…
"What then hath Athens in common with Jerusalem ? What hath the Academy in common with the Church ? What have heretics in common with Christians?"

-- Tertullian, one of the early church fathers who vehemently opposed adopting greek philosophy to a christian purpose.
Some of the Church fathers such as John Chrysostom hated the Greek philosophers and said they were cursed by God because they were ignorant polytheistic idol worshippers. He says one should not marvel at Plato or Aristotle but instead hate them. Image
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30 Sep
The Japanese tortured catholic missionaries with a technique called anatsurushi (穴吊るし) or "hole hanging" in which christian priests were hung upside down in a pit of faeces. This was done to prolong suffering & make the priest give up Christianity. This had a lot of success.
This method of prolong suffering was so successful that Father Cristovão Ferreira, the highest ranking priest of the Society of Jesuits gave up faith. He was then made to marry a Japanese, given a Japanese name & made to cooperate with interrogation of Japanese Kirishitans.
Under the Shogunate of Tokugawa Iemitsu (1604-1651), a systematic 6-step plan to eradicate Christianity from Japan was hatched.

1) Financial compensation to those who left Christianity
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29 Sep
The Sack of Magdeburg in 1631 shook the Protestant world. 20,000 Germans were slaughtered by their own kinsmen. Entire city was razed & depopulated within a few days.

The rape of the city was so awful it gave a new verb to the German language "Magdeburgisieren" (To Annihilate)
The city remained rubble for nearly a 100 years.
Occasional acts of Cannibalism during the 30 years war were not uncommon. This was due to the hyper-exploitative nature of the Holy Roman Army and the Swedish Army on the German peasantry. T

here was no food, no money and no dignity left with the ordinary farmer.
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