For all intents and purposes I am now a professional writer.

It's how I've made 90% of my income for the last 2.5 months.

And, let me tell you, I have been doing some serious writing.

100K+ words in that amount of time, and I'm just getting started.
I'm learning how to structure my days around the fact that I write for a living.

It's a very different pace and practice to the one I'm used to. I was once an intensely hard-charging dude who worked in the trades by day and wrote in the wee hours of the morn or at night.
Now, I'm waking up without an alarm between 0300-0500 and immediately begin writing. I write for several hours in that first push, with a bit of distraction present as the morning unfolds for my family, and then I take a break.
I have found that I need the mid-morning break to avoid burnout. So I take a walk, or I read, or play with my youngest daughter, or do some chores, or any number of other things that allow me to recharge the creative circuits.
Then sometimes I go do some blower-door tests, a holdover from the job I was doing before I got sick, or I get back to writing.

I'm currently working on several paid projects, several of my own projects and volunteering for some projects I have principled reasons for helping.
Then I have another break in mid-afternoon when my kids return from school.

I get them going on chores and make sure they play with each other before the screen time is permitted, and I try to be in the mix with them so they don't feel like I'm just being a demanding asshole.
I usually try to get another session in before my wife gets home, on three days she goes into the office, but sometimes I just hang out with my kids.

This, the hanging with the kids, has been such a great reward for me. They've been coming on morning constitutionals with me too.
At this point, I usually don't do a whole lot of writing at night because my vitality begins to crash pretty hard.

So, I try to engage in a last one or two productive things around the house before settling in to eat a dinner that will see me finished for the night.
All in all, it's been a very refreshing change of pace. And, though a persistent and serious health impairment has spawned this whole situation, I can't help but be grateful that I'm now being afforded the opportunity to focus in on doing something that I love to do.
Life has ways of getting you into position -of getting you where you need to be- to accept the opportunity to become what you're striving for.

At least, as long as you're striving.

Otherwise, it has a way of ruining your every fucking intention; the Universe feasts on laziness.
And let me tell you, as shitty as I've been feeling these past few months on a physical level, laziness has been calling my name.

But I cannot abide.

I'm so ruthlessly harsh with myself when I'm lazy that I can't even look at myself in the mirror for shame at a wasted day.
And so, I write and write and write and write and write and write and write and...

Well, anyway, you get the point:

I've been doing a lot of writing.
And what I'm taking away from this process so far is something I already knew, but is demonstrating itself to me in a new way, reaffirming a pearl of wisdom:

You choose a path and keep walking, you get somewhere eventually; make a chain of somewhere's and call it a journey.
Well I will confess, as much as there are some bumpy sections on this marginal path, this has been quite a trip and I'm digging it.

I can't wait to see what's around the next corner, and I'm gonna keep this writing-fueled rig a-runnin' until the damned wheels fall off.


• • •

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